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Case Against Fluoride

Case Against Fluoride



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Published by GrnEydGuy

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Published by: GrnEydGuy on Nov 29, 2008
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I see a pro-flouridator has shown up. Should I bother finding sources, or will everything I find beincredible becaue I found it?
"Even at 1ppm, fluoride in drinking water poisons cattle, horses and sheep" (Moules,G.R., Water Pollution Research and Summary of Current Literature, 1944.
1943-53 US Public Health Service study of Bartlett TX correlates death rates withfluoride concentration
"""fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons..." "Chronic Fluorine Intoxication", JAMA,1943 Sep 18 (Grand rapids gets flouridated despite this warning.1944-8 Mantahhatan project aware of negative physiological and psycho-behavioral effects of fluorides, via use of UF
in the isotope separation process. Docs declassified from Nat'l Archivein '97 ... try specifically for a 1994 Apr 29 memo "Clinical evidence suggests that uraniumhexafluoride may have a rather marked central nervous system effect, with mental confusion,drowsiness and lassitude as the conspicuous features... it seems that the fluoride component isthe causative factor"
"knowledge of the subject does not warrant the introduction of fluorine in communitywater supplies generally. Sodium fluoride is a highly toxic substance...the potentialitiesfor harm far outweigh those for good."
" JA Dental A, 1944 Oct
1945 Commonwealth Brewing COmpany charged by FDA with poisoning its beer withflouride: "an added poison or deleterious poison, fluoride, which was unsafe within themeaning of the statute (Section 301a of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act)" The jury wasinstructed that fluoride was established to be harmful and poisonous, and that quantity(.5ppm in this case) was unimportant
1945 Fouridation of Grand Rapids begins despite above ADA warning. The ten-year study is terminated after one one year. The control, Muskegon, has fluoridation imposedand is thus destroyed.
1945 fluoride's affinity for magnesium and manganese ions enables it to deplete their availability for vital enzyme functions. (Borei, H., "Inhibition of Cellular Oxidation byFluoride", Arkiv.Kemi,Mineral,Geol., 20A, No. 8, 1945). (Soviet?)
1946-7 Reports from the House Committee on Un-American Activities in the ArmedForces note the dociling effect of fluorides in the water supplies at military bases.(Despite this, and assertions by
that fluoride is only useful during the growthof permanent teeth, adult-only military bases remain heavily fluorided.)
(About this time Oscar Ewing, ALCOA's transplant to the Federal Security Agency, incharge of the Public Health Service, begins having fluoride naysayers painted as"deranged", etc. doesn't that sound familiar.)
Forrestal opposes using fluoride to keep military men docile. ork Daily Times, Letters tothe Editor from former FBI agent Wesley C. Trollope, Omaha, Neb., March 17, 1967).
1948 English study correlates fluoride concentration of 1ppm with skeletal defects
1950 The 24th edition of the U.S. Dispensatory (pp 1456-1457) defines fluorides as"violent poisons to all living tissue because of their precipitation of calcium...the use of fluoride-containing dentifrices and internal medicants is not justified."
1950 fluorides "lower hemoglobin and may cause irreversible loss of potassium from thered cells." C. W. Sheppard, Science
(1950 Sugar industry joins efforts to impose fluoridation. US supplying fluoride toSoviets, who are using it keep prisoners subservient)
"Some of the basic and necessary metabolic processes in the cell are stopped byconcentrations of fluorides such as are found in acute poisoning. These changes arecomparable to those seen in high-grade anoxia and are the basis for describing fluoridesas general protoplasmic poisons." Cox & Hodge, JADA 1950 Apr, again 1962 Nov
1951 JAMA disparages fluoride in Feb 10 issue
1951 Public health service instructs dentists so say fluoride is okay even though it isn't.(Minutes/proceedings of the Wash DC meeting.)
1952 Dr. A.L. Miller, former Nebraska Health Commissioner now Congressman, puts inthe Congressional Record (Mar 24) how he had been bamboozled by Oscar Ewing. Miller would also report to the Select Committee to Investigate Use of Chemicals in Food andCosmetics. that "The US Dental Assn made some examination and recommended to thefarmers that fluorine not be added to the water of pregnant sows because it did somethingto the pigs that were unborn"
1952 JADA volte-faces and instructs its readers to withold their personal opinions of fluoride
1953 Stillbirth rate in New Britian CT has more than doubled in the three years sincefluoridation was imposed
"The administration of fluorides to animals revealed histological changes in the thyroid,kidneys and bones, decline of enzyme activity and pathological changes in internalorgans and bones, a low health level and high mortality."
Am J Public Health, 43:700-703, 1953
(1953 Florence Birmingham testifies to Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commercethat Massachusetts has been doing fluoride experiments at state institutions for thefeebleminded on the orders of the state health department. A clear violation of the Nuremberg Pact.)
fluoride is carcinogenic in animals (A Taylor, "Sodium Fluoride in the Drinking Water of Mice",Dental Digest, Vol 60, pp170-172)
1956 Cancer death rates found rising faster in fluoridated cities
1954 61 of 81 living Nobel laureates in chemistry, medicine, and physiology disapproveof fluoridation (Christian Science Monitor poll...proponents continue to claimendoresement by "all reputable scientists")
1955 Oregon fed court finds in favour of the plaintiff in fluoride-poisoning case (Martin vReynolds Metals)
GE scientist K K Plauev points out a case of fraud in profluoridation's so-called science -fluoride had delayed eruption of permanent teeth, but these ungrown teeth were countedas "sound"
1956 "skeletal deposition of fluoride is a continuing process in which a considerable portion of the ingested fluoride, perhaps 25 to 50%, is deposited in the skeleton." Hodge,J Am Dental Ass'n (yet proponents claim fluoride, for all its affinities, does notaccumulate)
1956 Ionel Rapaport of the U of Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute correlates Downs'Syndrome with fluoridation
1957 shortly after Santa Fe is subjected to fluoridation, mortality in State Game BirdFarm partridge chicks shoots up. It drops again when chicks are put on distilled water.
1957 Thomas Douglas, puzzling over why so many of patients had oral lesions all of asudden, discovered they all used fluorided toothpastes. ("Fluoride Dentifrice andStomatitis" Northwest Medicine, 1957 Sep)
1957 ALCOA begins selling NaF directly to municipalities for drinking-water fluoridation. NaF is already in use as
rat poison
1958 April 15000+-member Association of American Physicians and Surgeons"condemns the addition of any substance to the public water supply for the purpose of affecting the bodily or mental function of the consumer."
1958 F.J. Stare of Harvard blatantly inverts the conclusion of a study (J of Nutrition, 62,561-573, 1957) on the nonessential nature of fluorine as a nutrient (Stare's BS is stillcited)
1958 fluoride linked to genetic dmage (H J Muller, Symposium on Emphysema andChronic Bronchitis: "Do Air Pollutants Act as Mutagens?", Aspen, Colorado, June 13-15)
1958 7-member WHO expert c'tee on fluoride stacked with 5 known fluoride promoters.Research documenting poisoning from fluoridated water was rejected.
1959 U of Melbourne finds that all profluoride "science" so far was faulty and/or fraudulent (Philip R.N. Sutton & Arthur B.P. Amies "Fluoridation Errors And Omissionsin Experimental Trials")
1959 Rapoport replicates and extends the Downs' Syndrome linkage
1959 experiment by J D Ebert in which fluorides were used as an enzyme inhibitor. Inlow concentrations sodium fluoride blocked almost completely the regions destined toform muscle, primarily affecting the heart muscle. In higher concentrations, it caused theentire embryo to disintegrate in a clear-cut pattern, starting with the heart-forming region.
1959 Ontario minster of heath bans fluoridation "no one knows for sure what the effect isto persons given fluoride throughout a lifetime." (Which isn't exactly true, but at least heacknowledges the proponents aren't telling the truth)
1960 Nov 29 200x50-foot hole in San Franciso street ultimately attributed to water maincorroded by flouridation

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