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Participant Info Packet St Helena

Participant Info Packet St Helena

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Published by Peter Potrebic
Thoughts on cycling
Thoughts on cycling

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Published by: Peter Potrebic on Mar 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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April Fools
participant,This is your “information” packet for the 2012 April Fools Challenge - St. Helena.Please set a mileage goal for the month. Reach your goal to become an official
April Fool
.Each participant is asked to gather at least $0.25 per mile in pledges. For a parent/child teamwe ask that you each raise $0.25 per mile in pledges. “flat pledges” in an equivalent amount is fine!Online payments! The website now supports online payments (it might not be ready until later inMarch). If you want your sponsors to pay online just point them to the “Donate Now” page. Givethem your username so that their pledge is tagged to the miles you ride.Your miles will bring in additional dollars because local businesses and service organizationshave also made pledges that apply to all the miles ridden.Log your miles every time you ride. Please, let’s keep it fair and honest. No “banking” of milesto surprise your competition.Stationary bike miles rides longer than 20 miles will be clipped. Miles beyond 20 areautomatically reduced by 50%. (A 50 mile ride will be 20 + (30/2) or 35 miles). Please be honest.Use the new “Stationary bike” checkbox and the system will take care of the rest.Please join the 
Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest information.  Each town will host some sort of post
April Fools
celebration in early May. More informationwill be available later in the month.The next page is the “Pledge sheet” used for tracking your pledges. If you fill this sheet, just printoff another copy.The final pages are city specific letters that you give each of your sponsors. Print a bunch of copiesof the letter for your city. Give that letter to your sponsors.
Feel triumphant! 
 —you did something good for yourself
for someone else! 
Email admin@bikingfools.org if you have any questions
April Fools
Pledge Sheet
(Your Full Name): _____________________ (Your
Name): ___________________ Instructions for you, the esteemed Rider:1. Folks can make
donations on the website on the Donate Now page.2. Write your
April Fools
“user name” in the space provided on Sponsor Letter.3. Note each sponsor’s pledge below, one line per sponsor.4. Give a Sponsor Letter to each sponsor so they have a record of what they pledged and howto track the challenge on our website.5. Remember, you’ve pledged to at least gather up sponsorship of 25 ¢ / mile.6. Print a fresh copy of this pledge sheet if you run out of room!7. Any checks are to be made payable to the charity corresponding to your city.8. Collect pledge now if your sponsors want to pay in advance. Once you’ve collected allpledges please submit the pledges and pledge sheet(s) to the target charity.
Please print all entries Choose one Payment 
Sponsor Name & email address Phone #¢ / milePledgeFixedPledge($)
$ and Date)
Due($)Miles Completed in April ____________ Total $’s Collected ____________ 

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