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1984 microtheme

1984 microtheme

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Published by Regi Simpson

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Published by: Regi Simpson on Mar 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Simpson 1Regi SimpsonINTL 3111Mr. Robert Arnold28 February 2012Microtheme: 1984
George Orwell’s
 Nineteen Eighty-Four 
is a novel about a young man namedWinston Smith who is a member of a totalitarian regime which is the ruling Party inLondon in the nation of Oceania. In order to further understand Nineteen Eighty-Four itis important to delve into what the Party did in order to have complete control, and howWinston and other members rebelled against the Party, and why they did so.The Party was able to gain full control of its members with psychological
manipulation. The Party was built on contradictions, which is evident in the party’sslogan: “War is Peace,” “Freedom is Slavery,” and “Ignorance is Strength.” This slogan
essentially eliminates the individ
ual’s ability to question the Part
y and its motives andprohibits the members to think as individuals. The complete control of the Party sets thestage for the rebellion of its members. During Two Minute Hate when Winston and
O’Brien look at each other and
they can feel each others dissatisfaction with the Party bysimply looking at each other, Julia secretively gives Winston a note
that reads “I loveyou”, and Winston begins keeping a diary
in secret which is are all acts of rebellionagainst the Party and these examples set the stage
for the Party members’ rebellion. This
proves that though the Party tries to control its members
minds in every aspect, butultimate and total control is not seen as successful because
the Party’s members are
acting against the Party by means of thoughtcrime.

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