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Mod Diaper Bag Tutorial2

Mod Diaper Bag Tutorial2

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Published by monica

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Published by: monica on Mar 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Here it is! Long in coming but not forgotten! The Mod Diaper Bag tutorial I've been talkingabout for a few weeks is now here.Materials Needed:Outer Fabric-1 yd.Lining-1 1/2 yds.Fusible Fleece-for this bag I used a mix of Joann's version and Walmart's version. Joann's is alighter weight fleece and I used this on the lining. Walmart's is heavier and I used it on the outerbag. Depending on the width of the interfacing, you would need 1/2 - 1 yd for it. I also useJoann's for the handles.Heavyweight fusible interfacing-2yds to be safe. I use this interfacing for the pockets and theunderside of the flap.1 magnetic snap or closure of your choice.fray check plastic gridpinsscissorsrotary cuttermattfabric pencil (something that doesn’t show up much. Just enough for you to see.)*Unless otherwise stated, use 1/2" seam allowance.
Cut from the outer fabric
-two pieces 4''x45'' (handles)-two pieces 20''x16
From each body piece, you are going to cut out the two bottom corners.These will be a 2 ½” square.
 -two pieces 7''x14'' (flap)
Cut from lining fabric
-two pieces 20"x16''
From each body piece, you are going to cut out the two bottom corners.These will be a 2 ½” square.
(body)-two pieces 8"x14" (flap)-one piece 16"x48" (pockets)*the pocket piece is for a bag that has pleated pockets on the bottle pockets, which are thepockets on each end of the bag. If you want all the pockets pleated, you'll want to cut a piecethat measures 16"x56"-one piece 2"x6" (key fob loop)
From the fusible fleece cut:
Two pieces 7”x14”four pieces 20”x16”two pieces 4”x45”
From the fusible heavyweight interfacing cut:
Two pieces 8”x14”One piece 16”x48”One piece 2”x6”
1. Fold in a 1/2" down the length of each side of your handle piece and iron flat.2.Fold the handle in half length wise and press.3. Pin in place.4. Sew a 1/4" from the side down the length of the fabric, on each side.
 5. Repeat steps 1-4 on the second handle piece and the key fob loop.Pocket1.
With right sides together, fold fabric in half length wise and pin in place.2. Starting at one end, sew piece together. Stop about half way around, backstitching forstrength.3. Skip about 8" and begin sewing again. Backstitch at the beginning for strength, and continueon around to the end of the pocket, backstitching again.4. Clip all corners, making sure not to cut your stitches!!! :) It HAS been done!5. Turn right side out using a pointed tool to give sharp corners. (I use scissors)6. Iron the opening to give a nice clean, crisp edge for sewing closed.7. Backstitching at both ends, sew your opening closed. You can also slip stitch this spot, but inthe end, if you’re careful, you’ll sew a line right over this seam and no one will be the wiser! Setthis piece aside for later.8. Topstitch along the top of the pocket piece.

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