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Quick on Your Feet 83 Project

Quick on Your Feet 83 Project

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Published by monica

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Published by: monica on Mar 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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on your
CircularEmbroideryAttachment #83
 Create this fun basket usingCircular Embroidery Attach-ment #83 to stitch perfectlyround, concentric circles.
Using the template, cut the center circle fabric andmark the center. Spray wrong side with adhesive.Mark the center of the main fabric with a water-soluble pen. Attach to Circular Embroidery Attach-ment.Place the center of the inner circle fabric on top ofthe main fabric and smooth into position.Using zigzag stitch #2,move the needle so thatthe stitch is centeredover the cut edge of theinner circle. W = 2.0, L =1.5, N = left two posi-tions, B = D, T = 3.5.(You will revisit the cen-ter circle later.)Move the center pin two positions to the left. Youcan feel each notch as you move the attachment.Select a decorative stitch and sew completelyaround circle.Repeat, moving center pin two positions to the leftand selecting a different decorative stitch for eachcircle.TIPSFor a lace effect, select a straight stitch scallop(artista #719). W = D, L = 2.5, N = D, B = A,T = 3.5. Stitch around three times for a lacyeffect. Then select a triple straight stitch (artista #6).W = D, L = D, N = far left, B = A, T = 2.5. Stitch atthe base of the straight stitch scallops.
11” x 11” main basket fabric
11” x 11” inside lining fabric
4” x 4” center circle fabric
11” x 11” OESD Stabil-Stick Cut-Away
4” x 24” cotton strip for handle
24” jumbo welting cord
2” x 24” lightweight cotton for bows
80/12 Metafil needle
Open Embroidery Foot #20C
Circular Embroidery Attachment #83
Five Groove Cording Foot #31
30 weight Metter Cotton Thread
Isacord polyester embroidery thread
Water-soluble marking pen
101 Quilt Basting Spray
Before You Start...Tips
Sew with motor at half speed.Tape down the slide on the attachment to keep itfrom accidentally moving.Test stitches on a sample swatch.Adjust the balance as needed for each stitch.Be sure to keep the fabric flat as you sew.
Create the Decorative Stitching
Remove paper backing from Stabil-Stick and attachto wrong side of basket fabric. Save the paper forlater.Wind two bobbins—one with white thread and onewith the thread to plan to use for the outside edge ofthe basket.Install Circular Embroidery Attachment #83 on thesewing machine. Adjust the center pin 1.75” from thecenter needle position.
Keep this position until told to adjust.
Attach the paper from the back of the stabilizer tothe center pin. Sew using a straight stitch and nothread—this creates a template for the center circle.
Stitch Settings LegendW
= Stitch
= Stitch
eedle Position
= Needle
efault Setting
s Needed
Select a beading stitch (artista 134). W = D,L = D, N = D, B = A, T = 3.5. Stitch. Changethread color, select triple straight stitch (artista#6). W = D, L = 3.5, N = D, B = D, T = 3.5. Stitchthrough the center of the beading stitch.Remove the fabric from the attachment. Changethread color; change bobbin thread to match. Movethe center pin two positions to the left.Press the basket fabric from the wrong side. Spraywrong side of lining with 101 Quilt Basting Spray andadhere it to the wrong side of the basket fabric.From the right side of the fabric, stick a pin throughthe marked center to the wrong side. Mark the cen-ter of the lining fabric.Reattach the fabric to the attachment.Select a zigzag stitch (artista #2). W = 2, L = 1.5,N = D, B = D, T = D. Stitch around outer edge ofbasket.Cut away fabric edge along stitching.Select a zigzag stitch (artista #2). W = 3.5, L = 1.5,N = D, B = D, T = D. Attach Open Embroidery Foot#20/20C to the machine. Place the crochet cottonalong the edge of the basket while stitching, encas-ing it along the edge for a nicely finished edge.Select a zigzagstitch (artista #2).W = 4.0, L = 0.6 (ifusing Isacord, L =0.4 to 0.5), N = D,B = D, T = 3.25.Stitch around theentire basket twotime to completethe finished edge.Return to the inner circle. Move the center pinso that the needle is centered over the previousstitching.Select a zigzag stitch (artista #2). W = 4.0, L = 0.6 (ifusing Isacord, L = 0.4 to 0.5), N = left two poisitions,B = D, T = 4.0. Stitch.
Complete the Embellished Basket
Divide the circle into eight equal sections.Pin and sew onesection at a time! Bringwrong sides togetheralong each markedsection and sew downabout 2.5” using ½”seam allowances.

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