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BDCP Financing Paper 3-7

BDCP Financing Paper 3-7

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Published by Patrick Atwater

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Patrick Atwater on Mar 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bay DeltaConservationPlan
Economic Benefts and Financing Strategies
March 2012
“Caliornias investment need is relatively modest compared to the size o the economy.Caliornia is the 8th largest economy in the world with an annual Gross DomesticProduct o $1.9 trillion. Investments or Ecosystem Restoration and Water SupplyReliability are also relatively small compared to current annual expenditures. Approximately $20 to $30 billion is spent annually or water services and water related programs. Water rates are lower than other household utility costs. Averagemonthly household water and wastewater rates are less than average costs or other utilities such as electricity, cable/satellite, cell phone… Caliornia’s investment need issubstantial, but well within the capacity o Caliornia.” 
-Delta Vision Foundation
Page 2
BDCP Economic Benefts and Financing Strategies
“I claim no magic or the solution o the problems o our state. Government is no place or magicians. Te need is or common honesty, independence, governmental experience, hard work, determination to make progress, and a belie that ‘where thereis no vision, the people perish.” 
-California Governor Earl Warren
able o Contents
Executive Summary I.
Introduction and Background 
Economic Benefts o BDCP Implementation
Financing the BDCP
Financial Cost Comparisons to Other Caliornia Water Inrastructure Projects
Page 3
BDCP Economic Benefts and Financing Strategies
 List o ables
1. Loss o Supply rom Regulatory Actions2. Revenue Bond Debt Issues3. Project Construction Cash Flow Schedules4. Debt Service as a Percent o Assessed Valuation or Selected SWP Contractors5. Unit Costs or SWP Contractors Under Baseline Construction Estimate6. Unit Costs or SWP Contractors Under Low Construction Estimate7. Unit Costs or SWP Contractors Under High Construction Estimate8. Federal Contractors’ Debt Service9. Inrastructure Project Costs on a Per Capita Basis 1. BDCP Water Conveyance Facility 2. BDCP Implementation Schedule3. Water Supply Cost Comparison in Southern Caliornia4. Probability o Flooding Due to 6.5 or Greater Earthquake5. Benets o Salinity Decrease6. Drinking Water Quality Issues7. BDCP Capital and Operating Costs by Program Function8. Existing State and Federal Funding Sources9. Aggregate BDCP Debt Service10. Baseline Costs with Operations and Maintenance Expenses11. Baseline Construction Unit Costs12. Low Construction Unit Costs13. High Construction Unit Costs14. Comparable Water Inrastructure Projects Per Capita Costs1. Water Delivery Assumptions2. Financial Sensitivity Analysis3. Revenue Bond Interest Rate Scale4. Historical Comparisons5. Comparison o Contemporary Water Inrastructure Investment Costs
 List o Figures Appendices

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