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GRE - The Most Difficult Words

GRE - The Most Difficult Words

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Published by Karthick N
Most Difficult words for GRE EXAM.
Compiled by: N.Karthick
Most Difficult words for GRE EXAM.
Compiled by: N.Karthick

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Published by: Karthick N on Mar 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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N.Karthick, M.E (Manufacturing), Madras Institute of Technology Campus, Anna University, Chennai.
Compiled By: N.Karthick, M.E 
abase = lower, humiliateabash = humiliate, embarrassabdicate = give up power or positionabeyance = postponement, temporary suspensionabhor = detest, loatheabjure = renounce, to formally reject or abandonablution = cleansing, washingabortive = unsuccessful, interruptive while incompleteabrogate = cancel, to abolish by authorityabsolve = acquit, to forgive or free from blameabstruse = difficult to comprehendabut = touch, border onabysmal = deficient, sub paraccede = yield, express approval, agree toacclimate = accustom oneself to a climateacclivity = ascent, inclineaccolade = applause, praiseaccost = to approach and speak to someoneaccouter (BRITISH = accoutre) = equipacme = summit, highest pointacquiesce = to agree, comply passivelyacrid = harsh, bitter, pungent, causticacrimonious = caustic, bitteractuate = induce, startacumen = sharpness of insightadamant = insistent, uncompromising, unyieldingadduce = offer as exampleadjunct = addition, something added, attached, or joinedadmonish = warn gently, caution, or reprimandadroit = skillful, accomplished, highly competentadulation = applause, high praiseadvent = arrivaladventitious = accidentalaegis = that which protectsaffect = influenceaffray = public brawlagape = openmouthed, wonderaggrandize = exaggerate, to make larger or greater in poweraghast = horrified
N.Karthick, M.E (Manufacturing), Madras Institute of Technology Campus, Anna University, Chennai.
alacrity = swiftness, speed, cheerful willingness, eagernessallay = to reassure; to lessen, ease, or sootheallege = assert without proof allegory = fable, symbolic representationalliteration = repetition of the same soundallude = refer to indirectlyamenable = agreeableamiss = wrong, out of placeamity = Friendshipamorous = strongly attracted to love; showing loveamorphous = shapelessamortize = to diminish by installment paymentsamphibian = creature that lives on land and wateramphitheater (BRITISH = amphitheatre) = oval-shaped theaterample = enough, specious, abundantamplify = enlarge, increase, intensifyamuck = murderous frenzyanachronism = Anything occurring or existing out of its proper timeanarchist = terroristanathema = curse, banancillary = supplementary, subsidiary, subordinateangular = Sharp-cornered or sharp angledanimadversion = critical remarkanimus = hateannals = historical recordsannul = cancel, nullifyanodyne = pain soothinganoint = consecrate, to apply oil, especially as a sacred riteanomaly = deviation from the rule, irregularityanonymity = state of being anonymous, having no nameantediluvian = ancient, obsolete, pre historicanthropomorphous = Nonhuman having or resembling human form or qualityantithesis = direct oppositeapathetic = unconcerned, indifferentaphasia = inability to speak or use wordsaphorism = maxim, old sayingaplomb = poise, confidenceapocalyptic = ominous, doomedapocryphal = a doubtful authenticity, not genuine, fictionalapoplexy = strokeapostate = one who abandons one's faithapothegm = a short saying
N.Karthick, M.E (Manufacturing), Madras Institute of Technology Campus, Anna University, Chennai.
apotheosis = Deification, glorificationappall (BRITISH = appal) = horrifyapparition = phantomappellation = title, nameapposite = aptappraise = assess, evaluate the valueapprobation = praise, official approvalapropos = Appropriatearable = suitable for cultivationarbiter = judgearchaic = Antiquated, from an earlier timearchetype = original modelarchipelago = group of islandsardor (BRITISH = ardour) = great emotion or passionargot = slangaria = operatic songarraign = indict, to call to court to answer a chargearray = arrangementarrogate = seize without right, to demand or claim arrogantlyarroyo = gullyartifact (BRITISH = artefact) = an object made by human, of historical interestartifice = trickartisan = a skilled handicraftsmanascendancy = powerful stateascribe = to attributeaseptic = sterileashen = resembling ashes, or deathly paleasinine = stupidaskance = to view with suspicion, scornfullyaskew = crooked, tiltedasperity = roughness of temperaspersion = slander, false rumor, damaging reportassail = attackassay = to analyze or estimateassent = to express agreementassiduous = hard-working, diligent, persistentassuage = lessen (pain), to make less severe, easeastringent = causing contraction, severe, harshasunder = apart, into different partsatelier = workshopatone = make amends for a wrongaudit = formal examination of final records

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