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Doc 15 Software & Systems Measurement

Doc 15 Software & Systems Measurement

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Published by Kapildev

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Published by: Kapildev on Nov 29, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Syntel CQA Forum Software and Systems MeasurementCQA Doc No 15
Issue Areas – Categories – Measures MappingCommon IssueAreasCategoryMeasuresSchedule andProgressMilestone PerformanceMilestone DatesCritical Path PerformanceWork Unit ProgressRequirements StatusProblem Report StatusReview StatusChange Request StatusComponent Status Test StatusAction Item StatusIncremental CapabilityIncrement Content - ComponentsIncrement Content - FunctionsResources and CostPersonnelEffortStaff ExperienceStaff TurnoverFinancial PerformanceEarned ValueCostEnvironment and SupportResourcesResource AvailabilityResource UtilizationProduct Size andStabilityPhysical Size and StabilityDatabase SizeComponentsInterfacesLines of CodePhysical DimensionsFunctional Size andStabilityRequirementsFunctional Change WorkloadFunction PointsProduct QualityFunctional Correctness Defects Technical PerformanceSupportability -Maintainability Time to RestoreCyclomatic ComplexityMaintenance ActionsEfficiency Utilization Throughput TimingPortabilityStandards ComplianceUsabilityOperator ErrorsDependability - ReliabilityFailuresFault ToleranceProcessPerformanceProcess ComplianceReference Model RatingProcess Audit FindingsProcess EfficiencyProductivityCycle TimeProcess EffectivenessDefect ContainmentRework TechnologyEffectiveness Technology SuitabilityRequirements CoverageImpactTechnology Impact Technology VolatilityBaseline ChangesCustomerSatisfactionCustomer FeedbackSurvey ResultsPerformance Rating10718239.doc Page 1 of 3
Syntel CQA Forum Software and Systems MeasurementCQA Doc No 15
Customer Support Requests for SupportSupport Time
Project Justification Category / Questions / Measures Table
For Projects of All Types, Including Process Improvement
Category(BalancedScorecard)Strategic QuestionsAnswered(Information Needs)IndicatorsMeasures
FinancialOutcomesHow much will thisproject cost?investment per unittimeproject cost and/or opportunitycost (in not spending the time ormoney another way)What is the impact of not doing this project?investment per unittimeopportunity cost (of not doingthis one, among the wholeportfolio)What financial benefitwill be achieved?return per unit time, orsome aggregate returnaward fee; revenue from sales;ongoing support or license fees;order backlogWhat financial burdenwill we avoid?cost avoidance or costsavings per unit timecost based on measures such aseffort avoidedWhat impact will therebe to our marketshare?change in number of customers/time% of available market; number of new customers; repeat businessWhat impact will therebe on the organizationassets?change in value of assetscontribution to asset value;return on net assets; inventorycostCustomerSatisfactionWill this increasecustomer satisfaction?level of satisfaction; survey results; number of complaints; service calls;unsolicited commentsWill this reduce thelevel of requiredcustomer support?time or resources spentin support/timeservice calls; support hoursWill this increase thenumber of customers?size of customer base;share of marketnumber of new customers; % of repeat customers; % of marketInternalBusinessProcessesandEfficiencyWill this improve ourability to meetcustomer goals orneeds?effectiveness,efficiencycost, schedule compliance,defects, productivity, processcapabilityWill this improve ourtime to market?time to marketcycle timeWill this improveorganization efficiency?efficiency – ex. Numberof duplicate or similar<>number of <>, where <> isprocesses, organizations,initiatives documents, …; auditfindingsWill this improveorganizationeffectiveness?effectiveness – ex.delivered defects,internal costs, use of product linesquality, costs, technicalperformance measures, auditfindings, reuse, modularityWill this reduce ourcost of quality?cost of qualitycategoriesrework, defects, support costs…,prevention, appraisalWill this increase ourpredictability?predictability of cost,schedule, qualityschedule, defects, defectremoval, cost, capabilitybaselines10718239.doc Page 2 of 3

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