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Swedish Theory Exam Movements

Swedish Theory Exam Movements

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Published by Willy Butler

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Published by: Willy Butler on Mar 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Which of the following are general effects of massage?A.stimulation or inhibitionB.oxidation or corrosionC.incidental or accidentalD.none of the above2.Which of the following are factors that control the results of a massage manipulation?A.pressureB.directionC.durationD.all of the above3.Which of the following terms describes massage that is directed towards the heart?A.centrifugalB.centripetalC.oxidativeD.incidental4.Which tissues are most affected by massage techniques that are directed towards the heart?A.bone and nerveB.skin and nerveC.bone and bloodD.blood and lymph5.Which of the following is not one of the basic massage techniques?A.effleurageB.petrissageC.flippingD.vibrationMATCH THE MASSAGE TECHNIQUE WITH ITS DESCRIPTION6.____ effleurage7.____ petrissage8.____ friction9.____ vibration10.____ tapotementA.Rapid back-and-forth movements administered by alternating contraction / relaxation of the forearm muscles.B.Percussive and springy blows delivered to the body with a rapid and even rhythm.C.Sliding and gliding stroke that is applied horizontally to the body.D.Moving more superficial layers of flesh against the deeper tissues to prevent and break up local adhesions.E.Lifting, rolling, and squeezing movement used to knead tissues into a relaxed state.11.Which of the following massage movements is a good method to use when evaluating for hard and soft tissue?A.effleurageB.petrissageC.frictionD.vibration12.Which of the following massage movements induces a small, controlled inflammatory response?A.effleurageB.petrissageC.frictionD.vibration
13.Which of the following massage movements is used to “wake up” nerves or to stimulate nerve activity?A.effleurageB.petrissageC.frictionD.vibration14.Which of the following massage movements has the mechanical effect of softening and creating space aroundthe actual muscle fibers, and making the tendons more pliable as well?A.effleurageB.petrissageC.frictionD.vibration15.Which type of movements should be applied over thin tissues and bony parts?A.heavy movementsB.light movementsC.percussive movementsD.deep movements16.Which of the following movements should be applied over thick tissues and muscular parts?A.heavy movementsB.light movementsC.direct touchD.indirect touch17.What is the term used to describe massage movements that are directed away from the heart?A.obliqueB.absoluteC.centripetalD.centrifugal18.What is the term used to describe the general direction that massage movements usually follow?A.obliqueB.absoluteC.centripetalD.centrifugal19.What is the approximate duration of a full-body massage?A.15 minuteB.45 minutesC.60 minuteD.80 minutes20.What is the first technique in developing a therapeutic relation?A.touchB.kissC.interviewD.examination21.What is another name for feather stroking?A.rakingB.muscle flackingC.subcutaneous shorteningD.nerve stroking22.When is feather stroking usually used?A.beginning of a massageB.end of a massageC.it is never used during a massageD.none of the above
23.Which of the following is the classical term for “kneading?”A.effleurageB.petrissageC.frictionD.tapotement24.Rolling, chucking, and wringing are examples of which of the following classical massage movements?A.effleurageB.petrissageC.frictionD.tapotement25.Hacking, slapping, and cupping are examples of which of the following classical massage movements?A.effleurageB.petrissageC.frictionD.tapotement26.Shaking and rocking are examples of which of the following classical massage movements?A.tapotementB.vibrationC.petrissageD.effleurage27.Compression is an example of which of the following classical massage movements?A.petrissageB.tapotementC.vibrationD.friction28.Which technique is safe to use directly over the spine?A.percussionB.compressionC.hackingD.skin-rolling29.Which technique is good for decreasing muscle tone?A.skin-rollingB.feather-strokingC.petrissageD.cupping30.Which of the following is the preferred method for abdominal massage?A.effleurageB.petrissageC.frictionD.tapotement31.Which of the following strokes has a mechanical, chemical, and reflexive effect?A.superficial effleurageB.skin-rollingC.rockingD.friction 32.Which of the following techniques is used to spread a lubricant?A.effleurageB.petrissageC.frictionD.vibration

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