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The Skeletal System II

The Skeletal System II

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Published by Willy Butler

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Willy Butler on Mar 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE SKELETAL SYSTEMCircle the correct response: (two points apiece)1. The skeleton is subdivided into which of the following segments? a)the axial skeletonb)the appendicular skeletonc)the perpendicular skeletond)all of the abovee)none of the abovef)a and b onlyg)a, b, and c only2. The bones of the head and spinal column are contained in which of the following?a)axial skeletonb)appendicular skeletonc)perpendicular skeleton3. The bones of the arms, legs,
pelvic and shoulder girdles are contained in the: a)axial skeletonb)appendicular skeletonc)perpendicular skeleton4. In addition to bones, the skeletal system also contains which of the following?a)jointsb)ligamentsc)cartilagesd)all of the abovee)none of the above5. Functions of the bones include which of the following?a)supportb)protectionc)movementd)storagee)manufacture of blood cellsf)all of the aboveg)none of the above
6. The basic types of bone tissue are: a)Compact (or dense) boneb)Spongy (or alveolar) bonec)Both of the above7. Bones are further classified according to which of the following shapes? a)long bonesb)short bonesc)flat bonesd)irregular bonese)round bonesf)all of the aboveg)a, b, c and d only8. Which of the following are long bones? a)upper arm (humerus)b)lower arm (radius and ulna)c)thigh bone (femur)d)lower leg (tibia and fibula)e)fingers (phalanges)f)top of the foot (metatarsals)g)all of the above9. Which of the following are short bones? a)wrist bones (carpals)b)ankle bones {tarsals)c)fingers (phalanges)d)all of the abovee)none of the abovef)a and b only10. Flat bones include which of the following? a)most bones of the skullb)sternum (breastbone)c)ribsd)hip bonese)all of the abovef)none of the aboveg)a, b, and c onlyh)all except a
11. Irregular bones include which of the following? a)vertebraeb)facial bonesc)hip bonesd)all of the abovee)a and c only12. The shaft of a long bone is called the:a)diaphysisb)epiphysis13. The end of a long bone is called the: a)diaphysisb)epiphysis14. The length wise growth of long bones occurs at the: a)diaphysisb)epiphysis15. In adults, fat is stored in which of the following areas?a)yellow marrowb)red marrowc)white marrow16. In infants, blood cells are formed in which of the following areas? a)yellow marrowb)red marrowc)white marrow17. Which of the following are parts of bones where muscles and ligaments can attach: a)tuberosityb)crestc)trochanted)linee)tuberclef)epicondyleg)spineh)all of the above

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