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Roam Free Wyomingwlink

Roam Free Wyomingwlink

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Published by nationalaudubon

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Published by: nationalaudubon on Mar 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wyoming offers an aWful lot, but What itdoesn’t offer is the same old, same old.
Tr r z cc r t, utdr rcrt, tur tudy,culturl dvr, d jut c’ bc d rlx. R r  Wyd brt t r r, rvl t  y tt’ bly blu, tur 360 drwtut   buld, td tll  t Cttl Dvd. L wt tcry d yu’ll d trur  tur r bt ll—r b t ubrd, twrrc lt t ty l wldfwr.Yu’ll dcvr ccdt r b t ll,t. Wtr yur cc   luxury ld,  rutccb r  tt l  ud tr, Wy t yu cvrd. Fr l t cy, yu’lld Wy   xcllt vlu   dtt.
Roam fRee!
tired of being tied doWn to the same old routine?sick of traffic and deadlines?come to Wyoming and roam free!
March-April 2012
For ideas, inormation,maps, photos and more, visit
 Be sure to order the reeWyoming Vacation Packet,available online.
Want to knoW a secret?
There is agem waiting to be discovered in SoutheastWyoming—Carbon County. We’re a bit o thebeaten track, but we think you’ll agree that’sa good thing.I you love the outdoors you’ll nd plenty tolove here. Hike a high mountain trail alongthe Continental Divide. Fish the world-amous Miracle Mile, a stretch o angler’sparadise along the North Platte River.Drive scenic roads with oohs and aahs atevery turn. You’ll love the beauty o AspenAlley, turning rom cheery green in summerto golden in the all. Follow bootprintsacross the High Plains on the OutlawTrail Loop scenic drive or enjoy stunningvistas o the Snowy Range Scenic Byway.Shutterbugs will keep busy with mountainpanoramas, spectacular sunsets, vividwildfowers and unbelievable opportunitiesto photograph elk, moose, pronghorn andmuch more wildlie.The great American West is here, show-cased in numerous museums and historictowns. The Old Wyoming State Penitentiaryin Rawlins gives a peek into lie behind barswith guided tours through the cell blocksand the Death House. For a taste o themodern West, take in the bronc ridin’, steerwrestlin’ and bull ridin’ at a rodeo.Follow up your days o outdoor discoverywith a soak in the world-amous Hobo HotSprings in Saratoga, where the waters rangerom 101 to 120 degrees!For a ree visitor inormation packet visit
Yoming’s TWo naTionaL paRks LeaD The LisT
 t-d’
Yllwt ntl pr   b d ull   y turlwdr tt t lt d dcrt. R r  Yllwtd dcvr t yr, bubbl udt, t cr wtr Ur d Lwr Yllwt Fll, d t grd Cy  t Yllw-t. Tr r dl ctvt, r t t dvturu. T  ,l t l d b,  r trut  ut rvr, rd  r trutwr . Jut dw t rd  grd Tt ntl pr, w jd  r t t cturqu ut  rt. evrywr yu tur rcc but tt wll  trr  wy. ad yu v twr rd t t tc t b, l d  tt ult t r.i tr Wy, Dvl Twr ntl mut r 867 t bvt rr. T r rrv  ct lc tur tt  ulrwt clbr d   crd t r y ntv arc.T  br r utdr u t xlr  Wy’ y uu, cludt ntl muu  Wldl art, Jc;t Wy Dur Ctr, Trl;Cuty F art Ctr, Rc sr;Bul Bll htrcl Ctr, Cdy; CyFrtr Dy old Wt muu, Cy;ncly muu d Dcvry Ctr,Cr; mdc Bw muu, mdc Bw; srd Cuty muu,srd; swtwtr Cuty htrcl muu, gr Rvr; ntlhtrc Trl itrrtv Ctr, Cr. Fr dtl  t uu,vt
.ad wl yu’ll lv t cry, t  t rdly l  Wy wwll  yur vt rlly cl. Wt  l ty’ll tc yu t fy,drct yu t t bt  trl, t yu   trl rd, r wlc yu t cucw brbcu. i yu’r vt  lt July, ty’d lv t vt yut t  tt  t old Wt t Cy Frtr Dy, t lrt utdrrd d Wtr clbrt  t wrld.
Roamin’CaRbon County
forfree InfoTurn ToPg. 96
AudubonMarch-April 2012
Lake Marie,Carbon County, Wyoming
    B    u    f    f    a    l    o     B    i    l    l    H    i    s    t    o    r    i    c    a    l    c    e    n    t    e    r   ©    s    t    e    v    e    n    G .    s    m    i    t    H
Devils Tower National MonumentBufalo Bill Historical Center

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