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White Paper Transparent Electronics

White Paper Transparent Electronics

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Published by NanoMarkets
In this paper NanoMarkets examines the market potential for transparent electronics
In this paper NanoMarkets examines the market potential for transparent electronics

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Published by: NanoMarkets on Mar 13, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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NanoMarkets, LC | PO Box 3840 | Glen Allen, VA 23058 | TEL: 804-270-1718 | FAX: 804-360-7259
A NanoMarkets White Paper
Transparent Electronic Materials: An Emerging Market Opportunity
Published January2012© NanoMarkets, LC 
NanoMarkets, LCPO Box 3840Glen Allen, VA 23058Tel: 804-270-1718Web: www.nanomarkets.net
NanoMarkets, LC | PO Box 3840 | Glen Allen, VA 23058 | TEL: 804-270-1718 | FAX: 804-360-7259
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Transparent Electronic Materials: An Emerging Market Opportunity
The information for this paper was sourced from the recent NanoMarkets report, 
 that was released in December of 2011.As we enter 2012, NanoMarkets believes that three major industry sectors
displays, solarpanels and the windows industry
will soon require novel
electronics materials.These new materials sets will embrace conductors, semiconductors and dielectrics andNanoMarkets believes that all this will provide an important new opportunity for bothestablished specialty chemical firms and start-ups.In a recently released report,
,NanoMarketsprojectedthat revenues from transparent electronic materials are expected to reach $325 million in 2015,going on to reach $1.1 billion in 2019 (See Exhibit I). In addition, some of the materialsdevelopment that NanoMarkets expects to be undertaken with transparent electronics in mindwill generate additional revenues
of the transparent electronics sector. We are thinkinghere especially of oxide thin-film transistors (TFTs) for use in both OLED and LCD backplanes fordistinctly non-transparent displays. But some of the work on developing transparentconductors may have implications in the ITO replacement market as well.
Three Crises: A Transparent Solution
In the three industry sectors mention in the first paragraph of this paper management is coping
with strategic “crises” that have become only more serious in today’s slow grow
th economy. Ineach case, transparent materials may prove a key to dealing effectively with those issues.
Crisis #1
Transparent displays and the end of the LCD revolution:
Not only has the worldeconomic downturn hurt television and computer sales, but we are also in the last gasp of theliquid crystal display (LCD) revolution. All computer and mobile displays and almost alltelevisions are LCD now.
So the display industry is looking for those “next big things” to keep its revenues growing. And
it is coming to realize that transparent displays (along with flexible displays, OLED displays ande-
paper) may be one of those “things.”
Transparent displays using relatively crude CRT and electroluminescent (EL) technology havebeen used for signage and heads-up displays (HUDs) for years, but Samsung and LG are now 
NanoMarkets, LC | PO Box 3840 | Glen Allen, VA 23058 | TEL: 804-270-1718 | FAX: 804-360-7259
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 promising to upgrade the technology for transparent digital signage in the near future. Inaddition, there is the promise of mass market transparent displays as part of a move towardsaugmented reality features on tablets and smart phones. This product trend has the backing of both Microsoft and Apple, which we think is reason enough that it should be taken seriously.One of the next iterations of the iPhone and iPad are likely going to have a transparent display that enables you to receive additional information about the place you are standing in on atransparent screen, while looking at the place through the screen.
Crisis #2
Windows, transparency and the construction bust:
The windows industry, whosemain addressable market traditionally is the new construction market, is not a good place to bethese days! In some countries, construction growth is tepid; in others the worst is yet to come.Window manufacturers are therefore rethinking product/market strategies. Inevitably, theyneed to come up with new products that have (1) high value-added, which helps make up forlost revenues, and/or (2) a value proposition focused on energy efficiency; in the light of risingenergy prices and environmental concerns this is a likely to be an important selling factor.
For the windows industry the use of transparent materials needs no explaining. It is implicit inthe whole idea of windows. But increasing value added means a whole new set of window  functionalities. Self-dimming windows have been available for some time and the windowsindustry is now looking at windows that are also displays (for unobtrusive large-screen TVs),windows that are also lighting, and windows that are also solar panels. There may be even morecomplex hybrids in the future. One could, for example, imagine a panel that was a window and a solar collector during the day and a light at night.Commercial developments like this imply the need for higher performance transparent electronics materials capable of monolith integration of the functionalities mentioned aboveinto windows. Self-dimming windows, in particular, have not done well in the marketplace,mainly because they have never achieved the performance capable of attracting many customers. New transparent materials could expand the addressable market for theseinnovations in the window space.
Crisis #3
Solar panels:
After a spectacular 2010, the solar industry has slowed. NanoMarketsbelieves that the worst is yet to come in that we expect to see solar subsidies declinesignificantly as governments around the world reduce these subsidies as part of budget cuttingefforts.

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