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Published by tulocalpolitics

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Published by: tulocalpolitics on Mar 13, 2012
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Public Health and HealthPlanning Council
Project # 102376-C
Albany County Nursing Home
Albany (Albany)
Residential Health Care Facility
November 15, 2010
Executive Summary
Albany County Nursing Home, a 250-bed county-ownedresidential health care facility (RHCF), requests approvalto construct a 200-bed replacement facility and certify a30-slot adult day health care program (ADHCP). The200-bed facility will consist of 180 RHCF beds and 20ventilator-dependent beds. Currently, the facility does notconsist of any ventilator-dependent beds.This new facility will be constructed on land adjacent tothe existing facility, which has reached the end of itsuseful life. The County is proposing that this new facilitywill address deficiencies in the existing building, includinga lack of air conditioning, storage space and sprinklersystem.Construction of this new facility will comply with therecommendations of the Commission on Health CareFacilities in the 21
Century (the “Berger Commission”).The Commission recommended the merger of Ann LeeInfirmary and Albany County Nursing Home, building amodern unified facility, and downsizing the number ofnursing home beds. Ann Lee and Albany County NursingHome have been merged at the recommended number ofRHCF beds.Total project costs are estimated at $70,938,554.
DOH Recommendation
Contingent approval.
Need Summary
Albany County Nursing Home proposes to decertify 50RHCF beds and certify a 30-slot ADHCP. Albany Countyhas exceeded the RHCF bed need by 65 beds.The decertification of beds will bring Albany County closerto the 2016 planning optimum. After this replacementfacility has been completed the projected excess capacityfor the County will be reduced to 15 beds.
Program Summary
The replacement of the Albany County Nursing Homewith a modern nursing facility will provide a significantlyimproved residential environment. The facility design is inkeeping with contemporary nursing home designconcepts; however several noted issues should beaddressed and incorporated into the final design.
Financial Summary
Project costs will be met via General Obligation Bonds(30 yrs. @ 4.00%).Budget: Revenues: $ 24,327,915Expenses: 50,813,787Gain/(Loss): $ (26,485,872)The applicant provided a letter from the Albany CountyExecutive’s Office indicating the County’s willingness tocontinue to offset the losses. Also, the applicant provideddocumentation from the County Legislature supportingand directing the submission of this Certificate of Needapplication.Subject to the noted contingency, it appears that theapplicant has demonstrated the capability to proceed in afinancially feasible manner.
Architectural Summary
The proposed replacement RHCF and new ADHCP willbe attached. The new facility will be a two-story buildingwith a total of 187,590 SF. The existing facility will bedecommissioned.
Project # 102376-C Exhibit Page 1
Health Systems Agency
There will be no HSA recommendation for this application.
Office of Health Systems Management
Approval contingent upon:
1. Submission of a check for the amount enumerated in the approval letter, payable to the New York StateDepartment of Health. Section 2802.7 states that all sponsors whose applications require review by the StateHospital Review and Planning Council shall pay an additional fee of fIfty-five hundredths of one percent of the totalcapital value of the project, exclusive of CON fees. [PMU]2. Submission and acceptable programmatic review and approval of final floor plans.[LTC]3. Submission of the County Bond and Note Resolution that is acceptable to the Department of Health. Includedwith the submitted bond and note resolution, must be a sources and uses statement and debt amortizationschedule, for both new and refinanced debt.[BFA]
Approval conditional upon:
1. An acceptable plan for reducing census at the existing 250 bed Albany County Nursing Home, which may includethe transfer of residents to other facilities, must be submitted to the Capital District Regional Office for review andapproval before the transfer of residents from the facility.[LTC]2. The submission of State Hospital Code (SHC) Drawings for review and approval, as described in BAEFP DrawingSubmission Guidelines DSG-01. [AER]3. The submission of Final Construction Documents, as described in BAEFP Drawing Submission Guidelines DSG-01, prior to the applicant’s request for, and Department’s granting approval for the start of construction. [AER]4. The applicant shall start construction on or before April 1, 2012 and complete construction by April 1, 2015 uponthe filing of Final Construction Documents in accordance with 10 NYCRR section 710.7. In accordance with 10NYCRR Part 710.2(b)(5), if construction is not started on or before the start date, this shall constituteabandonment of the approval. In accordance with Part 710.10(a), this approval shall be deemed cancelled,withdrawn and annulled without further action by the Commissioner. [AER]
Council Action Date
December 8, 2011.
Project # 102376-C Exhibit Page 2
Need Analysis
Albany County Nursing Home, a 250-bed public residential health care facility (RHCF) located at Albany-Shaker RoadAlbany, New York, proposes to decertify 50 residential health care facility (RHCF) beds and certify a 30 slot adult dayhealth care program. The planning area of the county of Albany currently exceeds the projected 2016 RHCF bedneed by 65 beds. Decertifying 50 RHCF beds will help the county of Albany better align capacity with the projectedplanning optimum for needed RHCF resources. The resulting projected excess capacity after the replacement isconstructed is reduced to 15 beds.There is no need to review patient displacement due to the number of physical A’s and B’s at the facility, along withthe number of available beds in the capital region.
RHCF Need – Albany 
2016 Projected Need 1,8441,844Current Beds 1,889Beds Under Construction 20Total Resources 1,909Resource After Bed Reduction 1,859Unmet Need - 65- 15Albany County exceeds the established need by 65 RHCF beds.Albany County Nursing Home, an existing Article 28 RHCF, has utilization above that of Albany County for 2008 butwas below that in 2009 as shown in Table 1 below. The facility did not report in 2007.
RHCF Occupancy20072008200
Albany County Nursing Home Did Not Report 102.3%94.0%Albany County 97.7%99.03%94.6%At the end January 2010, Albany County Nursing Home had a CMI of .94 with 17 Physical A’s and 10 Physical B’s.
Albany County Nursing Home proposes to decertify 50 residential health care facility (RHCF) beds and certify a 30-slotadult day health care program. Albany County has exceeded the RHCF bed need by 65 beds. The decertification ofbeds will bring Albany County closer to the 2016 planning optimum. After this replacement facility has beencompleted, the projected excess capacity will be reduced to 15 beds.
From a need perspective, approval is recommended.
Programmatic Analysis
Facility Information
ExistingProposeFacility Name 
Albany County Nursing Home Same
Heritage Lane-County Road 151Albany, NY 12211Same
RHCF Capacity 
ADHC Program Capacity 
Project # 102376-C Exhibit Page 3

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