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Table Of Contents

SECTION III.—The Work of our Sanctification
SECTION IV.—In what Perfection Consists
SECTION V.—The Divine Influence alone can Sanctify Us
SECTION VI.—On the Use of Mental Faculties
SECTION VII.—On the Attainment of Peace
SECTION VIII.—To Estimate Degrees of Excellence
SECTION IX.—Sanctity Made Easy
SECTION I.—The Divine Action
SECTION II.—By Faith the Operation of God is recognised
SECTION III.—How to Discover what is the Will of God
SECTION IV.—The Revelations of God
SECTION V.—The action of Jesus Christ in the Souls of Men
SECTION VI.—The Treatment of the Divine Action
SECTION VII.—The Hidden Work of Divine Love
SECTION VIII.—Experimental Science
SECTION IX.—The Will of God in the Present Moment is the Source of Sanctity
SECTION X.—God Makes Known His Will Through Creatures
SECTION XI.—Everything is Supernaturalised by the Divine Action
SECTION XII.—The Divine Word our Model
SECTION I.—The life of God in the soul
SECTION II.—The most perfect way
SECTION VI.—Submission a Free Gift to God
SECTION VIII.—God Reigns in a Pure Heart
SECTION I.—Sacrifice, the Foundation of Sanctity
SECTION II.—The Pains and Consolations of Abandonment
SECTION III.—The Different Duties of Abandonment
SECTION IV.—God Does All for a Soul of Goodwill
SECTION V.—The Common Way of all Souls
SECTION VI.—The Duty of the Present Moment the Only Rule
SECTION VII.—Trust in the guidance of God
SECTION VIII.—Great Faith is Necessary
SECTION I.—Unwise Interference
SECTION II.—Unjust Judgments
SECTION III.—Self-Contempt
SECTION IV.—Distrust of Self
SECTION V.—The Life of Faith
SECTION I.—Confidence in God
SECTION II.—Diversity of Grace
SECTION III.—The Generosity of God
SECTION IV.—The Most Ordinary Things are Channels of Grace
SECTION V.—Nature and Grace the Instruments of God
SECTION VI.—Supernatural Prudence
SECTION VII.—Conviction of Weakness
SECTION VIII.—Self-guidance a Mistake
SECTION IX.—Divine Love, the Principle of All Good
SECTION X.—We Must see God in all His Creatures
SECTION XI.—The Strength of Simplicity
SECTION XII.—The Triumph of Humility
I.—Conformity to the Will of God
II.—Counsel for Outward Behaviour
III.—Interior Direction
IV.—Conduct after Faults
V.—Temptations and Trials
LETTER I.—Happiness and Peace of Abandonment
LETTER II.—A Short Way to Perfection
LETTER III.—Peace in Turmoil
LETTER IV.—Liberty of Spirit
LETTER V.—Recourse to Providence
LETTER VI.—Alone with God
LETTER VII.—A Holy Community
LETTER VIII.—Our Dependence on God
LETTER IX.—The Goodness of God
LETTER X.—Continued Troubles
LETTER XI.—Good Wishes
LETTER I.—Some General Principles
LETTER II.—The Three Degrees of Virtue
LETTER III.—The First Work of God in the Soul
LETTER IV.—Practice of Abandonment
LETTER V.—Means of Acquiring this Practice
LETTER VI.—Rules for General Direction
LETTER VII.—Rules for Direction
LETTER VIII.—Advice on Prayer
LETTER IX.—Danger of Delusion Explained
LETTER X.—Delusions in Prayer
LETTER XI.—The Impressions of the Holy Spirit
LETTER XII.—Peace and Submission
LETTER XIII.—Peace and Confidence
LETTER XIV.—Singular Favours of God
LETTER XV.—Heartfelt Prayer
LETTER XVI.—The Operations of Grace
LETTER XVII.—Attraction to the Interior Life
LETTER XXI.—Different Attractions of Grace
LETTER XXII.—Fidelity to the Call of God
LETTER XXIII.—The Value of Good Desires
LETTER XXIV.—The Call of God a Sign of Predestination
LETTER XXV.—God Only Desires What We are Able to Give
LETTER XXVI.—Abandonment as to Employments and Undertakings
LETTER XXVII.—Acceptance of Duties
LETTER XXVIII.—To Will Only What God Wills
LETTER XXIX.—To Leave All to God
LETTER XXX.—Resignation in Sickness
LETTER XXXI.—Conduct in Sickness
LETTER XXXII.—Patience with the Faults of Others
LETTER XXXIII.—Patience with Oneself
LETTER XXXIV.—Preparation for the Sacraments
LETTER XXXV.—Conduct in a Time of Rest
LETTER XXXVI.—On Life and Death
LETTER XXXVI.—Not to Desire Consolations
LETTER I.—About Vanity and Infidelities
LETTER II.—The Defects of Beginners
LETTER III.—The Illusions of the Devil
LETTER II.—Interior Troubles
LETTER V.—On the Love of One’s Neighbour
LETTER VI.—On Attachments
LETTER VII.—Personal Attachments
LETTER VIII.—On Natural Activity
LETTER IX.—On Excessive Fervour
LETTER X.—Restraint of Over-Eagerness
LETTER XI.—Intemperate Zeal
LETTER XII.—On Obedience
LETTER XIII.—On being Self-Opinionated
LETTER XIV.—On Reserve with a Director
LETTER XIV.—On Discouragement
LETTER XVI.—Fear of Singularity
LETTER I.—Aridity and Weakness
LETTER II.—Different States of the Soul
LETTER III.—Abandonment During Trials
LETTER IV.—Darkness and Doubts
LETTER V.—Distractions in Prayer
LETTER VI.—Fear of Wasting Time
LETTER VII.—On Darkness and Want of Feeling
LETTER X.—The Use of Faults
LETTER XI.—Remembrance of Past Sins
LETTER XII.—How to make use of trials
LETTER XIII.—The Use of Trials continued
LETTER XIV.—Remedies for Troubles
LETTER XV.—Trials to be Endured Peacefully
LETTER XVI.—Sensitiveness about Defects
LETTER XVII.—Confidence in God
LETTER XVIII.—Sacrifice and Fidelity
LETTER XIX.—Glorified by Sufferings
LETTER XX.—The Fruit of Trials
LETTER XXI.—Things Painful to Nature
LETTER I.—Rules to be Observed in Illness
LETTER II.—Different Sufferings
LETTER III.—On Public Calamities
LETTER IV.—Opportunities for Practising Charity
LETTER V.—Profit to be gained by Patient Endurance
LETTER VI.—Difficulties
LETTER VII.—Rules for Difficult Circumstances
LETTER VIII.—Annoyances caused by Good People
LETTER IX.—How to Bear these Trials
LETTER X.—To see God in our Trials
LETTER XI.—To Seek God’s Help Alone
LETTER XIII.—Reliance on God Alone
LETTER XIV.—Abandonment in Trials
LETTER XV.—The Use of Afflictions
LETTER XVI.—Detachment
LETTER XVII.—Conduct during Trials
LETTER XVIII.—Will of God to be Preferred
LETTER XIX.—The Happiness of Resignation
LETTER I.—On Temptations
LETTER II.—The Fear of Temptation
LETTER III.—The State of One Tempted
LETTER IV.—Different Temptations
LETTER V.—The Fear of Being Wanting in Submission
LETTER VI.—Fear Caused by Self-Love
LETTER VII.—The Want of Good-Will
LETTER VIII.—The Love of Creatures and of God
LETTER IX.—The Love of Creatures and of God
LETTER X.—Fear of Making No Progress
LETTER XI.—On Fears About Confession
LETTER XII.—Rules to Free Oneself from these Fears
LETTER XIII.—On Fears About Contrition
LETTER XIV.—On General Confession
LETTER XV.—Different Fears
LETTER XVI.—Hatred of Sin
LETTER XVII.—Remorse and Rebellion
LETTER XVIII.—God Alone can Remove These Trials
LETTER XIX.—On Relapses
LETTER XX.—Depression under Trials
LETTER XXI.—On Humble Silence and Patience During Trials
LETTER XXII.—To Bear With Oneself
LETTER XXIV.—Results of Imprudence
LETTER XXV.—Interior Suffering
LETTER XXVI.—On Different States of Resignation
LETTER I.—Temptation to Despair
LETTER II.—Good Symptoms
LETTER III.—Interior Oppression
LETTER IV.—Purification of the Heart
LETTER V.—On Emptiness of Heart
LETTER VI.—Fresh Suffering
LETTER VII.—Supernatural Fears
LETTER VIII.—Violent Temptations
LETTER IX.—Death of Self-Love
LETTER X.—On Mystical Death
LETTER XI.—For the Time of Retreat
LETTER XII.—After the Retreat
LETTER XIII.—The Fear of Reprobation
LETTER XIV.—Explanations and Direction
LETTER XV.—Perfect Detachment
LETTER XVI.—Explanation of Apparent Despair
LETTER XVII.—Abandonment in Trials
LETTER XVIII.—Fruit of Death to Self
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Abandonment to Divine Providence_Jean-Pierre de Caussade

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