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The Eyeopener — March 14, 2012

The Eyeopener — March 14, 2012

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Published by The Eyeopener

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Published by: The Eyeopener on Mar 14, 2012
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volume 45 / issue 22March 14, 2012theeyeopener.comSince 1967
       t       h     e
Men’s basketball makes Rye history
Page 14
March 14, 2012The Eyeopener
Participating metro stores:College Park Mall, 444 Yonge Street,Ryerson Main Campus, 89 Gould Street
March 9 - April 30. Not valid on purchases of gift cards, lottery tickets,Western Union, transit tickets, stamps, tobacco and prescriptions.
Save 10%on groceries
 with valid college or university I.D.
March 14, 2012The Eyeopener
After an investigation by Ryerson security and Toronto Police, individuals were found to be dealing drugs in the Dungeon.
NewsEditr Crlyn Trgen
looks into the shady history of the engineering lounge hidden in the Kerr Hall basement
Four arrests in Dungeon drug bust
An undercover drug bust re-sulted in four police arrests oncampus last Thursday.Toronto Police 51 Division sentocers dressed as students toinvestigate previously reporteddrug deals in the Rye-O-Mat, lo-cated in the Kerr Hall North base-ment.“We received complaints re-garding drug dealing going on inthat [area] at Ryerson,” said De-tective Constable Preston Sco.“We initiated an investigation andit resulted in four arrests.”The police cannot reveal if thearrested individuals were stu-dents or any other additional in-formation as of yet, in case thecharges take the accused to court.The area, more commonlyknown as the Dungeon, is alounge for engineering studentswhich is only supervised by Ryer-son security’s patrols.Ryerson media relations man-ager Micheal Forbes revealed thatsecurity had received complaintsabout activities of this naturearound campus, including theDungeon.“Security undertook a numberof measures including identifyingpeople apparently engaged in ille-gal activity,” said Forbes.He said security passed on theresults of their investigation to thepolice and the issue then became adivision police maer.He said the university cannotcomment on security’s role in theinvestigation as it is ongoing.The cause of the investiga-tions did not come as a surpriseto Derek Stanley, a second-yearaerospace engineer, who hasn’tnoticed any dealers since the bust.“We’ve actually asked thegroup to leave before,” he said.“It’s a study space, there’s no needfor that.”Stanley spends time studyingin the Dungeon along with manyother students, and is no strangerto witnessing drug deals.“I’ve seen them dealing and se-curity would come through [onpatrols],” said Stanley.He explained that he didn’tthink they usually noticed andthat there is only one closed cir-cuit camera which doesn’t showthe entire room.“A couple more cameras in-stalled would help,” he said.Stanley believes the appearanceof dealers in the Dungeon is achange from last year, when theyremained above ground.“Oftentimes they used to justsmoke weed upstairs outside thedoor [to Kerr Hall],” he said, add-ing that you could smell it as youpassed. “It’s just this year thatthey started dealing.”Xerxes Engineer, a third-yearcomputer engineering student,disagreed with Stanley’s assess-ment.“They’ve always been downhere, since 2008 [when I started],”he said.He does agree that it’s not theplace for that kind of activity,especially when the dealers had been kicked out by security manytimes previously.There are now signs on a bankof lockers just outside of the Dun-geon that tell the owners to con-tact Ryerson security to gain ac-cess to their lockers.Stanley said he saw the locks being changed. Julia Hanigsberg, vice-presidentof administration and nance,conrmed that the university re-mains involved in the investiga-tion but can’t release more.“It is so critically important thatwe maintain safety on campusand that’s what this is about,” shesaid.Ryerson President SheldonLevy said the university will belooking at the physical natureof the space and making somechanges.“What we’re doing is askingourselves what it is that createdthe problem,” said Levy. “Wecan’t ignore that it might have been where it’s located, a lack ofsupervision, how many times se-curity walks by, the lighting andeverything else.”He isn’t sure what changes will be made, only that they wish toprevent the same incidents fromrecurring.“It’s almost certain that theDungeon as you now think of itwill not be the [same].”
[Drug dealers] have al-ways been down here,since 2008 [when I start-ed].
— Xerxes Engineer,third-year computer engineering student 
Two undercover police ofcers question two handcued individuals.
PhoTo: REbECCa buRToN
UR Vision sweeps Board of Governors election
BY Charles Vanegas
UR Vision swept last week’sBoard of Governors’ (BOG) elec-tion, completely shuing out Stu-dents First candidates — many ofwhom have also served as Stu-dents United candidates in Febru-ary’s student union elections.The BOG is primarily respon-sible for the nances of the uni-versity.Gerald Mak, Angelo Pirosz andStephen Kassim received 680, 633and 495 votes respectively, to beat out notables such as recentlyelected Ryerson Students’ Union(RSU) vice-president (VP) opera-tions Andrew McAllister and cur-rent RSU VP education MelissaPalermo.Kassim, a fourth-year politicsstudent, said his team had beenpreparing for this election sinceNovember.He credits the victory to theirreadiness for the campaign, butalso to their decision to run as aslate.“I ran for the senate in my sec-ond year as an independent. Ifyou’re [running] by yourself —especially if it’s your rst time— unfortunately you don’t reallyhave a chance to win,” he said.“One of our strengths was thatGerald, Angelo and I had all lostour rst elections. It gives you a beer perspective — like if youwant it, you need to step yourgame up.”Mak, Pirosz and Kassim will join Ryerson’s 24-member BOG,which in addition to its threestudent-elected members, is com-prised of faculty, administrativesta members, alumni, Chancel-lor G. Raymond Chang and Presi-dent Sheldon Levy.Swedha Ezhil, a third-year so-cial work student, says she ispleased that UR Vision kept RSUleaders o the Board.“I’m not too happy about [RSUleaders being able to run]. I un-derstand that they want to get in-volved, but at the same time I’mnot too comfortable with the ideathat RSU people have their inu-ences everywhere. I believe thereneeds to be a balance.”Despite being shut out of theBOG, Palermo believes that thestudents have the right to vote forwhichever candidate they feel is best suited for the job, and is con-dent that the student union will be able to work with the newlyelected members on a number ofpressing student issues includingrising student fees.With that being said, RSU can-didates had greater success be-ing elected to the Senate, which isresponsible for making academicpolicies and governing the BOG.RSU president-elect RodneyDiverlus and current VP StudentLife and Events Alyssa Williamsreceived the most votes amongstat-large (those not running torepresent their particular facul-ty) candidates, and were electedalongside UR Vision candidateMarwa Yahya and Danielle Bro-gan, the next two highest votegeers.Unlike RSU elections, all Ryer-son students — including Gradu-ate and Chang School — are eli-gible to vote for the Senate andBoard of Governors. However,this didn’t deter voter apathy.The 1,500 students who votedaccounted for only 4.2 per cent ofthe student population.Dan Savery, a third-year me-chanical engineering student, saidhe didn’t vote because he has oth-er concerns.“The things everyone arguesfor aren’t very signicant when itcomes to the real world,” he said.“I’m too busy with my education,and secondly, I don’t know whothese people are, nor do I havetime to listen to what they’re allabout.”
Stephen Kassim won a BOG position.
PhoTo: MohaMED oMaR

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