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The Merciad, March 14, 2012

The Merciad, March 14, 2012

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Published by TheMerciad
Digital version of The Merciad, March 14, 2012
Digital version of The Merciad, March 14, 2012

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Published by: TheMerciad on Mar 14, 2012
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 Sean Kingston to performat Spring Fest
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ResLife to cut27 RApositions
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Mercy Monthcelebratedduring March
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Opinion:Graduation ticket limitdisgraceful
Page 2March 14, 2012
Trustees to decide on 4-1-4 in May
 At their February meeting, the Board of  Trustees authorized Mercyhurst University President Thomas Gamble, Ph.D., and the
Ofce of Academic Affairs (OAA) to con
-sider changing to the 4-1-4 calendar.If everything goes as planned, the trustees
 will make an ofcial decision regarding the
calendar at their May 5 meeting.Until then, Vice President for Academic
 Affairs Phil Belore, Ph.D., is collecting 
information from academic departments. Heasked every department as well as graduateprograms to complete three tasks.
Belore asked departments to create a
plan of study on a 14 week-4 week-14 week 
calendar system (4-1-4). This plan shows the
sequence of classes a student would take in adepartment to graduate within four years.He then asked departments to explainunique courses they could offer during thefour-week January or May term. At their May meeting, trustees will notdetermine whether the short term will takeplace in January or May. If 4-1-4 is approved,this matter would be decided either at the endof this year or the beginning of next.“I would hope the faculty and students would make the decision because the faculty and students are the ones that would live with
it,” Belore said.
Departments were also asked to determine
if switching to a 4-1-4 system would be s
-cally feasible and whether the addition of new faculty would be required.So far, about 12 departments have
responded to Belore’s request, and they have
all said switching to 4-1-4 is feasible.
Belore said that his recommendation tothe board will be based on the ndings from
his study.“If all the information comes back from
faculty, departments and Jane (Kelsey) that
this is feasible and we look forward to doing this, we will do it,” he said.
Once the necessary feasibility and scalinformation is collected, Belore and Michael
Federici, Ph.D., president of the Faculty 
Senate, will present the ndings to the Aca
-demic Affairs Committee. This committee will then present the information to the Boardof Trustees at their May 5 meeting.
“I’m hoping at that meeting they’ll make anal decision,” Belore said.
Federici said the only reason he thinks thedecision would be postponed would be if thetrustees think more research needs to be con-ducted.Even so, much of the necessary informa-tion was collected prior to the February boardmeeting.Federici polled faculty in January and foundthat 73-25 were in favor of switching to a 4-1-4 or 4-4-1 calendar. A study of the number of classrooms oncampus has been conducted as well. Moreclasses would be offered at one time underthe 4-1-4 calendar, but not all classrooms areoccupied now. Therefore, there are enoughclassrooms available to make the change,Federici said. As of now, Federici has not come across any major issues or substantial costs that wouldprevent the change to the 4-1-4 calendar.Despite no known major issues with thecalendar change, there have been rumorsamong faculty that an administrator at theuniversity is not in favor of 4-1-4, and there-fore, the calendar will not be approved.
Federici would not comment, but Belore
responded to this rumor.“There may be some administrators who
may not prefer this, but I don’t know of any 
administrators right now who would shoot itdown,” he said. The Board of Trustees approved the new college core at their February meeting. Thischange will take effect in fall of 2013. If 4-1-4 is approved, the new calendar will begin in2013 as well.“Ideally that would be great if we could do
them both at the same time,” Belore said.Belore said he thinks the board will votein favor of what the study nds.
 Approval will depend on the board know-
ing the change to a 4-1-4 calendar is “scally responsible or scally neutral,” he said.
“If we present a report that is positive, I see
no reason they would reject it,” Belore said.
Federici discussed how much time andeffort has been spent on working on a calen-dar that will meet faculty and student needs.
“I’m condent the college will make an
intelligent decision at the end of the day,” hesaid.
By Kelly Luoma
Page 3March 14, 2012
Students react to Kingston
 Whether or not students attendedthe Spring Fest launch party in mid-February, by now most of campusis aware that Sean Kingston will beperforming at Mercyhurst Universi-ty’s 2012 Spring Fest.He is performing on Friday, May 4, following the opening band,Industrial Rhythm. Tickets will be free to Mercyhurststudents.His performance is among themultiple activities that will takeplace on May 4 and 5, following aCinco de Mayo theme.Student Government EventsCoordinator Shannon Kisselexplains how Kingston was selectedas the performer this year.“Jenna (Dascanio, Student Activ-ities Council chair) and I sat downand looked at our budget and a per-former that was different in yearspast,” she said.“We’ve had bands like the Plain White-Ts and HelloGoodbye, and when we came across Sean Kings-ton, we wanted to change it up andthought it was different. The timing  worked great, he was free, and it
t perfectly into the budget. We’re
really excited about it and thoughtthe students would be as well.”Even so, upon hearing the newsof his performance, the studentpopulation responded with mixedreactions.“To be honest, Sean Kingston wasn’t what I was expecting. I per-sonally think an alternative band would be more universally appreci-ated on our campus,” junior KaylynStack said.She was not the only one whoexpected a different genre or band.Sophomore Brooke Miller said,“I think it’s really interesting that we’re not having a band for Spring Fest. I know a lot of people don’tlike Sean Kingston because it’s not agenre everyone likes, but I think it’llbe a fun time.”Freshman Gavin Oakley said, “Ithink they could have gotten some-one better that more people know.” A similar thought was expressedby freshman Leah Voit, who said,“I didn’t know that Sean Kingston was still an active performer. It’snot really my music of choice, butit’s not awful. I’m basically indiffer-ent.” There were some more negative views of the selection, like that of sophomore Alex Yaple, who con- veyed disappointment.“Well I won’t be going to Spring Fest this year because he is theperformer this year. I thought thatMercyhurst was doing a good jobpicking bands to play, and I was abit disappointed this year with theirchoice,” he said. Though some students are notecstatic about the news, many stillthink it will be a fun experience.“Sean Kingston isn’t a performerI’m interested in, but I still think it’llbe a good concert,” junior NicoleSherretts said.Freshman Stephanie Gentile hasseen Sean Kingston perform beforeand she said, “It was pretty good, areally high energy performance.”Kingston will perform Friday,May 4, on Mercyhurst’s campus.
By Mark Vidunas
Contributing writer
News Briefs
 The steeple from Christ theKing Chapel that was dam-aged during the wind stormin winter term will not be ableto be repaired, as originally thought.Fiske and Associates aremaking a new one for theuniversity that will cost about$43,000. It will have the same design as the original. The new steeple is expected to be installed in early May. The original will not be melted down to make the new one,but it will be returned to campus after measurements are madefor the new steeple, according to Stepherson. The university will determine what to do with the originalsteeple after its return.
Steeple unfxable: New steeple in the making
Since transitioning to a univer-sity, Mercyhurst now has a new seal. The seal was released the day it was approved by the trustees and isreserved for presidential and other
ofcial documents. This rule has
been in place since 2006. The colors were changed for thenew seal to represent the school’scolors, and it now can be more easily photo copied. The seal features the school’s motto, “Carpe Diem,” loca-tion and the year 1926, when Mercyhurst was established.
New presidential seal releasedNew academic building on schedule
 The new Center for Academic Engagement building is onschedule and on budget.David Livings-ton, Ph.D., vicepresident of advancement,explained the work that will bedone in the nextfew weeks.Drywall is cur-
rently going up on the ground oor and second oor, andoutside masonry will be nished in the next six weeks. The
connector to the library is open but is only to be used by theconstruction workers currently.Furniture will be ordered in the next month. The building is planned to open in 2012.
Sean Kingston will perform atSpring Fest on May 4.
seankingston.com photo

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