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The Desert, Part XVI

The Desert, Part XVI

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part XVI
part XVI

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Published by: Devin Thunderbird Michelson on Mar 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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That night the grate opened once more. A kick at the traveler’s side.
Wake up.Huh? Wha-Get up ya damned beast!Black sackcloth over his head and he felt two huge hands grab him up. He would have struggledbut it would be like an insect fighting a wolf. The futility was a terrible sting.
Don’t worry boy! the old man said. He had woken up in the commotion, or perhaps he had not slept
at all. After a while you come to enjoy it!The great hulk carried him for some time. His shoulder was a blunted torture instrument and it
began to pain the traveler’s stomach fiercely. When there was a heavy step he could feel the air rush from
his lungs and there was a burning in the cloth where he exhaled. Shortness of breath made him drowsier and he slipped away in and out. Jerked back when he was thrown down onto a cold surface. It was stone.He could tell from the pain of the impact and the smoothness of the surface.Takin off the sack. Move and ya die. Gottit?Yeah.He removed the sackcloth. He was in a small room lit by a fire in a pit off to the left side. Nowindows and nothing on the walls save dried blood and excrement. The air was stale and old, mixed with amaddening closeness. He caught a shape over by the pit and to his horror there was the redhead boy. Across his arms and torso were think and nasty gashes now dried and rotted. Insects burrowed within. Alook between his legs showed that he had been unmanned. The strong man perked up and the traveler saw another shadow. The preacher entered carrying his metal knife.I must say. I really must. This is a stunning piece.
That’s mine! he received a slap from the hulk for that outburst.
 Now now. Calm yourself. I was only complimenting your taste in weaponry. Shame it has to bewasted on heathens.
What’re y
ou talkin bout?
Don’t strike him. Let us talk a bit. What am I talking about? I’m talking about you boy. You and the
rest of your heathen counterparts wandering the sands spread filth.
This’s bout the god, innit?
 The god? Our god. God of the east. The true master of this world.Sure.

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