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FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2004 Keyboard Commands

FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2004 Keyboard Commands

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Published by Rufus1831
A complete list of keyboard commands for MS Flight Simulator series.
A complete list of keyboard commands for MS Flight Simulator series.

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Published by: Rufus1831 on Mar 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ATC Window Display/Hide `(accent) Exit Flight Simulator Ctrl + CExit Flight SimulatorImmediatelyCtrl + breakFrame Rate/CoordinatesCycleShift + Z (severaltimes)Full Screen Mode Alt + EnterJoystick On/Off Ctrl + KKneeboard Display/Hide F10 (several times)Menus Display AltPause PReset Current Flight Ctrl + ;(semicolon) Save flight ;(semicolon) Select Item 1 1Select Item 2 2Select Item 3 3Select Item 4 4Selection Decrease -(minus sign) Selection Decrease Slightly Shift+ -(minus sign) Selection Increase =(equal sign) Selection Increase Slightly Shift+ =(equal sign) Sound on/off QTime Compression Select R (+ and to change)
 Airspeed Hold - On/Off Ctrl + RAirspeed Select Ctrl + Shift + RAltitude Hold - On/Off Ctrl+ ZAltitude - Select Ctrl + Shift + ZApproach Mode - On/Off Ctrl + AAttitude Hold - On/Off Ctrl + TAutothrottle Arm Shift + RAutothrottle Takeoff/TOGA Ctrl + Shift + GBack Course Mode - On/Off Ctrl + BFlight Director - On/Off Ctrl + FHeading Hold - On/Off Ctrl + HHeading Bug - Select Ctrl + Shift + HLocalizer Hold - On/Off Ctrl + OMach Hold - On/Off Ctrl + MMaster Switch - On/Off ZNav 1 Hold - On/Off Ctrl + NWing Leveller - On/Off Ctrl + VYaw Damper - On/Off Ctrl + D
Aileron Trim Left Ctrl + NP 4Aileron Trim Right Ctrl + NP 6Bank Left (ailerons) NP 4Bank Right (ailerons) NP 6Center Ailerons and Rudder NP 5Elevator Trim - Down NP 7Elevator Trim - Up NP 1Flaps Extend - Fully F8Flaps Extend - Increments F7Flaps Retract - Fully F5Flaps Retract (increments) F6Pitch Down (elevator) NP 8Pitch Up (elevator) NP 2Rudder Trim Left Ctrl + NP 0Rudder Trim Right Ctrl + NP EnterRudder Yaw Left NP 0Rudder Yaw Right NP EnterSpoilers Auto Arm Shift + (slash) Spoilers/Airbrakes Toggle (slash) Water Rudder Up/Down Shift + W
On multi-engine aircraft, engine commands affect allengines unless you first select an engine by pressing E +engine number (1-4). To revert back to all engines control,press E + all engine numbers in quick succession (E, 1, 2,and so on).
Anti-ice - On/Off HAutostart Engine Ctrl + ECarb Heat/Engine Anti-ice HEngine Select EJet Starter Select JMagnetos Select MMixture Enrich Ctrl + Shift + F3Mixture Lean Ctrl + Shift + F2Mixture Set to Idle Cutoff Ctrl + Shift + F1Mixture Set to Rich Ctrl + Shift + F4Prop RPM Decrease Ctrl + F2Prop RPM Increase Ctrl + F3Prop RPM Set to High Ctrl + F4Prop RPM Set to Low Ctrl + F1Reheat/Afterburner - On/Off Shift + F4Reverse Thrust F2 (hold down)Rotor Brake - On/Off Shift + BRotor Clutch - On/Off Shirt + .(period) Rotor Governor - On/Off Shift + (comma) Throttle Cut F1Throttle Decrease F2 or NP 3Throttle Full F4Throttle Increase F3 or NP 9
Brakes - ParkingSet/ReleaseCtrl + .(period) Brakes Apply Left F11Brakes Apply Right F12Brakes Apply/Release .(period) Cowl Flaps Close increment Ctrl + Shift + CCowl Flaps Open increment Ctrl + Shift + VGear Manually Pump Ctrl + GGear Up/Down GPushback Start/StopShift + P (then press1 or 2 to turn tail rightor left)Seat - Lower Shift + BackspaceSeat - Raise Shift + EnterSelect ExitShift + E (then press1-4 to open/close)Smoke System - On/Off I
Tailwheel Lock - On/Off
Shift + G
All Lights - On/Off LLanding Light Center Ctrl + Shift + NP 5Landing Light Tilt Down Ctrl + Shift + NP 2Landing Light Tilt Left Ctrl + Shift + NP 4Landing Light Tilt Right Ctrl + Shift + NP 6Landing Light Tilt Up Ctrl + Shift + NP 8Landing Lights On/Off Ctrl + LPanel Lights - On/Off Shift + LStrobe Lights - On/Off O
ADF Indent On/Off Ctrl + 5ADF Select ACOM Radio Select CDME 1 Indent On/Off Ctrl + 3DME 2 Indent On/Off Ctrl + 4DME Select FNAV Radio Select NOBS indicator Select VStandby Freq - Switch toon Selected RadioXTransponder Select TVOR 1 Indent On/Off Ctrl + 1VOR 2 Indent On/Off Ctrl + 2
Altimeter - Reset BEGT Pointer Select UHeading Indicator - Reset DPitot Heat - On/Off Shift+HSelection Decrease -(minus sign) Selection Decrease lightly Shift+ -(minus sign) Selection Increase =(equal sign) Selection Increase Slightly Shift+ =(equal sign) 
 Chat Window Display/HideCtrl + Shift + ](rightbracket) Chat Window - Focus to EnterOther Players - Cycle Ctrl + Shift + TOther Player - Follow Ctrl + Shift + FSwitch to Observer Mode Ctrl + Shift + OTrack Mode On/Off Ctrl + Shift + D
AI Aircraft LabelsDisplay/HideCtrl + Shift + LBring Window To Front '(apostrophe) Chase Cycle Backward Ctrl + Shift + WChase Cycle Forward Ctrl + WChase On/Off Ctrl + QClose View Window ](right bracket) Create New Top-DownView WindowShift + ](right bracket) Create New View Window [(left bracket) Cycle Views (cockpit, vc,tower, spot)SCycle Views Backwards Shift + SEyepoint - Move Back Ctrl + EnterEyepoint - Move Forward Ctrl + BackspaceEyepoint - Move Down(lower seat)Shift + BackspaceEyepoint - Move Up(raise seat)Shift + EnterEyepoint - Move Left Ctrl+Shift + BackspaceEyepoint - Move Right Ctrl + Shift + EnterEyepoint - Reset SPACEInstrument Panels On/Off Shift + [(left bracket) Look Ahead Shift + NP 8Look Ahead/Left Shift + NP 7Look Ahead/Left/Up Ctrl + NP 7Look Ahead/Right Shift + NP 9Look Ahead/Right/Up Ctrl + NP 9Look Ahead/Up Ctrl + NP 8Look Back Shift + NP 2Look Back/Left Shift + NP 1Look Back/Left/Up Ctrl + NP 1Look Back/Right Shift + NP 3Look Back/Right/Up Ctrl + NP 3Look Back/Up Ctrl + NP 2Look Down Shift + NP 5Look Left Shift + NP 4Look Right Shift + NP 6Look Up Ctrl + NP 5Pan View Reset Shift + NP DelPanel On/Off (wide view) WPanel View - Snap to Shift + NP 0Panel Windows - ToggleDisplay/Hide (radios,throttle, GPS,)Shift + 1 through 9Select View Direction NP (fwd slash) Switch to Next View Ctrl + TabSwitch to Previous View Ctrl + Shift + TabTop-Down View Ctrl + SZoom - Reset to 1x BackspaceZoom In =(equal sign) Zoom Out -(hyphen) 

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