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Fire Starting Using Hand Drill Technique 2007

Fire Starting Using Hand Drill Technique 2007

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Published by MoreMoseySpeed

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Published by: MoreMoseySpeed on Mar 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By  Alan Halcon
Growing up, I had a fascination with the outdoors. Every summermy dad would take us camping. After each trip, I would findmyself preparing for the next trip by reading anything that I couldon camping and outdoor survival. I remember hopping on my bike,riding to the local library, and sitting there for hours just lookingthrough all the books on camping. I would constantly beg my momto take me to the local sporting goods store in order to check out allthe camping gear... She used to hate it. My mom knew she couldn
leave the store without buying me something.As time went on and I got older, my mind becamedistracted with other things and it just wasn't cool to go campingwith your parents anymore. The times I spent camping with myfather were now becoming a distant memory. It wasn't until lateron in life, when I had kids, that my passion for the outdoors wouldresurface.Early one spring, while I was clearing out some boxesfrom the attic in my mom's house, I came across a box full of oldbooks. As I rummaged through the books, I came across a book Ihadn't seen in years,
La Enciclopedia de Supervivencia de la
...The Encyclopedia of Outdoor Survival. Boy! did that
book bring back memories. I remember purchasing that book inSpain when I was about 12 years old. I would not let my aunt leavethe store until she bought it for me. It was the resurfacing of thatbook that sparked a whole new interest in outdoor survival. Onceagain, I quickly found myself reading anything that I could onoutdoor survival.It was in the summer of '99 that I came across the SchoolOf Self-reliance while surfing the internet. I quickly signed up forone of the classes led by Christopher Nyerges, director of theschool. The class was exciting. We learned about many plants, andhow they could be used for tools food and medicine. We evenmade a small salad from some of the plants we collectedthroughout the day. Towards the end of the outing, Christophergathered the class and began to demonstrate the bow-drill. I satthere in awe as I saw wisps of smoke come from the hearth andspindle. When he finally made the coal, I was completely
astounded. How is it that you could get fire by rubbing two piecesof wood together?It was that experience that led me to experiment with the hand-drill and ultimately achieve the ... Six and a half second coal

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