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Class Man Plan

Class Man Plan

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Published by ilona_chasar

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Published by: ilona_chasar on Mar 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ilona Chasar’s
Classroom Management Plan
Ideally for my first year teaching I would like to be teaching a fifth grade inclusion classin a suburban school district in New Jersey or Pennsylvania since I plan on obtaining mycertification in both states. I will be graduating with a degree in Psychology, ElementaryEducation, Special Education, and Early Childhood. I am not picky on what grade level I wouldlike to teach because I know I would make a difference at any grade level, but I would enjoyworking with fifth grade students the most because I could still use my sarcasm and I would liketo prepare them for the transition into middle school. The reason I would prefer to teachinclusion is because I work well with other teachers and I feel both the students with specialneeds and general education students benefit from being a in a learning environment withstudents who have different needs and I am certified in both areas.Creating a physical environment where all students in the classroom have a feeling of security and shelter allows them feel safe and comfortable which is key to assuring my studentsare in an environment that will engage their learning. Having my classroom set-up in a U-shapewould allow all students to be in the front row when I am
teaching to eliminate the “T Zone”
where teachers usually only walk to the students in the front row closest to the board. Utilizingthe U-shape in an inclusion classroom will leave room for students that may need physicalassistance such as a walker or wheelchair. Student using wheelchairs or walkers would feelcomfortable moving around the room since they would be less likely to knock into other desks inthe classroom. If a student in the classroom had a hearing or visual impairment I would easilyhave him or her seated near the front of the room. I would be able to eliminate talking in groups,
I would be able to kneel at all of the students’ desks from either side, and no student would ever 
have their back to the board where I am teaching.
The U-shape in the classroom will minimize traffic areas especially for students that maybe using physical devices since the desks will not be clustered. All students would be able tovisually see the board at all times without have to move their desk. Since the students in myclassroom will be attending middle school the following year I would want to focus on task instrumentality in the classroom so students can grow independently in the classroom. Thebookshelves would be labeled with appropriate reading levels, genres, references, and have a keyif a student could not find a book of what they were looking for. The shelf would be labeledclearly to assure the students know where the materials belong and if they are unsure they couldreference the contents book to see where to put the book back. Extra school supplies would bestored sorted by each students since I will ask the parents to bring in certain materials at the
 beginning of the year. I will have a teacher supply since some students’ parents will not tur 
n inthe materials and some students will go through the materials more quickly than others. Bycontrolling the extra supplies I would be aware of how many supplies a student has and howquickly they are going through them. On the front of the student desks would be a small bag tothrow trash away if they did not want to get up or put the trash in their desk. Each of the studentswill have their own pencil box with pencils, erasers, crayons, scissors, mini scotch tape, and amini stapler to minimize the times they need to be out of their seats to minimize the time spentpreparing for activities and cleaning up. Other activities that may take place during free timewould be appropriately placed, for example the game and puzzle corner will be on the opposite
side of the room as the “Miss Chasar’s Cozy Corner” where the students will be reading on bean
bag chairs and pillows.The rules for my classroom will be both student and teacher generated since I feel it isimportant for the students in the class to help generate the rules since it is also their community.
I plan on having a about four rules all written in positive language. The rule will be developed
on the first day of class but narrowing down the students’ suggestions. Once the rules have been
selected I will write the rules on a poster to hang in the room and all of the students in my classwill sign the rules like it is a contract. Each student in my class will also be provided with a copyof the classroom rules. The four rules I can think I want to be mentioned would be:
Be Safe
“Be Responsible”, “Be Ready”, and “Be Respectful”.
I would elaborate on the rules by
explaining “Be Safe” covers all of the safety procedures in the classroom in every subject which
includes following rules to ensure no one is harmed. The students in my fifth grade class should
“Be Responsible” coming to class prepare with everything they
need for the day which is part of my idea for Classroom Routines. Students should complete their own homework and classwork 
and not cheat by referring to another student’s work. The students in my class should feel
comfortable enough to speak with me or a classmate if they do not understand something sinceschool is a place to learn and it is more than acceptable to ask relevant appropriate questions.
Students will “Be Ready”
by coming to class ready to learn, listen to directions, and stay on task.One of the best ways to be ready is to participate
Students should “Be Respectful” by speaking
in class when it is their turn, listening to what their classmates have to say, and students shouldbe kind to any guests who come to observe what the class is working on, for example anobservation of me teaching. The students may think of other appropriate rules we can apply toour classroom rules, but these four rules cover the basic needs for my classroom managementrule policy.To help my classroom run smoothly I plan on having procedures for student movement inthe classroom for safety and structure of the classroom. The students will enter the classroomand move their popsicle stick with their name on it into the proper lunch choice so I am aware of 

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