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Shideh'S_Assignment_With Comments From Analis

Shideh'S_Assignment_With Comments From Analis

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Published by Shideh Rashidi

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Published by: Shideh Rashidi on Mar 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Assignment 1 /MaterialsDevelopmentTSL 5258 EducationTech. in Teaching L2
The amazing art of Pottery!
Pottery is dishes, plates, cups,
and cooking pots made out of 
. It is a good idea to makedishes and pots out of clay for several reasons. Clay is cheapand easy to get,
pretty muchanybody
can make a useful pot out of it, and you canmake it waterproof prettyeasily too.People first started making pottery out of clay around6000 BC,near the beginning of theNeolithic period.From the beginning, people used pottery as a way of 
constructing their social identity,or showing who they were and how they were different from other people. Many of the designs used on pottery were borrowed fromcloth,which was also used to identify people of one group or another.The earliest form of art we know fromChinawas pottery -clay pitchers and bowls. Most of the bestearly pottery comes from a place called Ban'po and
Jar from Ban'po, 4800 BC
Islamic Pottery
it is named after that place. People in Ban'po began to make potteryabout two thousand years later in China than in 
.This Ban'po pottery was handmade (not on a  potter's wheel). At first the  polished red pots were plain.Then the pots were paintedwith black swirling spirals andgeometric shapes, andsometimes with human faces.Later on, artists in China useda brush to paint their pottery,and the designs became moresophisticated.Nothing measures to the feel of working with clay and crafting a piece of pottery!  But if you want to know morebefore you get your hands wet, try the sitesbelow:
Here is a preview of what you could get at the best pottery school in Ottawa!
Pottery bowl from Henan in Northern China, about 3500 BC

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