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Table Of Contents

January—Communing With God
Jesus, Our Pattern, Depended on Prayer
Christ’s Example Gives Power to Resist Temptation
Approaching God With Reverence
Pray for Daily Bread
Have a Forgiving Spirit
Have a Heart Filled With Gratitude
Pray in Jesus’ Name
Our Prayers Will Be Answered
Not Only Pray, but Ask and Work!
Pray in Submission to God’s Will
To Avoid Darkness, Stay Close to God
Pray to Reflect Christ’s Unfathomable Love
Gain Spiritual Strength Through Prayer
Plead for Wisdom and Power
Pray Silently, Continually
Take Your Children to Jesus in Prayer
A Prayer That Includes Us
In Sincere Pursuit of Truth We Commune With God
Prayer Closely Related to Reformation
Walking With God Through Prayer
Prayer an Effective Weapon Against Satan
Transformed by Communion With God
Pray Earnestly for Christian Character
Pray in Humbleness of Heart
Prayer Helps Guide to Truth
February—The Blessings of Obedience
Obey God, Just as Jesus Did
Everything Lost by Disobedience
The Promise of Redemption
God’s Word the Supreme Authority
Jesus Showed That We Can Obey
Obey From Principle
Israel Pledges to Obey God’s Commandments
Christ’s Perfect Obedience Can Be Ours
Obedience Through Grace
Christ, the Model of True Obedience
Happiness Guarded by God’s Law
Obedience to Be Rewarded
Commandment-keeping Families Glorify Christ
Obedience Brings Peace and Happiness
Joy in Loving Obedience
Jesus Gives Power to Obey
Abraham’s Great Example of Obedience
God’s Law Important for All Time
Disobedience Indicates Rebellion
Obedience Results in Happiness
Even Nature Obeys Divine Commands
Obey God, the Supreme Authority
Make Obedience Attractive
God’s Law Is Perfect
Jesus, the Perfect Pattern of Obedience
Our Obedience Enables God to Fulfill Promises
Obedience Has Immediate and Eternal Rewards
Genuine Sanctification Involves Obedience
March—Investing Time and Other Talents
Time to Study Revelation
Depend on Our Divine Advocate
A Message for Our Time
Work Faithfully, Using Time Wisely
Submit to God’s Training Process
Improving Opportunities for Service
Regularity and Promptness Are Religious Duties
Every Hour Is Valuable
Buried Talents Should Be Used
How to “Redeem” Time
Use Even One Talent Wisely
Use Abilities and Means for God’s Glory
A Time for Vigilant Work
Both Money and Active Service Needed
Work for Low Wages Rather Than Be Idle
Every Spiritual Gift Is Important
Be Satisfied With Humble Work
Every Person Has a Gift and Is Accountable
Small Talents Have Value and Can Increase
Work Faithfully Where You Are
Working With Jesus to Save the Lost
One Talent, Used Faithfully, Will Gain Other Talents
Faithful Users of Talents Will Hear “Well Done”
Use Well the Talent of Speech
Using God’s Gifts as He Wills
April—Exploring God’s Word
No True Wisdom Apart From God
The Rewards of Bible Study
The Spirit Must Illuminate the Word
Seek God for Wisdom
Reach for the Highest Standard of Personhood
Prepare Now for Immortal Life
To Grow, Study the Word
Learn the Truth, Then Live It
To Find the Word Interesting, Receive the Spirit
Treasures of Truth Are for Those Who Dig
Ever Search for More Light
Examine Diligently Every Belief
Bible Study Strengthens the Intellect
Search the Word Objectively and Personally
Preparing for Trying Times
Do Not Merely Read the Scriptures, but Search
Hear Christ’s Voice Through the Word
Earnest Study Produces True Conversion
God’s Word the Standard of Judgment
True Higher Education Found in the Word of God
To Understand God’s Word Better, Be Obedient
The Bible Reveals the Way to Christ
Search the Scriptures, and Be Obedient
True Learners Accept the Scriptures as God’s Voice
May—The Day That God Made Holy
God’s People to Keep the Sabbath
The Sabbath Intended for All Humankind
A Day Pointing to God’s Power and Love
Six Days for Us, Only One for God
The Sabbath Turns Minds to the Creator
On Day Six, Prepare for the Sabbath
Threefold Miracle Reveals Sabbath Sacredness
Satan’s Attack Against God’s Memorial
Sabbath Truth Supported by the Word
The Sign of God’s Authority
The Spurious Sabbath a False Signpost
Do Good on the Sabbath
Do Soul-saving Work on the Sabbath
Doing Well on the Sabbath Honors the Day
The Sabbath Designed to Bring Us Into Harmony With God
The Sabbath a Sign of Covenant Relationship
A Day of Healing and Joy
A Day on Which to Show Mercy
Set Example of Sabbath Sacredness, and Teach It
The Commandments Are for All
Jesus Kept the Sabbath by Doing Good
The Sabbath Memorializes a Literal Day
The Sabbath Reminds Us of God’s Creative Power
Believe God’s Word, Not Human Reasoning
The Sabbath Was Kept Anciently, and Is Today
Keeping the Sabbath as a Family
Good Works Continue on the Sabbath
A Vision of the Sabbath Commandment
Why Worship Is Due God
The Sabbath Not Jewish but Christ’s Holy Day
Sabbath Rest and Joy in Eternity
June—Doing the King’s Business
Be Like Jesus, Not Like the World
Do Right in Business, Not Just in Church
Be Honest With Others and With God
Imitate Jesus and His Ethics
Never Take Advantage of Another’s Misfortune
Character Tested by Presence of the Less Fortunate
The Golden Rule to Govern Business Dealings
God’s Plan to Prevent Poverty
God’s Grace Needed to Polish Us
Principles of the Gospel Must Control Us
Our Business Standards Reveal Our Character
Even “Small” Sins Have Big Consequences
Build Character on Jesus, the Rock
Public Service Demands Strict Integrity
God’s Word Approves the Judicial Oath
Choices Being Made Between Two Sides
Handling Money to Meet God’s Approval
To Win Souls, Forgo Personal Gain
Set Right Priorities in Life
Christians Must Never Depart From Integrity
Reveal Love While Doing God’s Business
Imitate Christ, Not the World
Be Compassionate When Poverty Is Unavoidable
Show Divine Love by Being Merciful
Seek Divine Wisdom in Handling Money
Invest to Glorify God, Not Self
Represent Christ in Every Circumstance
In Planning, Consider the Unending Future
Never Dishonor God by Violating Righteous Principles
Faithful Stewards Provide for God’s Work
July—Practicing the End-time Lifestyle
The New Lifestyle Through Jesus
Jesus Requires Wholehearted Commitment
God Has Sent Warnings, but Few Listen
Fanaticism and Noise No Evidence of Faith
God Not Pleased With Tasteless Disorder
Follow Christ and Defeat the Enemy
Decided Efforts Must Be Made Against Sin
Seek to Be Temperate in All Things
Training Children a Sacred Responsibility
Work and Exercise Contribute to Health
When Trials Come, Cling to Jesus
For Every Difficulty, God’s Grace Is Sufficient
Husbands Are to Be Thoughtful and Cheerful
Bible Holiness Is Our Great Need
Be Faithful in Small, Common Tasks
Meeting Difficulties Develops Spiritual Muscle
Maintain Integrity, Whatever the Cost
Motive Determines Value of Our Acts
Stay Close to Jesus and Become Like Him
To Find True Happiness, Obey God
When in Trial, Review God’s Great Mercy
Receive Light, and Walk in It
Reveal Love, Compassion, and Tenderness
Do Not Accuse Others, but Intercede for Them
Live Unselfishly, and Teach People to Love Jesus
Bring the Lower Passions Into Subjection
Seek to Reflect the Image of Jesus
We Should Give Hope to the Fallen
Take Time for Prayer and the Word
Study Christ’s Words, Not Human Opinions
Be Used by the Spirit in Christ’s Service
August—Relating to the Natural World
Happiness to Be Found in Natural Surroundings
All Nature Entrusted to Adam and Eve
God’s Wisdom and Love Revealed in Nature
Work Given as a Source of Happiness
The Earth Will Produce Abundantly for Diligent Workers
Work and Study Benefit Both the Earth and the Mind
Cooperating With God in Work Promotes Happiness
Well-regulated Work Aids All-around Development
The Beauty of Nature Reveals God’s Character
God’s Love and Glory Seen in Nature
God’s Power Exercised Constantly in Nature
Appreciate Earth’s Natural, Quiet Beauty
Nature Offers Messages of Hope and Comfort
Draw Spiritual Lessons and Health Benefits From Trees
Nature Is Guided and Upheld by the Creator
Christ Points Us to a More Glorious World
Many Lessons to Be Learned From Nature
How to Learn From Nature Its Deepest Lessons
Nature Teaches the Value of Obedience to Law
Valuable Objects in Nature Are Pruned or Refined
Nature Testifies of a Master Artist and Designer
Earth’s Bounties Give Evidence of God’s Love
The Natural World Speaks of the Creator
Rich Blessings From a Sabbath for the Land
The Poor Have Rights in God’s World
Work, for Earth’s Night Is Coming
Cultivating the Soil Is Doing God’s Service
An Exhaustless Source of Instruction and Delight
Fallow Ground of the Human Heart Should Be Worked
Greater Efficiency and Deeper Consecration Needed
Keep Streams of Beneficence in Constant Circulation
September—Sharing the Good News
Tell Others to Love and Obey Christ
All Have a Duty to Witness
Carry Light and Hope Everywhere
To Witness Successfully, First Crucify Self
Invite People to Become Children of God
Angels Cooperate With Soul Winners
Guard Your Words and Be Tactful as You Witness
Now Is the Time to Work for Christ
Practical Christianity Important in Witnesses
Witness Wherever Jesus Calls You
Jesus Identifies Himself With the Needy
The Holy Spirit Will Empower for Witnessing
God Gives Grace to Those Who Believe His Word
One Small Book Produced Big Results
Personal Ministry Is Key to Winning Souls
Make Clear the Worth of the Soul
Music Can Attract People to God’s Message
Truth Is to Be Lived, Not Merely Spoken
Aim High and Attempt Much for God
Witness at Every Large Gathering in Cities
Christ’s Followers to Differ From the World
Win Souls Through the Sabbath School
Work to Be Done in Large Cities
Expressions of Sympathy Open Hearts to the Gospel
Soul Winning Creates Demand for Holy Spirit
Consecrated Workers Could Do Great Work in Short Time
Workers to Reveal the Spirit of Jesus
Consecrate Self, Then Search for Perishing Souls
Unselfish Service Gives Joy to Both Christ and Us
Every Member to Help Spread the Gospel
October—Enjoying Good Health
Everyone Should Know and Obey the Laws of Life
Leaders to Practice and Teach Health Reform
It’s Time to Give Up Health-destroying Indulgences
Share the Light on Healthful Living
Nutritious Diet Important for Intellectual Vigor
Higher Powers to Control Physical Nature
Good Health Needed to Achieve Success
Aim for Holiness, Not Merely Health
Health Reform and Third Angel’s Message Closely Allied
Advent Message to Sanctify Body and Soul
Conditions for Good Health Must Be Observed
Self-development Essential to Accomplish Most Good
Temperate Habits and Physical Exercise Produce Vigor
Follow the Example Set by the Four Hebrews
Control the Appetite Through Christ’s Power
Christians to Be Strictly Temperate, Governed by Principle
Food to Be Wholesome and Palatable
Control of Appetite to Begin in Childhood
Stimulants Eventually Produce Evil Results
Through Jesus Comes Health and Relief From Perplexities
Obey Nature’s Laws to Enjoy Health
Follow Divine Counsel to Preserve Health
Effect Follows Cause, Producing Health or Disease
To Have a Clear Mind, Follow Temperance Principles
Physical Work Helps to Develop Mind and Character
Temperance in All Things Is Essential
Our Thinking Is Affected by Our Eating
Prepare Wholesome Diet Without Flesh Meats
Both Physical and Mental Faculties to Be Cultivated
Pure, Fresh Air Promotes Health of Mind and Body
Love for God Is Essential for Perfect Health
Nobember—Worshiping at Home
Though We Fall, We Can Conquer
Move Forward in Faith and Unity
Make Family Worship Interesting
Daily Family Worship Yields Precious Results
Worship Faithfully Every Morning and Evening
Parents to Begin Reformation in the Home
Time for Worship to Be Set Apart as Sacred
God’s People Will Be Refined by Time of Trouble
Family Worship Can Help Create Harmony
Victory Is Assured for All Who Obey Christ’s Orders
In Every Situation Jesus Gives Fresh Blessings
In Love and Mercy Jesus Pleads With Us and for Us
Diffuse the Light Throughout the Dark World
God Alone Is to Be Worshiped
Christ’s Self-sacrificing Life Is Our Lesson Book
Memorize the Scriptures, Preparing for the Future
We May Receive God’s Unlimited Grace, to Do Good
To Feed the Soul, Commune Constantly With Jesus
Be Courteous, Lifting Others’ Burdens, as Did Jesus
We Are to Grow in Piety, Purity, and Love
God’s Word and Love Will Open Hearts to Jesus
Special Endowment of Grace and Power Needed Today
When We Thirst for Righteousness, Jesus Draws Near
Angels Join Us as We Help Those in Need
December—Repenting, Then Growing
Jesus, the Chief Shepherd, Knows Each Sheep
True Christians Focus on Christ, Not Self
Truly Converted People Aim for Perfection
Converted Sinners Live a New Life
Repent Today, and Receive Christ’s Robe of Righteousness
Jesus Lovingly Calls, but Many Wait Too Long to Respond
When Sinners Repent, Heaven Rejoices
Conversion Creates New Interests and New Loves
Repentant Souls Hate Sin and Love Righteousness
Humanity, Allied With Divinity, Can Keep the Law
Conscientious Persons Must Guard Against Being Deceived
True Repentance Involves Remorse for Sin and Forsaking It
By Grace You Can Reach Christ’s Ideal
God’s People Are Polished Stones in His Spiritual Temple
Advance the Kingdom by Leading Sinners to Repentance
Look to Jesus, and He Will Give You Victory
Lift Up the Standard as the Great Controversy Intensifies
Bible Sanctification Involves Humility and Constant Growth
Repentance to Be Followed by Change of Character
Both Repentance and Forgiveness Are Gifts From Christ
God Calls for Repentance and Holy Living
God Waits to Receive All Who Repent
Jesus’ Love Draws Sinners to Repentance
Good Works to Follow Revival
Jesus Pays the Debt of Repentant Sinners
God’s People to Reflect His Glory
Everyone to Work for the Lost
Repentance Essential During Day of Atonement
God’s Law Leads to True Repentance
Christ’s Robe of Righteousness Is for the Repentant
All Who Repent Will Be Forgiven and Accepted
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