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November 2008 Newsletter

November 2008 Newsletter

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November 2008 Newsletter
November 2008 Newsletter

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Published by: Commuter Parking Advisory Committee on Dec 01, 2008
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East Brunswick Commuter Parking Advisory Committee November 2008
The Commuter
Golden Triangle redevelopment: 
Toll Brothers and Edgeboro Properties, the planneddeveloper of the Golden Triangle, have notified by letter the Township that they do notintend to proceed with the project as they are required to under the current just recentlyamended agreement. You can see a copy of the notification letter from Toll Brothers to theTownship at http://www.scribd.com/doc/8502708/Toll-Letter. The Township is currentlynegotiating with the Toll Brothers regarding the next step. Toll has stated in their letter tothe Township, that one alternative is Section 6.5 of the agreement, Township'sReacquisition of the Property. As a contingency the Town Council has authorized theissuance of a bond for $25 million and has brought in professional help to determine thefinancial implications of any proposed changes. At this point, we do not know what effectany changes could have on the TCC project. The new TCC facility was originallyconceived as part of an integrated Transit Village and both entrances to the TCC requiretraveling though the remainder of the TCC site. As you may have noticed, both the Rt. 18Market and Jason's Furniture have now closed and Sam's Club is currently the onlyoperating facility on the remainder of the TCC property.
Neilson Plaza burglaries: 
According to press reports, 18 vehicles were burglarized atNeilson Plaza into on November 24, 2008. We believe that at least some of the vehicleswere forcibly entered into. As of yet, we are not aware of any suspects beingapprehended in this case. As you might be aware, a similar incident took place in January2007 when 12 cars were broken into at Neilson Plaza. The CPAC has requested that thesecurity be improved at Neilson Plaza since it clearly remains insufficient to protect thevehicles parked there. In addition, no security cameras have yet been installed in theparking areas of the new TCC, a security issue that needs to be addressed as soon aspossible.
Ticket prices: 
Suburban Transit has eliminated the fuel surcharge on their tickets. As perthe terms of their contract with East Brunswick, the 10 trip ticket book between NY andEast Brunswick was always remained $64, with or without the fuel surcharge. The $64rate will remain in place until the expiration of the current contract in mid-2009. The EastBrunswick pass is $260 a month, which breaks even at 20.3 round trip commutes permonth. The CPAC encourages each commuter to determine for themselves if purchasingthe monthly pass makes financial sense.
Toll roads: 
The tolls on the NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway are increasing 50%on December 1, 2008. As we have pointed out in the past, Middlesex County residentspay the largest share of these tolls of any county in the state. You can see the detailsregarding this at http://www.scribd.com/doc/8036934/Tolls-by-County.
Cell phones: 
Please be courteous to your fellow commuters including not shouting intoyour cell phone the entire way home. Drivers have the right to remove commuters that aretoo loud and disturbing the driver and other passengers from the bus.

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