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Newsletter 333

Newsletter 333

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Published by Henry Citizen
GA 400 Toll Lanes; Georgia Charter Schools; Henry Chamber Opposes HR1162; Rep. Steve Davis Responds;The Citizen’s 2¢ on HC Chamber
Jason Downey for Bibb School Board; Chris Vaughn for US Congress; On Target With Pipkin; Southern Crescent Senior Republicans; Senate Guts Anti-Diversion Bill; Pursuit of Americanism
GA 400 Toll Lanes; Georgia Charter Schools; Henry Chamber Opposes HR1162; Rep. Steve Davis Responds;The Citizen’s 2¢ on HC Chamber
Jason Downey for Bibb School Board; Chris Vaughn for US Congress; On Target With Pipkin; Southern Crescent Senior Republicans; Senate Guts Anti-Diversion Bill; Pursuit of Americanism

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Published by: Henry Citizen on Mar 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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~ 1 ~
The Citizen Newsletter 
The Conservative Voice of Henry County
 In This Issue:
 Page Feature
2 GA 400 Toll Lanes3 Georgia Charter Schools4 Henry Chamber Opposes HR11624 Rep. Steve Davis Responds5
The Citizens
2¢ on HC Chamber6 Jason Downey for Bibb School Board6 Chris Vaughn for US Congress7 On Target With Pipkin8 Southern Crescent Senior Republicans8 Senate Guts Anti-Diversion Bill9 Pursuit of Americanism
Issue # 333
March 16, 2012 
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Islams Useful Idiots
As Israel is being bombarded with rockets from theGaza Strip, nearly 200 since Friday, forcing 500,000citizens into bomb shelters... Islam
s Useful Idiots i.e.The E.U. and the U.N. urge Israel to show restraintand restore the peace. Israel?!? If they really wantpeace why don't they try the OBVIOUS....Tell Hamasto stop launching rockets at Jews
Reading Maureen Downey's opinion in last Sunday
sAJC and nearly choked! She called Israel's existence a45-year occupation and stated the world is growingtired of it.It is the soft-headed liberals who cannot and will notcorrectly identify our friends in this world.
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~ 2 ~
North Fulton and Friends Tea Party
GA 400 Toll Lanes Headed Your Way
The Georgia DOT is taking the first step toward installing new Tolls Lanes on GA 400 north of I-285 - with the "GA 400Express Lanes Feasibility Study".
The toll lanes already installed on GA 400 (south of I-285) were scheduled to be removed after 20 years, but in2009 the state decided to keep the tolls in place.
The recently installed new Tolls Lanes on I-85 have angered many I-85 commuters.
Three information meetings about the GA-400 Toll Lanes are scheduled in March 13-20 from 5-7 PM (when mostGA-400 commuters are still commuting). Dates and locations are listed below.
The project is listed by the DOT under "GA 400 improvements".
You can submit comments using the attached form or the survey below - the form must be received beforeMarch 30.
You can also submit your thoughts about new GA-400 Express Lanes to your elected representatives. Theelected representatives for East Roswell are listed below (you can cut and paste the E-Mail addresses)State Senator John Albers
 State Rep. Wendell Willard
 Roswell Mayor and Council
 Liz Hausmann, Fulton Co. Commissioner
 John Eaves (at Large), Fulton Co. Commissioner
 Robb Pitts (at Large)
 Governor Nathan Deal does not have a publically available E-Mail address. You can submit messages to his office via hisweb site.All of the following Information is copied from the DOT web site
Project includes preliminary design of managed lanes along GA 400 between I-285 and McFarland Parkway. In thiscase, managed lanes means high occupancy toll lanes ... Two managed lanes in each direction (four total) are proposedbetween I-285 and Holcomb Bridge Road and one managed lane in each direction (two total) between Holcomb BridgeRoad and McFarland Parkway... The estimated cost of design services for this widening is approximately 8 milliondollars.... The design will take approximately 4 years to complete and it is expected that plans will be completed by2014."
"You can share your thoughts about Georgia's Express Lanes System here. Begin Survey"
Public Information Open Houses
Georgia DOT has scheduled open houses to keep the public informed about the GA 400 Feasibility Study and seek inputas options are developed to improve commute times.
Email and Phone
Email: ManagedLaneInfo@dot.ga.govPhone: (404) 347-0185 Voice Mail Hotline
~ 3 ~
Georgia charter school decision could set national precedent
Minority of lawmakers in a standoff  
The Georgia Legislature is hotly debating a bill that would allow the state to cover the costs of charter schools evenif local school boards reject them, setting up a case that could set national precedent on educational reform.The legislation to amend the state constitution would allow the Peach State to create its own parallel K-12 system to
local boards, drawing on the same limited pool of Georgia's taxpayer funds -- a decision that the Georgia SupremeCourt said was illegal just one year ago."In the education reform battle often times things boil down to a turf battle, and that's what we have here. We havesome local school systems that are worried that by virtue of having state charter schools that some of their turf isgetting interfered. But it's about the children and the choice," said state
Rep. Ed Lindsey
, R-Atlanta. "It's a controlissue, and it always has been."The amendment would codify the authority of the Georgia Charter Schools Commission, an organization created bythe state in 2008 after complaints that school boards were turning down charter school applicants, preventingcompetition.Education spending accounts for almost half of the state's yearly budget but GOP leaders promise no money will betaken from school districts.
"This bill in no way touches any kind of local funding," Lindsey said. "In fact we put in to the Constitution aspecific provision that guarantees there will be no local money used for these state charter schools.
Butkeep in mind also that these schools that are in the more rural areas. It's a lot of these kids that need charterschools the most and it's the children in those areas we're most concerned about."Lindsey said charter schools are a beneficial addition to the education world -- they build, not break down,community education.

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