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Selangor Times 16 March 2012

Selangor Times 16 March 2012

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Published by: uppercaise on Mar 16, 2012
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March 16 – 18, 2012
issue 65
What landslip?asks Gasingdeveloper
 Yellow is the word, Merutraders told
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Pakatan Marksfour Years inselangor
Breaking deadlock over Puchong schools
Gan Pei Ling
shah alaM:
Selangor willappeal Putrajaya’s decision to rideroughshod over the state’s decisionto allocate land or branch schoolsor SJK (C) Yak Chee , SMJKKatholik and or the NationalAutism Society o Malaysia (Nasom).Te Education Ministry, in a letterdated Nov 25, had inormed the statethat the 13-acre land in aman asikPrima had instead been earmarkedor new national primary andsecondary schools.Selangor executive councilloreresa Kok said the move to appealthe decision was made at the stateexco meeting on uesday.Both Selangor and the EducationMinistry are at loggerheads over theissue and the state will also beconducting a survey and publichearing to determine what the peopleo Puchong want and need, in a bidto break the deadlock.“Merdeka Centre will conduct the public survey as soon as possible.Once that’s done, we’ll hold a publichearing,” said Kok to
Selangor Times 
  yesterday.he Kinrara assemblypersonnoted that there are already our primary and two secondary nationalschools as opposed to only oneChinese primary school – SJK (C)Han Ming – within a 3km radius o aman asik Prima.However, Han Ming is already packed with close to 4,000 students,and parents have had to send theirchildren to SJK (C) Yak Chee, about11km away rom aman asik Prima.But even Yak Chee is already lledto the brim.Its school board chairperson,Liong Yen Lam, said the vernacularschool turned away 700 to 800students a year.Liong said they have collectedaround 40,000 to 50,000 signaturesrom residents who support the moveto build vernacular schools in amanasik Prima.Chong Fah Loong, who sits onSMJK Katholik’s board o directors,said one-third o their students(1,000) came rom Puchong.“We need more vernacular schoolsin Puchong. Te parents want to sendtheir children to Chinese schools tolearn Mandarin. Why is the educationministry making lie difcult or us?”said Chong.Te schools aim to collect 100,000signatures to be submitted to theministry.Te ministry in a written rely to a parliamentary question, raised byKok, on the issue yesterday said theallocation o school land is the prerogative o the Federal Govern-ment and the land has been allocatedto national schools in 2009.he reply also noted that theEducation Act 1996 does notrecognise or provide or the building o “branch” schools.
KEEPING WARM...Hulu Langat ood victimsreceiving much needed aid and fnancial assistancerom the Taiwan Buddhist Tzu-Chi FoundationMalaysia on Tuesday morning. Storms and heavyrains on March 7 aected six villages and 300Malay and Chinese amilies received blankets andRM300 cash rom the oundation.
Story on page 4.
Education Supplement
Selangor Times will be producing two educationsupplements this year to help school leaversdecide on the crucial question of their tertiaryeducation.The supplements on March 23 and Oct 19will be targeted especially at SPM andSTPM students who will need to determinethe best course for their future.The supplement will also be a platform for Universities and Colleagues to get their mes-sage across to students about what they haveto offer and at what cost.Our experience editorial team will also be onhand to further promote what institution of higher learning have to offer students.
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• 23 March 2012 and 19 October 2012
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• 16 March 2012 and 12 October 2012
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• 20 March 2012 and 09 October 2012
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March 16 — 18, 2012
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KL Chan
Neville Spykerman
C. Gunasegaran
Tang Hui Koon, Chong Loo Wah, Gan Pei Ling,Basil Foo, Alvin Yap, Gho Chee Yuan, Brenda Ch’ng
James Ang
 Jimmy C. S. Lim, Chin Man Yen
Victor Chong
Timothy Loh, Samantha Sim, Ivan Looi, Tony Kee
Faekah Husin, Arfa’eza Abdul Aziz
Malaysia’s water services privatisation ailure due to abuse was high-lighted by an Sri Khalid Ibrahim at the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille, France on Wednesday (pic).”(Water privatisation) has ailed in Malaysiaas it has been used to benet the rentier class atthe expense o consumers,” said the MenteriBesar, who was speaking at the session or localand regional authorities.Khalid said while there have been successulcases o privatised water operations at the inter-national level, the Malaysian chapter is not thecase.“Tis is a classic case o a country’s ailedattempt at privatising a public utility, made worse by two actors: the inextricable nexusbetween political and business sectors where private individual protability is prioritised,and conicting political interests”.He stressed that privatisation in theory is not wrong as it is meant to address the government’sbudgetary constraints and improve eciencyand competitiveness.“But in Selangor, the privateconcession companies chosento treat and distribute water were not skilled nor experi-enced in the water services in-dustry. Without sucient eq-uity, the water distributioncompany began to compromiseon its water quality and servicedelivery, orcing high taris onconsumers.”He added that in 2008, hal o the 13 water companies inthe states in Malaysia had expe-rienced nancial decits and water operationshad a RM1 billion operating decit.“Tere should have been specic and de-tailed clauses providing penalties or the com- panies’ ailure to comply with conditions. Inour case, the agreement was so awed that whenthe distributor experienced nancial dicul-ties, the government eventually underwrote thecompanies’ debts.”“Te question or the state government nowis whether privatisation can work, and i so, how? Malaysiais a case where water services were used by a rentier class, do-mestic drivers o privatisationand political kingmakers,through their well-oiled connec-tions.”He said the solution lies inensuring that water services aretreated holistically and the statehas made eorts to do so byadhering to the processes de-tailed in the Water Services In-dustry Act 2006 which sets out to consolidatethe industry. Te Act also provides or decen-tralisation o water services.Although this was passed at the ederallevel, the Barisan Nasional-led ederal govern-ment was hesitant to implement it ollowing asurprise win by the Pakatan Rakyat in Selangorollowing the 12th General Election in March2008.“So when the time came or the state govern-ment to buy over the shares o private compa-nies (as stipulated in the Act) they responded with a hostile attitude.”He explained that the state has had threerounds o negotiations and ormal oers were presented but the concessionaires demandedhigher compensation and to date the situationhas not improved.He stressed that political interests is a majoractor that is impeding reorm. Instead o push-ing or complete and wholesale buying o the water services industry, the ederal governmenthas extended the private operators’ leases.Khalid was among seven ederated stateleaders who spoke at the session – themed“owards better water governance: Solution orRegional actors” – which is hosted by RegionsUnited (FOGAR) at the World Water Forum.Tis is the rst time Selangor has raised theissue at an international orum, ollowing morethan two years o negotiations to take over the water services industry. Khalid is expected tospeak urther on the issue today (Friday) inLondon.
Basil Foo
Syarikat Bekalan AirSelangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas) is maintain-ing that it was well within its rights tocut supply to apartments at PandanUtama 2 rom Feb 14 to Feb 25.“ISome 160 walk-up apartment resi-dents were lef in a lurch or 12 days afersupply was cut due to the actions o anerrant developer ound to be stealing andsupplying water rom a Syabas main since2010.“aking water illegally goes against the Water Services Industry Act 2006, Sec-tion 123 (1),” said the water concession-aire in a statement in response to a Selan-gor imes article entitled “Residents lashout at Syabas” (Feb 24-Feb 26).Syabas pointed out that the law stipu-lates that no one, apart rom the licenceholders, can make any connections to amain public pipe or service pipe.Te apartments and 20 shoplots weredeveloped in 2008 but water supply in-rastructure including tanks, pumps, andexternal suction tanks were supposed tobe built by the developer earlier in orderor water to be supplied.As the permanent water supply system was never completed, Syabas could notsupply water.On May 5, 2009, the developer re-quested temporary supply but Syabascould not consider the request.In the meantime, residents started tomove in despite the lack o water supply.Subsequently, Syabas ound that resi-dents living there were obtaining waterthrough an illegal connection to an exist-ing 300mm Syabas pipe along JalanCempaka 1 since 2010.On Feb 15, 2012, Syabas cut the illegal water connection by closing a sluice valveat the main pipe which channeled waterinto the area.Ater the water cut, Syabas held ameeting with residents and the developeron Feb 15, 2012 to nd the best way toresolve the issue.From the meeting, the developer wasasked to pay Syabas RM185,000 or 17months o illegal water usage.he developer was also advised tocomplete construction o the permanent water supply system to allow Syabas tochannel water to the housing area.Concerning the issue o a RM1.94million bank guarantee that had to be paid by the developer, Syabas clari-ed that the amount was based on calcu-lations which took into account theconstruction o a water pond which hadnot been built at the site which was oc-cupied by squatters.According to Syabas the state has madea commitment to manage the relocationo these squatters.Te State Economic Advisor’s Oce will also call on three developers in thearea to provide the bank guarantee and pay or construction works o the perma-nent water supply system.Pandan Utama 2 Housing Area resi-dents had their water supply reconnectedby Syabas through a temporary watersupply system at 1pm on Feb 25 afer oneo the developers installed a bulk meterin the area as was agreed upon on Feb 24.However, Syabas has also inormedresidents to make a request or individu-al meters and pay a deposit beore theycan be installed at their units.“Hopeully with the explanation giv-en, residents at the housing area will un-derstand the water shortage problems intheir area,” said Syabas.However it was reported that theresidents were upset as they elt they were paying the price or the developer’s mis-takes.Resident Mohd Azam Meor said thelack o water put children, pregnant women, and senior citizens at risk as theyhad to carry pails o water up ights o stairs.“Water is something basic. Te supplyshould not have been disconnected overmoney and cheques.” .
Syabas says water cut legal
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03-9059 1777
MogFriday Saturday Sundayafeoongh
Selangor WeaTHer
Malaysian meteorological department
Khalid: Water privatisation a failure
 ⁄ march 16 – 18, 2012

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