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Culture of the Strong-By Historic Ambition

Culture of the Strong-By Historic Ambition

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Published by Zhiyuan Shi

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Published by: Zhiyuan Shi on Mar 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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- 1 -
Culture of the Strong
––Values Reconstruction
By Historic Ambition (Zhiyuan Shi)cultureofthestrong@gmail.com oddyseausss@163.com oddyseausss@gmail.com qiangzhewenhua@126.com 
http://cultureofthestrong.blog.163.com English Blog
- 2 -
Book 1
About preexistence and afterworld– Ultimate Values penetrating in all kinds of world views– Ultimate Value is the key to the problem of the hollow ethics since Kant
Chapter 1 PSKR– Culture of the strong Part 1
Max Scheler’s “value ethics”– in this “value ethics”, there is no real “values” mentioned– thefeature of “real value”– PSKR as the ultimate values
Strong at Serenity
The ultimate purpose of all religions is Serenity –Buddhism–Taoism–Hinduism, Yoga– the NewTestament
Nietzsche- Dante, Hegel, Marx, completely competitive market, utilitarianism, MartinHeidegger, structuralism, deconstructivism, etc.– Being Serene is one of the poles of beingstrong.-How to be Serene?
Strong at Power
Misunderstandings of “Power”: as abilities, energy, as resource occupation, as physical forcefunction– “Power” as an ultimate value– continue to clarify misunderstandings (Sparta as amisunderstanding, Bushido as a misunderstanding)–“Power” must be proposed as an UltimateValue definitely and directly– Power in cultures: Nietzsche, Christianity, Chinese culture,Movement of Romanticism, Sade, Georges Bataille, Herbert Marcuse, examples of daily life– How to be Powerful?
Strong at Knowledge
The importance of knowledge and education (education– to copy and spread knowledge):Confucianism, Esoteric Buddhism, Asian philosophies and salvation theories, Westernreasoning, science, Neural-Linguistic Programming, concepts about Knowledge, narrow senseand broad sense of Knowledge– Knowledge is Belief-Science
Belief-Science Part 1
Significances of Belief-Science– What’s belief? – Belief is trust in proposition– Belief is the coreof culture– Why is a belief held? What can belief act on
On body– On mind–Aesthetics as belief– On material– Why belief is called science? – Ultimately, there is no truth but belief:“Is there God?”– 3 kinds of failures of verifiability– Common sense, Kant,agnosticism cannot be overcome– so cannot phenomenology– Scheler’s theology according to phenomenology– Heidegger– Hermeneutics– each of them proposed a kind of religion rather than a kind of  philosophy– truth should be replaced by
” or “
” to reduce the incidence rate of confusion and misleading saying– metaphysics is for establishing beliefs– truth was regarded asthe bridge from reality to belief, but this medium is not necessary– the 3 senses of the transitionfrom “truth world” into “belief world”Creating beliefs, constructing cultures– What is belief made up of? – Proposition– The key of  proposition– 
 – Compose philosophies for meaningful life– On body– On Mind– Mental
- 3 -
world hard principle– Believing is the breath of life from God – Reasoning is only one of themethods to promote believing– Associated emotions– Language as the home of being– the key:association– Definition is the reverse application of proposition– Believing trials– Randomassociating-belief-culture– On Material– How come a proposition is believed? – Religiouselements– Examples: Christianity– Nietzsche– Buddhism– Money worship– Capitalism– other mass beliefs in history– examples of daily lifeStandards of belief– Application of Belief-Science
Strong at RealityBelief-Science Part 2
Reality as the boundary of the effectiveness of belief– a certain time-space– Reality is more like acake than an unyielding stone
Two kinds of meanings of Reality as Value
 Dependence. All existences– Instrumentality as the feature of R1– R1 is untiringly pursued– compromise– causes: cover– assumption that people are the weak– taking the necessary conditionas the sufficient condition– Material for mind to operate with–feature of R2: Enrichment of Mind– appropriateness of material– Severe circumstance and complete Serenity– modern people are inshort of R2– homogeneity– right of Enrichment of Mind– welcome troubles and trouble-makers– Countercurrent of etiquettes–of law and morality–of economics–of simplicity–of habitude
Combinations of PSKR
Why PSKR? Why not more or less Ultimate Values? – Proof 1: Feelings– Proof 2: Qualitiesinside– Proof 3: Needs– Proof 4: Ways to excellent spiritual states– Proof 5: Stature or Personality– Proof 6: Meanings in the world are combinations of PSKR:What is Fish? Eating? Specialty? Hammer? Money? Ease? Tool? Purpose? Corruption? Escape?Preservation? Facing up? Shame and shyness? Indifference? Loveliness? Bustle? The giant wavein discotheque? Raising pet dog or pet horse? Loneliness? Sanguineness? Dexterity? Maturity?Beauty of life? Beauty? LSD? Gambling? Character? Sincerity? Goodness? Intelligence? Humor?Happiness, anger, sadness, fear, loneliness, fidget and depression? Will to power? Using head?Heart? The value of computer games? Arts? The significance of intentionality proposed in phenomenology? God? Supremacy? Faith? Concept? Abstracting? Summarizing? Nobleness?Existentialism? Holiness? Believing Bliss? What is “what is?”? Other “what is”Synthetic values and Ultimate Values
Inter-relations of PSKR
11 interrelations of PSKR: PS, PK, PR, SK, SR, KR, PSK, PSR, SKR (omitted), PKR (omitted),PSKR (omitted).
The basic significances of proposing PSKR
Chapter 2 Culture of the weak
What’s culture? – What are the weak?–What is culture of the weak?
1. The specific forms of culture of the weak– the actualities of the world spiritsEasism

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