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Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations

Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations

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Psychology operations are also known as psyops.

Psyops are so amazingly effective that once they are unleashed on the unsuspecting public
they start having a momentum of their own.
Psychology operations are also known as psyops.

Psyops are so amazingly effective that once they are unleashed on the unsuspecting public
they start having a momentum of their own.

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Published by: Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier on Mar 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations
written by Daniel J Towsey
Psychology operations are also known as psyops.Psyops are so amazingly effective that once they are unleashed on the unsuspecting publicthey start having a momentum of their own.The purpose of psyops is to disempower humanity.Once you start feeling powerless you give up and accept the results of the psyops.Very few people in the world will ever know or understand what psyops are and how theyaffect all of us.But it is imperative (very important) that you share the information you are about to learnwith everyone.This article, maybe the only one ever written to warn the people about this.So if you are fortunate enough to read this, then please understand that you must share thisfortune of knowledge with everyone.A psyop can also be named a web of deceit, especially since they are found and spread onthe internets world wide web of deceit.The reverse psycholgy psyops are so effective because good intentioned people who areusually known as truthers are actually giving the psyops its effectiveness.Truthers will unknowing spread the internet virus known as psyops.The truthers will leran the so called hidden truths and will spread them.Long ago I wrote
“Beware of the internet troll” 
“Beware of the fake truther sites” 
.So this article is going to futher enhance your undetanding of mass mind manipulation.There are many truthers that have purely good intentions.The real truthers usually end up very confussed and bewildered as they learn and spreadthe knowledge of the workings of the evils on this planet.The real truthers know that their intentions are good and honorable and for the good of humanities future.But they wonder why it appears that their efforts are unproductive and fruitless.So I am about to explain this psycology to you in very simple english.After you have finished reading this you will look at information you get from the internetin a very different and enlightened way.You will for the first time in your life truly be empowered.For truth is empowering and knowing what to do with knowledge is wisedom.
The professional operations of psyops really know what they are doing.So you to need to know what they are doing and how they do it to you.[The article I am writting here is empowering you, Psyops never empower you.]I know this applies to you for you would not be reading this if you were not wise and seekingknowledge.Do not worry. I will not let you down.Internet psyops are backed by very powerful entities that have no limits to their technologyand resources.What I am about to tell you is going to really shock you and surprise you.I will now give you very well known examples of psyops websites.Remember that people on these sites are often themsleves victims of the psyops operations.These site are just a few examples.Have you heard of Jessy Ventura, Alex Jones and Wikileaks, or Annonimous?These are just a few examples. After I explain to you how psyops work and what their purposeis you will then be able to know and see when you are being psyopted.Psyops sites give the impression that the truths they are revealing to you are important andthat you need to know theese supposed truths.They also give you the impression that what you are being told has been achieved and thatthere is nothing you can do about it. So that you will just give up in desperation.But please understand that you by yourself have little power.But if everyone learns what I am writing here.Then you will be empowered for the NWO only fears one thing.They fear people power.If all the people start being unselfish and share the wisdom I am now sharing with you thenthe psyops operations will become powerless.But in reality the more you listen to these psyops sites, the more disempowered you becomeand the easier it is for the social engineers to control you and most of humanity.If you read my other article entitled
“The web of deceit” 
you will get a better understanding and more knowledge on how to empower yourselves.I will start with Wikileaks.Wikileaks has to be one of the best examples of reverse psycology and a web of deceit combined.The individual always falls for the mind trap.There you hear and find an overwhelming amount of so called truths.That is the reverse psyops trap.You go to the site and thinking you are learning all these secrets.
Like all psyops, yes they are filled with real truths.I will give you a simple example on how this works.Most people when they are told a story.If they hear a real truth in the story, they immediately begin to drop their defenses andstart to believe that if they hear truth then the source can be trusted.But the psyops is even more devious then that.The psyops of today are telling you about horrible events, new draconian evil laws,overwhelming corruption of civilization it self.So then the trap has worked.You can tell when you are a victim of a psyop by getting the overwhelming feeling of  powerlessness.You then truly believe that all the horrible things you are being told are already done andthat there is nothing you can do about it.You then retreat away from your computer and have to go try to find some peace of mind.But you can not lose that sentation of powerlessness.The psyop is so effective that you then may even give up on the idea of ever again going to theinternet to seek truth of all the problems you see unfolding on this planet.When wikileaks or Alex Jones tells you that some people have taken over your country,your laws, your courts, that you are being poisoned, that the new World Order and the United Nations have the Agenda 21 of depopulating the world. etc. etc.You really give up.A psyop operations intentions is to have you peacefully just give up your humanity,your freedoms, your rights, and possibly even your life as those who are fooled into joiningthe NWO military destruction machine do..Do not get me wrong about the military for I know that most people in the military are alsogood people.They just do not know that an evil psyops operation has fooled them and the general publicthat the military do only good deeds for the good of humanity.Most people today and those in the military now realize that something is very wrong withthose who give the orders to do evil.Those giving the evil orders are the ones I am wrting this article about.Please understand each and everyone of us are equals. No one, be it a General, a Doctor, A Priest, A President or anyone else are any moreimportant then anyone else.Today this world is under the control and manipulations of what has long ago been termed.

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