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Robert Moran's report about Minas Conga 2012 - GRUFIDES Peru

Robert Moran's report about Minas Conga 2012 - GRUFIDES Peru

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Published by Mi Mina Corrupta

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Mi Mina Corrupta on Mar 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Conga Mine, Peru: Comments on the Environmental ImpactAssessment (EIA) and Related Issues.
Robert E. Moran, Ph.D., Michael-Moran Assoc., L.L.C.Colorado, U.S.A.remwater@gmail.comPrepared for the Environmental Defender Law Center
1. The Conga EIA does not represent independent, disinterested science andopinions. It is important to note that the Conga EIA was produced by companieshaving a financial interest in ensuring that the Conga project goes forward. Allpublicly-available technical data and information for these proposed operationswere collected by the mining companies or by consultants / contractors paidand directed by these companies. The opinions in the EIA on future impactsalso come from the companies or their paid contractors.2. The Conga EIA includes much useful information, but frequently leaves out
“inconvenient” details and contains half 
-truths and incorrectly interpretedopinions. In many senses, this EIA is basically a public relations (PR)document, intended to promote the acquisition of permits. All of the opinions in
the EIA are “colored” by this lack of a financially
-disinterested approach.3. This EIA fails to provide the quality of testing and data necessary for the public,regulators and investors to adequately evaluate future impacts. Such atechnically-inadequate EIA would not be acceptable for permit approval inhighly-developed countries.4. All comparable mine projects inevitably generate significant, negative impactsto water resources over the long-term and there is no reason to believe theConga project would not.- The EIA Executive Summary states and implies that no significant, long-term impacts to water resources will occur. This is incorrect, as will bediscussed below.- The EIA authors describe overly-optimistic, future impacts using theoreticalpredictions, promises, and subjective rankings,
rather than focusing on actual Conga data and actual experiences and impacts from hundreds of similar mines around the world.
 - The EIA states that topography will not be significantly impacted. Yet itreports the following:
Perol waste rock piles = 180 to 200 m high.
Chailhuagon waste rock piles = 165 m high.
Open Pit Perol = 660 m maximum depth.
Open Pit Chailhuagón = 468 m maximum depth.
Principal Tailings dam = 101.5 m high.
Toromacho Tailings dam = 66.5 m high.
: Comparison of heights: San Francisco Church
Mt. Santa Apolonia
PrincipalTailings Dam
Perol Waste Rock Piles.
Source: Ing. Carlos Cerdán, 2012 
: Comparison of heights: Figure Nº 1
Open Pit Perol.
Source: Ing. Carlos Cerdán, 2012 
Thus, it is most important for the public to focus on the “big picture” and,
implement financial assurance and auditing mechanisms that will assure thatthe inevitable impacts will be paid for by the mine operators, not the public.5. The EIA focuses on short-term impacts
of roughly 10 to 30 years in thefuture
but consistently avoids discussing the long-term consequences, thoselikely to occur hundreds and thousands of years (+) in the future, when theimpacts and costs will be left to the public sector.
6. The electronic version of the EIA has at least 9,030 pages, undoubtedly moreexist when all oversized figures are included. The most important information isscattered in a disorganized fashion throughout these thousands of pages,making it difficult for the public or regulators to understand it. Some might arguethis disorganization was intentional.The most important water-related information and data are not mentioned orsummarized in the Executive Summary in easily understandable ways, such asvia tables and figures. The Executive Summary is the only portion of the EIAmost of the public will ever read. Thus, it must summarize all of the mostimportant data and issues. This EIA does not. Many potential investors inConga will be from English-speaking regions, yet the only publicly-availableportion of the EIA in English is the totally inadequate Executive Summary.7. With respect to the water-related subjects, over the years the tasks have beendivided between so many different participants that there is no continuity in theprocedures and even less responsibility for the specific conclusions in the EIA.The authors of some of the annexes are specifically named, but the reader isnot told who are the specific authors responsible for the final wording of the EIAitself.8. Numerous EIA sections discuss hydrogeology, yet the Peruvian governmenthas allowed Yanacocha Mining (MY
) to delay release of the “official”
hydrogeology studies until 30 March 2013, despite official approval of the EIAon 27 October 2010.9. In November 2011, the Ministry of Environment submitted a report to the PeruCabinet Chief, which presented many water-related criticisms andrecommendations similar to those in this report. In essence they stated that theEIA needed to be redone. This report was disregarded and the subsequentMinister of the Environment later claimed it did not exist officially. Through thisapproach, the Peru government has essentially gelded the Ministry ofEnvironment (and other agencies), damaging the supposedly transparent publicreview process.The EIA was approved even though it lacked any detailed hydrogeologic orseismic information for the Azul Lake area, where one of the main waste rockfacilities was to be located. According to a Multisectoral Meeting held in Lima,18 January 2012, the Peruvian government will have this information on theAzul Lake region in September 2012, long after the approval of the EIA.

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