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Washing Machine Motor Controller

Washing Machine Motor Controller



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Published by Rev. Matthew

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Published by: Rev. Matthew on Dec 01, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 S. C.  D W I V E D I
ashing machines usually employa single-phase motor. In semi-automatic washing machines, apurely mechanical switch controls the tim-ing and direction of the motor. Theseswitches are costly and wear out easily.Here’s a controller for single-phasemotors of washing machines (Fig. 1) thatefficiently replaces its mechanical equiva-lent. Basically, a single-phase motor re-quires a master timer, which decides thetime for which the motor should keeprotating (washing time), and a spin direc-tion controller, which stops the motor for3 seconds after every 10 seconds andthen resumes rotation in opposite direc-tion.The direction of rotation can be con-trolled as shown in Fig. 2. When switchS1 is in position A, coil L1 of the motorreceives the current directly, whereas coilL2 receives the current with a phase shiftdue to capacitor C. So the rotor rotates inclockwise direction (see Fig. 2(a)). Whenswitch S1 is in position B, the reverse hap-pens and the rotor rotates in anti-clock-wise direction (see Fig. 2(b)). Thus switchS1 can change the rotation direction.The motor cannot be re-versed instantly. It needs abrief pause between switch-ing directions, or else it mayget damaged. For thispurpose, another spin di-rection control timer (IC2)is employed. It is realisedwith an IC 555. This timergives an alternate ‘on’ and‘off’ time duration of 10seconds and 3 seconds, re-spectively. So after every l0seconds of running (eitherin clockwise or anticlock-wise direction), the motorstops for a brief duration of 3 seconds. The values of R3 and R4 are calculatedaccordingly.The master timer isrealised with monostable IC555 (IC1) and its ‘on’ timeis decided by the resistanceof 1-mega-ohm potmeterVR. A 47-kilo-ohm resistoris added in series so thateven when the VR knob isin zeroresis-tance po-sition,the netseries re-sistanceis notzero.Theon-off cycle inthe mas-ter timershould
Fig. 2: Direction of motor Fig. 1: Circuit diagram of washing machine motor controller Fig. 3: Timing diagram for rotation of motor 

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