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Mineralization and Geochemical Exploration in Volcanic- Plutonic Area of Halakabad Village (Sabzevar), Regarding to Cu-Porphyry Deposits

Mineralization and Geochemical Exploration in Volcanic- Plutonic Area of Halakabad Village (Sabzevar), Regarding to Cu-Porphyry Deposits

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Published by mh
Panahi Shahri1, M., M.H. Karimpour, M.H., Shabani, F.
Research Center for Ore Deposit of Eastern Iran, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Panahi Shahri1, M., M.H. Karimpour, M.H., Shabani, F.
Research Center for Ore Deposit of Eastern Iran, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: mh on Mar 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Corresponding author: arsheconomic85@yahoo.com
Journal of Economic Geology
2010, No. 1 (Vol. 2)ISSN 2008-7306
Mineralization and Geochemical Exploration in Volcanic- Plutonic Area of Halakabad Village (Sabzevar), Regarding to Cu-Porphyry Deposits
Panahi Shahri
, M.,
Karimpour, M.H., Shabani, F.
 Research Center for Ore Deposit of Eastern Iran, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad 
Received: 25/1/2010, in revised form: 7/4/2010
The investigated area is located 30 Km south of Sabzevar in Halakabad village. Geologicalphenomenons in area follow a trend of NW-SE. Mineralization consists of metallic and non-metallic(kaolin) mineralization. Disseminated and veinlet mineralization is generally associated with argillicalteration type. Pyrite is the most widespread type of sulfide mineralization in Halakabad occurrences.It usually displays a euhedral habit and have occurred at least in two generations. Calcopyrite iscommon in veinlets although in minor amounts. Secondary sulfuric acid weathering of the ore hasgenerated huge surficial amounts of oxide and sulfate minerals which of hematite and jarosite are themost abundant. Geochemical exploration was conducted over both drainage geochemistry and rock geochemistry. Results show that some of the stream sediments have higher concentrations of Copperand Zinc than normal. This anomalies maches with monzonite outcrops in area. The chip rock geochemical data shows highest values in west of halakabad mine for Cu and Zn respectively 500 and900 ppm. These data represents that all samples collected from surficial areas of east of area containlower concentrations of Copper while sulfide mineralization is more than the other parts. Presence of favorable alteration system in region, presence of monzonite subvolcanic intrusions and regionalgeological criteria indicates a possible Cu-Au porphyry system in Halakabad area.
Iran, Halakabad, Cu porphyry, Mineralization, Geochemistry.
َؼٍبى بج
Journal of Economic Geology
2010, No. 1 (Vol. 2)ISSN 2008-7306
 و  رد ئش تا و يز-ک پدآ(بج راوس)يرپ  فا   
ي پ 
،نح    م ،رپط
فبـوا یـّٍظپ ُٍش ذْـه یػٍدش ُبـًاد ،اشا قشؿ یًذه شبخر 
ِبمه بسد 101388یبْً ِؼً ، 1811389
سد ِب دسَ ِمٌ30ساٍضجػ ةَٌ شَو بػٍس ُدٍذ ٍنّدبثآ ُذؿ اٍػا.یبو صبػٍ ض سَك ٍد ِث ضش(يَئبو )ػا ِش سَك.یبو بـا بث سَك ِث شپ صبػِس ٍاٍسآ َ َػاشآ بث جشطهسد ُدَ ػا ُذؿ ىـ یٍضَ رَ بّ.ض شپَىبو دٍذ سَ ِثِس  سدشپ بث ُاشّ بّی ُذد دَؿ.  بو َػاذؼواِٍا ذَػ بْ  بو صا دبص شدبم ىـ تجػبْ ذؼوا-بّ ذٌب يّآ بَػَ ،ٍ  ـث سد ػٍساطػا ُذؿ یػ بْ .ِبدٍس بثَػس بٌج شث یبؿَئط ببـواش ساش یػسشث دسَ یٌػ ٍ ا. بضبآ ِبدٍس بثَػسایٌػ ٍ،یثغ سبٌّٍس ٍی بـ ِمٌ صا یبْؼ سد اسذّد.یثسبٌّٍس ٍ غ  نّ ذ یثش ؾث سد تش ِثصا ؾث ِث دبثآ 
500ٍ900یذػس.اض ؾاضا دَٍ بث ِمٌ یشؿ ؾث سد یبو ذَػ صبػ(شپ)ی بـ ؾّبو ٍس ٍ غ شكبٌ شدبمذّد.ُذذپ ياذؿ ُذؼوا ٍ یدصاَّ د ِث بْبو ػا شكبٌ يا ا ٍ ػ سد ذَػ.تػبٌ یَػاشآ ؼػ دَٍ،ُدَِ بّیٍضَ َا ٍ یو يصنّ ِمٌ سد شسَپ غ ؼػ اشث یبـوا ؼبپ ذؤ ِمٌ سد یبٌؿػا دبثآ .
هشاوي ي
ا  اش ، دبثآ نّ ،  سَپ غه    ش  ،  ًبو ی  صبػ  ،  ط  ؿَئ     ی 
ِمٌسد یبب30اشا ٍ ساٍضجػ ةَٌ شَو  نّ بػٍسُذؿ اٍ دبثآ ٍاصاسد ِث ذٌثشو سَك ِث7 بٌْپ ٍ شَو 5/0ذٍس بث شَو بؿةش-ةَٌشؿ ُذؿ ُدشؼ ػا.بػ صا1377ُطٍشپ َٌو ب بّ يص وشؿ ػَ یؿَئط ٍ یػبٌؿیسب بْ ،بصبػ يصشبر بمم ضوش ٍ یػبٌؿیذاشا شؿٍس شث ِشزپ سَك ذٌثشو ياػا. شث عبم سد بب ياۀ 1:100000ُذؿ با ذـؿ [1]شث َٌو ب ی عبم سد ٍگٌػ د یػسیػبٌؿٍ ػا ِش سَك یؿَئط. ؼػَ ذٌثشو  بْ  َ[2]،یبجؿ[3]،یّبٌپ[4]ٍیٌؼداظ[5]ِب ُذؿٍیبو بٌج شثیػبٌؿ،َػاشآ ،یبو ٍ صبػ عبم سد یؿَئط1:10000ُذدش ِئاساػا.ِبپشث ُداد ؽصادشپ بابّُساَّبا،ٍ یاشك اذّبـ یَػاشآ ذّاَؿ،ؼبپ یػسشث ْ ِب دسَ ِمٌیبو ذؿ ِب ٍ یش شسَپ غ صبػ.بّ یؿسبـ یىَى،ِػَپُسب بّبْب ٍ ُذؿ  ا يا صا دبص داذ ىـ بث ؾبػش ٍ یذآبثِَ  جسا سد بّسبؼبو ػا ب [6].
 شو ،شْؿ یّبٌپیبجؿ ،سَپ يص ِدبلا یػبٌؿ
ِبٌؿ شسَپ غ بّسبؼبو تا ب سَـو سدسد ُذؿُَو ذٌثشو ذٌْػ یاص-بضث(ِٍساشد)يػ ِث َثش ُدبا با هئٍصَٌػػا.ؾاسٍش ِػٍ ِث ذٌثشو يا   یآ یاضّَو ی سد ضوش اشا شص ِث یثش ِكىـ ُذؿػا[7،8،9ٍ10.]دسَشث ٍص ٍ ؾاسٍش يٌّ يػَبپ ِث َثشرَ يسرآ بْب تجػ ،يػَا بهبو ٍ يبىآ یبــآ ػا ُذدش ُدشؼ ٍ ذذؿ يبىآ [11،12ٍ13.] یبو یػسشث ؾّٍظپ يا صا ذّصبػسَك بّسد ِش  شؼ ُاشّ ِث ِمٌبث آ بجسا ٍ یبؿَئط ببؼػی شسَپ غ بّذؿبث.
 ور
ا)ُداد ؽصادشپُساَّب بّ
سَٌ ِث بو یبػبٌؿٍص ش فب بْ ،ِمٌ سد یَػاشآ بّة)ِـم ػشيص بّعبم سد َػاشآ ٍ یػبٌؿ 10000
1ِمٌ صاادٍذ ػٍ ِث10،ثششَو   ح)ؿادشثصا ؾث180یاشٍشپ د ِب ْ ِَ َػاشآ ٍُدَ هى اشثقـ ٍ دََ رَ بّٍصَػاشآ ذٌثبّ)ؿادشث50نَث ِْ ْ ِَبّبم ٍ یمك بب اشث یمك نصب بو ِ سب  )  ؿادشثِَ داذ ٍص صا یٌػاذ بث بّ اشث َػاشآ یئض ٍ یكا شكبٌ ضبآ   )نصب بم ِْ(200دذ)نصب ،-یمك(23دذ)ٍ یمك(15دذ)بب ،ِبو بث ٍ سبیػبٌؿ چ )دٍذ ؿادشث40ِبدٍس ةَػس ِَ   )ؿادشث70ا ةز ؽٍس ِث ِض ٍ یٌػ ُدش ِَ شكبٌ اشث
Cu, Zn, Pb, Ag, Sb, Mo
یؿ ُٍش سدیػٍدش ُبـادِـم ػش ٍ ذْـِَثش بّ خ )ِَ ضبآ شلٌ اشث غ اض يشبث بث بّ
سديص بصبػ ُبـبصآ ِث سَـو یػبٌؿیا ةز ؽٍس+   ُسَو یاش د)ُصاذاصا داذ سد یؼبٌ سبشزپ اض ش  ِمٌ یٌػ بّذاٍ. 
يص ُبذد صاِب دسَ ِمٌ ،یَ یػبٌؿٍص سدا   اش    ب ی ساٍضجػ ٍص صا یـث سد یئض سَ ِث ٍساش   ی     دش .بّداذس بب  ِث ًبذ ؼ اسٍد ئٍصَٌػ  ه  شَثُدَث[1]ٍذ   ی ش  َوَ ِث دََ ذاٍ ي   جؼ ي  ػا ُذؿ ُداد[14].بّذاٍ يػرَ( ا   َ   ؟يػَ ) اَبّذاٍ صا ش بــآ ی    ُذؿ ي ػا.  َ بب عبػاشث[2]یبجؿ ،[3]یّبٌپ ،[4]ٍ یٌؼداظ[5]عبم سد ِو 1:10000سَك ِمٌ ٍس شث ػا ِشزپبذًُدَیبــآ ب ػاٍذ يسرآ بّ ُذؿ یبػبٌؿذا.ُدَبؿ ػٍ تش ِث ػاٍذ بّ ضساَو ٍضَ ضساَو ،شسَپ ٍضَسَد،شسَپ ٍضَ ،شسَپ سَدٍضَ ضساَو ذٌجسَّ،شسَپ سَدَد ٍ شسَپ سَد ضساَو ی شسَپ س ثذٌؿب .بّذاٍ بذ اس یبــآ ی ىـ صذآ ً ؼ سد ٍ ذّدیبْ  دساد دَٍ ض اصبث ٍ ػاد.يص ِـمبث ِمٌ یػبٌؿ عبم1:10000ىؿ سد(1)ِئاساػا ُذؿ.  
سد یبشٍسذّ بْب ؽشؼ د ِثِمٌٍصِ ثب یدشؼ َػاشآ بّِب اذا.صا ش ِو یبآ آ یبو بث گٌبٌ بجسا سد َػاشآ ذٌصبػ یُذد ص ذؿبثبا اش ذؿ ٌػ سد ُدباِمٌ بْ  ٍص ِـم تب سدىؿ سد َػاشآ ذٌث(2)ددش ِئاسا.  َػاشآ يابّِَ شص هى ٍذثبؿ بْآ بّ ی یػشػ ٍ یؼػ ،هطسآ ،هپٍشپ َػاشآ ذٌؿبث.یبو بث جش بْَ َ ٍ صبػبث جشش بْ   یبو صبػش سدآ ُدَث شؤ ِمٌ َػاشآ ذٌذا.يا  َ ؼ تش ِث بْ ؤ َػاشآ دبا ٍهطسآ تب بّ- هپٍشپ ٍ یػشػ-یؼػیذٌؿبث.  

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