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Nab Review

Nab Review



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Published by mattsevier
Sample examination for the NAB/National Nursing Home Administrator's LIcensing Examination that I wrote while studying for the test
Sample examination for the NAB/National Nursing Home Administrator's LIcensing Examination that I wrote while studying for the test

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Published by: mattsevier on Dec 01, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Which federal law provided funds for the medical care of the aged poor?1. Social Security Act of 19352. Kerr-Mills Act of 19603. Hill-Burton Act of 19604. Rehabilitation Act of 19732. The minimum staffing level required by CMS is:1. 2.0 PPD2. 2.5 PPD3. 3.0 PPD4. Determined by the individual states3. Under which circumstance may the DON serve as charge nurse:1. The average census is less than 602. A waiver has been obtained from the state health department3. No other licensed nurses are willing to serve as charge nurse4. The DON may never serve as charge nurse4. Which of the following is NOT an indicator of inadequate nurse staffing?1. Staff responding slowly to resident requests for help2. Residents cannot locate staff quickly3. Nurse staffing information is not posted as required4. Residents have to make repetative calls for help5. The most important aspect of resident care is:1. Staff attitudes towards residents2. Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers3. A well-rounded activities program4. Prompt attention to incontinence episodes6. Which of the following is NOT recommended as part of an infection control program:1. Infection log2. Antibiotic log3. Infection record individualized for each resident4. Facility floor plans used to track outbreaks7. Which type of incontinence is characterized by urine leakage with coughing or laughing?1. Stress2. Urge3. Overflow4. Functional8. Which type of vision problem is characterized by seeing straight lines as crooked?1. Glaucoma2. Legal blindness3. Macular degeneration4. Cataracts9. Which type of behavioral intervention may not be appropriate for demented individuals?1. Remotivation2. Reality orientation3. Validation therapy4. Sensory training10. Door locks that are engaged by wandering residents can only work for how long?1. 15 seconds2. 30 seconds3. 1 minute4. Doors are never allowed to be locked
11. The single best preventative measure for pressure ulcers is:1. Prompt incontinence care2. Adequate hydration3. Use of "donut" cushions when in a wheelchair 4. Frequent turning and repositioning12. Which model of care attempts to use the presence of plants, pets, and children to combat boredom,lonliness, and helplessness in nursing facility residents?1. Eden Alternative2. Pioneer Network3. Greenhouse Model4. Gentlecare13. PASSAR is a process for:1. Assessing pressure ulcer risk2. Screening for fall risk3. Classifying level of protein deficiency4. Screening for mental illness or developmental disabilities14. Which of the following is permissable as part of an admission contract?1. Third party guarantee of payment2. Waiver of the right to receive Medicaid3. Mandatory charitable contributions4. Requirement of arbitration to resolve legal conflicts15. Under which situation would a MDS not need to be completed?1. A resident's payor source is private pay2. A resident on insurance only stays for 21 days3. A resident on Medicare stays for 12 days4. A resident on Medicaid stays for 12 days16. Which of following does not consitute a significant change for MDS purposes?1. A resident has a stroke that causes dysphagia and aphasia2. A resident requires IV therapy but has run out of available skilled days3. A resident has fallen and broken her hip4. A resident has a mild case of pneumonia but is expected to recover within a week17. Who is required to coordinate the RAI process?1. A licensed nursing home administrator 2. An individual who has a MDS certification3. Any registered nurse4. Any member of the interdisiciplinary team18. How soon after the MDS is completed must the care plan be developed?1. 7 days2. 14 days3. 21 days4. 30 days19. If state law does not say otherwise, how long should clinical records be retained after the resident has beendischarged?1. 3 years2. 5 years3. 20 years4. Indefintely20. Which of the following is universally regarded as the best way to reduce food wastage?1. Utilize buffet lines in the dining room2. Reduce meal portions to the smallest feasible amount3. Provide more snacks in between meals
4. Prepare and serve attractive, tasty food21. OBRA 87 requires what of dietary managers?1. Licensure as a registered dietician2. Certification as a certified dietary manager 3. Completion of a state approved course4. The ability to communicate with a qualified dietician22. Which of the following indicates a significant weight loss?1. 5% over three months2. 7.5% over three months3. 7.5% over six months4. 10% over twelve months23. At what temperature must be hot foods leave the kitchen?1. 90 degrees2. 100 degrees3. 120 degrees4. 140 degrees24. After a resident has been in the facility for 3 months, how often must they see a physician?1. Every 30 days2. Every 60 days3. Every 90 days4. Only when medically necessary25. How often must a pharmacist conduct a drug regimen review?1. Monthly2. Bi-monthly3. Quarterly4. Annually26. Which of the following would not constitute a significant medication error?1. Two multivitamin tablets were administered when only one was ordered2. Three ounces of water were given with a laxative3. Twelve units of insulin were ordered and fifteen units were administered4. The licensed nurse failed to obtain a apical pulse before adminstering digoxin27. Which is not an OBRA approved indication for antipsychotic usage?1. Hiccups2. Itching3. Schizophrenia4. Wandering28. Which therapist would be able to best help a post-stroke resident with aphasia who needs to improve her ability to use her hands (for buttoning and fastening clothing, turning on/off water faucets, etc.)?1. Recreation therapist2. Physical therapist3. Occupational therapist4. Speech-language pathologist29. Which individual is required to serve on the facility's QAA committee?1. Medical director 2. Nursing home administrator 3. Director of nursing4. Certified nursing assistant30. Residents do NOT have which of the following rights?1. Immediate access to the secretary of the US department of Health and Human Services2. Refuse to participate in research which consists only of aggregated statistics

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I'm an AIT almost done with my Internship I found the answers of the above questions. I read " Health Care Administration by Townsend, and Allen James 6th addition I found most of the answers. I want answer keys and more questions. If some one can help
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