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Published by Anuradha Raheja

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Published by: Anuradha Raheja on Mar 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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School of Computer and System SciencesSchool of Computer and System Sciences
BCA IV Semester – Mid Term Examination - March, 2012BCA IV Semester – Mid Term Examination - March, 2012Relational DBMS – BCA - 405Relational DBMS – BCA - 405 Note: Note:Time: 2 HrsTime: 2 Hrs
Attempt all questions. All questions carry equal marksAttempt all questions. All questions carry equal marksMarks: 30Marks: 301)a) What is Data? Explain what problems are caused by the file processingsystem. 4.5 b) Design the overall system structure of DBMS. 3OR 1) a) Define data model. Explain the different types of data models. 3b) What are the responsibilities of DBA? What are the different types of databaseend-users? Discuss the main activities of each. 4.52) a) what are the different types of database systems? Explain. 5b) Differentiate between DDL and DML. 2.5OR 2)a) Explain the concept of transaction management and also discuss the statediagram of a transaction. 5 b) what is storage manager and describe its component. 2.53)a) Describe following with example:`i) Role ii) Total Participation iii) mapping cardinalities. 4 b) differentiate between with example: 3.5i) weak entity set and strong entity setii) Primary key and unique key OR 3)a) create an E-R model using the following requirements. Make sure to include allappropriate entities, attributes, relationships and cardinalities. 7.5
An INVOICE is written by a SALESREP. Each sales representative canwrite many invoices, but each invoice is written by a single salesrepresentative.
The INVOICE is written for a single CUSTOMER. However, eachcustomer can have many invoices.
An INVOICE may include many detail lines (LINE) which describe the products bought by the customer.
The product information is stored in a PRODUCT entity.
The product's vendor information is found in a VENDOR entity.

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