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chapter I

chapter I

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Published by debbie

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Published by: debbie on Mar 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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English is a medium of communication which can help people to interact andshare to other people. In learning English, there are four skills that EFL learnersmust be mastered. They are listening, speaking, writing and reading. However, tomaster those skills, it should be supported by some of language components suchas structure, pronunciation and vocabulary. One of the most importantcomponents among them is vocabulary. Cadlin (1990) states that vocabulary isbecome the main aspect in the teaching of English or any foreign languageteaching because the unlimited number of its vocabulary.Vocabulary is crucial components in requiring and understanding thelanguage. According to Nation (1990:91) states,
vocabulary knowledge is veryclosely associated with the ability to comprehend what is heard and read and may
 be relates to general intelligence and reasoning ability”.
It means that vocabularyis very important in comprehending the four skills of language because bylearning vocabulary first, the learner can communicate well, it can facilitate thecomprehension of a text that learners will be given to read, can express their ideain written form or orally, and also can understand what the native speaker say.Walker (2004)
 points out, “the larger store of known vocabulary, the higher thelevel of comprehension might be built”. It means that the more vocabulary
2students learn they have more ideas, so they can comprehend all skills in the targetlanguage.Nowadays, there are many methods that used in English teachingespecially in teaching vocabulary. The teacher must be provided suitable methodthat makes the learner interest in learning process, so they can improve their ownvocabulary. In learning vocabulary, the learner difficult to memorize the word so
the teacher has to be creative for looking the new method to improve student’s
vocabulary that can makes them interesting in receiving the material andmemorize the word easily.Therefore, the teachers are expected to choose the appropriate method inteaching vocabulary. This is supported by Harmon (1998) states that
is an important area of concern for teachers because children who know manywords are more likely to be competent than those with limited vocabulari
Themore vocabulary they have, the bigger possibility to have a skill to use thelanguage. Although many teachers have used some method in teachingvocabulary, however there are still many students have difficulties to memorizethe word.This fact was found at class VIII
of SMP Negeri 14 Kendari when theresearcher taught in this class. Most of students have low interest in Englishlearning, because they do not have enough vocabulary. They are always havingdifficulty in understanding the material, even though they have used dictionaryand ask their teacher about some words that they did not know. When they knowthat words, they did not save it in their memory. So, when teacher asks some of 
3them again, they forget that words. Meanwhile, most of the students said thatEnglish was difficult because they almost did not understand the content of thebook 
, so when their teacher gives them an exercise, they don’t know how to
answer and sometime some of them are keep silent when the teacher asked themto speak, read, listen or write. Thus, the appropriate method in delivering thelesson in the classroom should be considered.From the above problem, the researcher will try to use English songs textwhich are suitable and interest for students in learning vocabulary. Murphey(1996: 10)
states that “an additional thing we might do with
song and music in
teaching vocabulary”.
It means that by using English songs text the student areinterests in learning process that can make them easily to memorize the word,because they do not learn properly if they find their lesson boring and unexciting.Furthermore, the students learn better through interesting activities withoutmaking them feel the pressure of learning English and for this reason usingEnglish songs text are very useful ways for teaching English especially inteaching vocabulary. As Griffe (1992) said that
“songs are especially good for 
introducing vocabulary because songs provide a meaningful context for the
It is supported by Cakir (1999) who
says “
a song can be usedeffectively to teach the language to reinforce structures and vocabulary
Therefore, it can be conclude that using English songs text are suitable way inteaching vocabulary because it contain words and expressions of high frequencyand offer repetition.

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