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The Desert, Part XVIII

The Desert, Part XVIII

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part XVIII
part XVIII

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Published by: Devin Thunderbird Michelson on Mar 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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He lay on the stone slab waiting while the preacher cleaned his knife ona cloth. He still carried the metal knife on him. He kept it on his belt line inplain sight. It was as if he did it as a dare, and every now and then he wouldlook at it and then back at the traveler perhaps to coax him one step closer totemptation.Why not just kill me?Because my boy. We still have use for you. You and that blood of yoursare our lifeline. And we’re getting so very close.Ain’t nothin will happen. Yer all crazy.We do what we must to survive. Just as you have I’m sure. Besides thatwhat we do here is the will of God. Then yer god is crazy too. He got no conscience.Of course he doesn’t. He put the knife with the metal one on his belt andcame in close to the traveler. Of course God does not have a conscience. Sondo you know the difference between god and man? What makes us so lowlyand what gives Him the power to rule all things? The difference is that wethink conscience is necessary. All conscience does is slow us down. It makesus think about our actions and reflect to the point where we are flooded withguilt. It is a purely mortal mechanism that lives in us to stop the spread of mindless killing and other violence. Without it we would have perished withthe green of this world. But to God? What is conscience Him? Why should Hefeel wrongly about any action he commits? Think about the difficulty, thedamned impossibility of governing this world if the lawgiver had to worryabout feeling guilt? No child no no no. God does not sink down to the level of flesh and concern himself with our defects. He works outside all law but thatwhich he himself writes. And He asks His servants to do the same.So that’s it then? I’m gonna remain here til yer business is done? Do Igotta wait fer all my blood to be drained?Not at all son. In fact I’ve had you brought up here today to tell youyou’ll be going with me on a journey.What’re you talkin bout?I have another ceremony for the faithful and I’ve decided to bring youalong. You will go before the crowds and renounce your heathen beliefs.Should you remain steadfast in your heresy there will be very sternconsequences.

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