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Fourth Periodical Test

Fourth Periodical Test

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Published by Jein Andrei

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Published by: Jein Andrei on Mar 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name:___________________________________________________________ Score: ______
Fourth Periodical Test in Character Education
I. Sa anong paraan mo maipapakita ang katapatan sa mga sumusunod:
1. Katapatan sa Kapwa: Pagbibigay ng tamang direksyona. Magulangb. Kapatidc. Kaibigand. Kaklasee. Guro
II. Isula ang salitang TAMA kung tama ang sinasaaad sa pangungusapat MALI kung ito ay di wasto.
1. Maglaro ng patintero kahit gabi na.2. Bumili ng mga nauusong laruan.3. Maghulog ng natirang pera sa alkansya.4. Magrent ng computer games tueing Sabado at Linggo.5. Magtipid ng baon para sa darating na bakasyon.6. umili ng mga mamahaling damit.7. Magload sa cellphone.8. Magpabili ng laptop sa magulang.9. Makipaglaro sa kabarkada sa oras ng hapunan.10. Bumili lang ng sapat kung kinakailangan
 III. Bakit mahalagang makatulong sa pagpapalaganap ng balitatungkol sa darating na sakuna tulad ng parating nakapahamakan/bagyo/pag-agos ng lahar/baha? Paano mo mapapahalagahan ang inyong mga natutunan opaniniwala?
V. Magbigay ng mga gawaing nagpapakita ng matalinong paggamit ngenerhiya.
VI. Gumawa ng isang tula na nagpapakita ng matalinong paggamit ngenerhiya. ( 2 stanza)
Name:___________________________________________________________ Score: ______
Fourth Periodical Test in English
I. Underline the adjectives used in each sentence.
1. A long narrow path led to the nipa hut.2. The exhausted runner fell.3. The exhibit of the Department is now open to the public .4. The Philippine flag waved in the breeze.
5. In the Quezon Memorial Circle, you could find a list of Quezon’s
Achievements during his term as Philippine President.
II. A. In each sentence, circle the adjective that describesthe underlined noun.
1. Leroy and Jenna walked up to an old castle.2. Maddie put the golden key in the lock.3. Today is the fifth day of January.4. The baby birds flew from the nest.5. Joe's truck has a flat tire.
II.B. Circle the adjective in each sentence. Underline thenoun that it describes.
6. I am holding a marker in my left hand.7. Patricia played beautiful music on her guitar.8. Has anyone read Caitlyn's latest story?9. The sly fox outsmarted the chicken.10. Miguel ordered a large Coke.
III. Choose the correct words in parenthesis to complete each sentence.Write the words on the line.
1. This is the ___________________________ chicken I've ever eaten.(more delicious, most delicious)2. Football is the ___________________________ sport of all.(more exciting, most exciting)3. The weather is ___________________________ today than yesterday.(more beautiful, most beautiful)4. Penny is ___________________________ than her sister.(more excited, most excited)5. That's the ___________________________ spelling word we havebeen assigned this week. (more difficult, most difficult)6. Basketball is a ___________________________ sport than fishing.(more physical, most physical)7. Winter is the ___________________________ season of all.(more wonderful, most wonderful)8. Bobby is a ___________________________ child than Jimmy.(more well-behaved, most well-behaved)
IV. Read the situations then predict a possible outcome.Character traits of the character/s in the given lines. The choices aregiven below.
1. When somebody would say that the carabao was sick due to wetnose, the farmer was not alarmed for it is normal for a carabao to have a wetnose.a. worried b. happy c. relaxed2. Poultry raisers are cost conscious. They know that one eggmeans many centavos.a. thrifty b. spendthrift c. boastful
3. “We do eat broken eggs; cracked eggs are not marketable, so weset them aside for home consumption.”
 a. practical b. spendthrift c. boastful4. He would select several dozens of the very beat eggs in hispoultry and give them to me.a. thoughtful b. honest c. obedient5. He blushed growing a shade darker than his normal hue.a. ashamed b. boastful c. simple
V. Infer the general mood of expression. Write the letter of the correct answer.
1. Mrs. Santos looked at Jan, her twelve-year-old son. He wassitting by the dining room table doing his homework. He seemed to bespending more time than before on his assignments, but he did not look toohappy.a. relaxed b. worried c. unhappy
2. The man knew what was going to happen next. He thought of warning
the village people right away. “Bring me a torch!” he called his servants.
Then he ran to the rice stalks behind his home which was harvested fromhis field. In a few minutes the stalks were on fire. The people saw the bigfire.a. relaxed b. worried c. unhappy
3. He opened his Math book again. To his surprise the Math problems werenot too difficult after all. He solved them in a few minutes.a. happy b. delighted c. unhappy4. Firecrackers could be seen and heard all over. People were exchanginggifts. Children on the street were singing carols.a. frightening feeling b. joyful feeling c. funny feeling.5. Colorful buntings were hanging on the streets. Bands were playing gaytunes. Children were watching the street vendors.a. fearful feeling b. joyful feeling c. funny feeling
VI. Fill in the blank lines with the adverb that best fits each sentence.Use the adverbs in the words below.
Playfully carefully sincerely slowly safelyhappily quickly patiently loudly quietly1. Sarah skipped ____________down the street to see her friend.2. The team ran ______________ towards the finish line to win the race.3. The librarian told the kids to read their books ________________.4. The cat chased the ball around _________________.5. Dan waited _______________ for his turn to hit the puck.6.
The turtle walked ____________ and couldn’t keep up with the rabbit.
 7. Sharon chose the answers for her test ______________ so she wouldpass.8. Mike saw there were no cars coming so he could cross the street_______________.9. The kids shouted __________________ as they played in gym class.10. We say the pledge of allegiance ________________ because we loveour country.
VII. Read the sentences below and fill in the blanks with fast, hard, andwell. Write your answers on a piece of paper.
1. A healthy baby sleeps ________.2. A race horse runs ________3. A model teacher teaches ________4. A careful
driver doesn’t drive ________ 
 5. A good student studies his lessons ________
VIII. Write Cif the sentence ask for confirmation and I if it givesinformation.
 _____1. The state shall defend the children’s rights.
_____2. Children always need protection?_____3. Do small children give joy and happiness to a family?_____4. The children have rights.
 _____5. The state shall defend the children’s rights
IX. Choose the correct syllabication of the given words. Write theletter of the correct answer on your paper.
1. usuala. usu-al b. us-ual c. u-su-al2. chocolatesa. cho-co-lates b. choc-o-lates c. choco-lates3. tempera. tem-per b. temp-er c. tem-pe-r4. wiselya. wi-se-ly b. wise-ly c. wis-e-ly5. becausea. be-cau-se b. bec-ause c. be-cause
X. Choose the antonym or synonym of the italicized word, as indicatedin parentheses. Write the correct letter on your paper.
1. The dripping of water from the leaking dike was
by a braveboy. He used his fingers and stayed at the dike for many hours. (synonym)a. stopped b. acceptedc. allowed d. permitted2. The poor child who has not eaten nor drunk water for days look sick and
(antonym)a. pale b. weak c. strong c. sickly3. Sisa knew if Basilio was coming because of his steps that
thestairs. ( antonym)a. struck heavily b. struck lightlyc. fell slightly d. tiptoed
4. Sisa’s husband was a
. He had no work and seldom came home.(antonym)5. A stray bullet
the arm of an innocent bystander. (synonym)

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