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Mongoose Quintessential Monk II

Mongoose Quintessential Monk II



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Published by Paul Nick Rhodes

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Published by: Paul Nick Rhodes on Mar 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The QuintessentialMonk II:Advanced Tactics
2 Introduction4 Career Paths15 Multiclassing47 The Legendary Monk59 Tools of the Trade69 The Magic of Enlightenment77 Tricks of the Trade89 Special Techniques103 Surviving to Enlightenment121 Designer’s Notes122 Index124 Character Sheet128 License
Matt Sharp and Richard Ford 
Line Developer
Ian Belcher 
Adriano Batista, Alexandro Benhossi,Eric Bergeron, David Esbri, Phil Renne, Chad Sergesketter, Stephen Shepherd 
Studio Manager
Ian Barstow
Production Director
Alex Fennell
Ron Bedison, Jason Durral, Sarah Quinnell
Harvey Barker, Chris Beacock, Tanya Bergen, StephenC. Cole, Mark Gedak, Tammy Gedak, MalcolmGreenberg, Jeff Greiner, Patrick Kossmann, KentLittle, Leslie Lock, Marc A. Milano, Mike Moreno,Murray Perry, Joseph P. Singleton, Rob Usdin, Brian D.Weibeler, Pat Werda, Nathaniel G. Williams
Patrick Younts
Open Game Content & Copyright Information
The Quintessential Monk II: Advanced Tactics ©2004 Mongoose Publishing. All rights reserved. Reproduction of non-Open Game Content of this work by any means without the written permission of the publisher is expressly forbidden.The Quintessential Monk II: Advanced Tactics is presented under the Open Game and D20 Licences. See page 128 for the text of the Open Game Licence. All text paragraphs and tables containing game mechanics and statistics derivativeof Open Game Content and the System Reference Document are considered to be Open Game Content. All other significant characters, names, places, items, art and text herein are copyrighted by Mongoose Publishing. All rightsreserved. If you have questions about the Open Game Content status of any material herein, please contact MongoosePublishing for clarification. ‘d20 System’ and the ‘d20 System’ logo are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc.and are used according to the terms of the d20 System Licence version 6.0. A copy of this Licence can be found atwww.wizards.com/d20. The mention of or reference to any company or product in these pages is not a challenge to thetrademark or copyright concerned. Dungeons & Dragons® and Wizards of the Coast® are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. in the United States and other countries and are used with permission. Printed in Canada.
Mongoose Publishing
Mongoose Publishing, PO Box 1018, Swindon, SN3 1DG, United Kingdominfo@mongoosepublishing.comVisit the Mongoose Publishing website at www.mongoosepublishing.com for additional rules and news
Quintessential Monk II: Advanced Tactics
he martial artist is a staple of popular culture and has been for decades in Western society. Thefighting prowess of the martial artist has been amplydemonstrated in comic books, novels, film and televisionand many martial artists have achieved superstardom, or even cinematic immortality. In the East, martial arts popular culture has an even longer history, with famous monks, bothentirely fictional and historical, taking centre stage on filmfor almost a century and in literature for literally millennia.The martial artist appeals to us on multiple levels. Visually,unarmed fighting techniques are beautiful, even the moststraightforward of them, for there is beauty in brutalsimplicity; this means that well made martial films and showsare thrilling to watch. Beyond the visceral thrill of watchinglightning fast flips, punches, kicks and throws, there is alsothe unspoken admiration we have for anyone who can trulyclaim to be a master of some skill. The best martial artistsare absolutely, unswervingly dedicated to the perfection of their bodies and of their fighting skills and we, as viewers, or even martial arts practitioners, respond to that.This book, the
Quintessential Monk II,
is designed to bring the thrill of martial arts to your d20 fantasy gaming.Using the rules presented in this book, you will be able to createcharacters who truly emulate themartial arts heroes of popular culture, of myth and of legend.Read on and immerse yourself inthe martial arts world.
The Advanced Tactics seriestakes an advanced look at thewhole range of class and racialsourcebooks from MongoosePublishing, all designed togreatly widen a player’s optionsfor his character within the d20games system. More than simplecontinuations, the second series of Quintessential books slot seamlessly intoany fantasy-based campaign,giving advanced alternativesfor characters of one class or race within the game, allowing both players and Games Mastersthe chance to give mid- and high-level characters newoptions without overpowering or unbalancing the game asa whole. The Advanced Tactics series will not necessarilyallow players to make their characters even better but theywill be able to do a lot more than they ever thought possible before.
The QuintessentialMonk II
Quintessential Monk II 
is the sequel to and companion piece for the
Quintessential Monk I 
. In some cases,information from the previous book has been updated and redesigned to better reflect the changes made to the d20system in the years between the publishing of that first work and this one. In no case, however, does this book presumethat you have access to the previous tome, meaning you canuse this book as a stand-alone item.The book opens with Career Paths, which are thematicenhancements that will allow you to focus your martialartist’s character hook with laser precision. Following thatchapter is the Multiclass Monk, a thematic continuationof the Alternative Schools presented in the original
Quintessential Monk;
using the multiclass paths presented in this chapter, players and Games Mastersalike will be able to create martial artists of almostendless variety, the better to replicate the many,many martial arts archetypes of history and legend. Speaking of legends, the LegendaryMonk introduces six new prestige classesdesigned and intended for advanced play,each with an assortment of powers trulyworthy of high level heroics. After that arenew Superior Tools, new Tricks of theTrade and new items for the magicalmonk, a collection of mundane and magical weapons which will makethe monk’s life much easier and an extensive assortment of newuses for his existing skills whichwill make his enemies’ livesmuch, much harder. Of course,no
Quintessential Monk 
 book would be complete withoutnew martial arts feats and newabilities, so you will find secretsymbols and complete martialarts styles, each composed of multiple new feats, here aswell. The book closes withSurviving to Enlightenment,a long discussion of the tips and tactics essential for surviving and thriving and all levels of play.

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