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This is the Complete List of Sun Solaris Commands

This is the Complete List of Sun Solaris Commands



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Published by sachinsharma10

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Published by: sachinsharma10 on Dec 02, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is the complete list of Sun Solaris Commands.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------/etc/defaultrouter Defines the systems default routers. Values must be separated with whitespace, # can be used for comments.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------/etc/hostname.interfaceContains the hostname of the system and should match the hostname defined in the /etc/hosts file. The file isnamed with the interface name, such as hostname.hme0 or hostname.le0--------------------------------------------------------------------------------/etc/hostsConfigures names and aliases of IP-addresses. Fields should be separated with Tab or white space.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------/etc/inetd.conf Is the Internet server database, used by the inetd daemon, which contains a list of available network services.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------/etc/inittabIs a script used by init. Controls process dispatching.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------/etc/nodenameSpecifies the real hostname for the system.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------/etc/nologinIs a text file message that is shown to the user who tries to log on during a system shutdown process. After themessage appears the log on procedure ends.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------/etc/nsswitch.conf Specifies how the lookup for different databases is done and in what order.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------/etc/resolv.conf Configures DNS name servers to use for hostname lookups.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------a2pTransforms awk scripts to perl scripts, and shows the result on STDOUT.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- abBenchmarks your Apache server by sending requests to it.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ab_adminManages an AnswerBook card catalog database through a shell-level interface. Will enable administrators todelete, add, list, verify and modify AnswerBook entries.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
acceptEnables the printer queue specified to receive print requests.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- accessxConfigures the keyboard for use by people with disabilities. Requires OpenWindows version 3.4 or later.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- acctcmsReads one or more files, adds the records for processes that execute commands that have the same name ,and then shows a summary.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- acctcomReads files, STDIN, or /var/adm/pacct, and searches the files for account information. Shows the information asdescribed by acct to STDOUT.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- acctconReads login/logoff records from STDIN and converts them to total accounting records.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- acctcon1Converts login/logoff records into ASCII. It reads from STDIN or the wtmp file in /var/adm/.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- acctcon2Reads the ASCII records created by acctcon1 and converts them into total accounting (tacct) records.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- acctdiskConverts information regarding transferred disk blocks by userID or login name by reading the accounting file(usually /var/adm/pacct) and then creates total accounting records.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- acctdusgCalculates disk resource consumption for users. Reads from STDIN.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- acctmergMerges or adds accounting files in the total accounting (tacct) or ASCII format.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- acctonOutputs process accounting to the specified file. If no file name is given, will turns process accounting off.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
acctprc1Converts information created with acct and adds the login names that corresponds with the user IDs.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- acctprc2Reads records from STDIN in the format created by acctprc1, and sorts them by ID and name, and shows theresult to STDOUT.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- acctwtmpWrites an UTMP record with the current time and a string of characters that describe the reason, into specifiedfile.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- adbProvides a controlled environment to examine files. Is an interactive debugger to examine core files.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- addbibCreates, modifies, or updates a library database of information. After executing addbib it will give step-by-stepinstructions and prompt for necessary information.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- add_drvInstalls new device drivers in the computer and assigns device names.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- admin, sccs-adminManages SCCS history files. SCCS history files have the form s.filename.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- admintoolManages users and groups accounts in an X window environment. Also manages printers and allows installedsoftware to be viewed.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- afbconfigConfigures AFB Graphics Accelerators and some X11 window defaults.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- aliasCreates an alias for a command. If options aren't specified it will show all aliases.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- aliasadmManages NIS+ aliases maps.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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