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The Life and Mission of Jesus Christ

The Life and Mission of Jesus Christ

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Published by feliksch

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Published by: feliksch on Mar 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Life and Mission of Jesus Christ
Sun Myung Moon
Table of Contents
Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon came to America in 1971, according to God's calling. As theculmination of their 30 years of public ministry in America. they successfully completed their 50-state speaking tour from February 25 to April 16, 2001. During the 51-day tour, despite his age of 81, Reverend Moon delivered God's message with every ounce of his energy and heart.During the visit to each state, many American clergymen and women welcomed Reverend and Mrs.Moon warmheartedly On behalf of Reverend and Mrs. Moon I would like to express my sinceregratitude to all of them. At the same time, Reverend Moon earnestly requested America, the secondIsrael, to carry a torch in building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world. I wish and pray that America will fulfill this holy mission.Rev. Sun Myung Moon had his first encounter with Jesus at the age of 16, while praying early onthe morning of Easter Sunday He tells us that he was commissioned by Jesus to carry out the task of 2
 building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Thereafter, without resting even one day, he has lived thelife of a pioneer, spreading God's message throughout the world. His life can simply be summarizedas a life of carrying the cross while enduring misunderstanding, persecution, and ordeal.In the early days of his church, Reverend Moon could not help but cry out whenever he talked aboutJesus. He went beyond simple belief in Jesus, desiring to comfort him with tears, tears that welledup with grief from deeply understanding Jesus' inner situation and heart.This book consists of a collection of excerpts on Jesus from Reverend Moon's speeches which weretaken from the more than 400 volumes of his speeches. In some areas, such as the stories of Jesus'miracles, Reverend Moon has said little. In other areas, such as Jesus' birth, his self-disclosure as bridegroom, his relationship with his family, his relation to John the Baptist, his ethical teachingsand his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, Reverend Moon has said so much that we could onlyinclude a mere fraction.Readers unfamiliar with the teachings of Reverend Moon will find that some of his explanationsdiffer from the traditional view. "1 did not come to tell you what you already know," ReverendMoon has said, "but to give a new revelation from God." Whether or not one accepts this assertion,I am confident that the selections included in this volume will both challenge and inspire the reader.The editors have used the New International Version of the Bible for the scriptural quotations presented at the beginning of each section. However, in the body of his talks, Reverend Moon oftenquotes other versions such as the King James or Revised Standard. These quotations stand asoriginally rendered. I am grateful to the team who assembled this book, especially to Michael Ingliswho conceived and directed the work, to Dan Fefferman and Andrew Wilson for their excellentediting, to Jonathan Gallery for his beautiful design, to Alex Colvin and Steve Honey for choosingand editing the selections, and to Louise Perlowitz for her careful proofreading.In anticipation of the day when the entire set of speeches of Reverend Moon will be published inEnglish, this book is offered in commemoration of the completion of his historic 50-state speakingtour.Easter Sunday, April 15, 2001Dr. Chang Shik YangContinental Director of North AmericaFamily Federation for World Peace and UnificationTable of Content3

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