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Empirical Report

Empirical Report



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Published by Leon Basin
I wrote this in my Technical Writing class.
I wrote this in my Technical Writing class.

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Published by: Leon Basin on Dec 02, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Empirical Report:
 The Effect of Illegal Immigration on the US Economy
Created by:Leon Basin
Illegal Immigration and Its Effects on the USEconomy
Illegal immigration has been a trend in United States since the first settlers set foot on this land.United Sates has always been built on the foundation of immigrants. With the immigrants help,our economy is one of the most powerful countries in the world.Immigrants, especially the illegal immigrants work hard because they know that both theirs andtheir children’s only chance of survival is to work harder than the natives. As a result, many illegalimmigrants are willing to take any job regardless of the working conditions. Even if these jobs payso low that none of the natives are willing to accept them. In the mean time, many businesses’only chance to stay open is to hire illegal immigrants who are willing to work for less thanminimum wage.The US government has been fighting to keep illegal immigrants out by building walls at the border, increasing border patrols, tighten security check points at the borders and the airports, and passing immigration reform legislations. Meanwhile, the heated debates about illegal immigrants’ presence in the US continue to take place.This report attempts to answer the trivial questions about the effects of illegal immigrants on theUS economy: Do illegal immigration aids the US economy or drains its valued resources andhow?Upon visiting numerous websites and obtaining many journal articles debating about the positiveand negative effects of illegal immigrants on our economy, our report concludes that the illegalimmigrants’ presence cost this country a large sum of money. Yet, the work they provide and theopportunities that arise as the result of their existence are far exceeding that initial cost.
Recent proposed laws on the subject of illegal immigration in the US are causing much debatesand division in the country. The exact number of illegal immigrants is unknown since they areunwilling to participate in any survey. Most economists agree that the number of illegalimmigrants in the US is approximately 10 to 11 million. However, “a recent study by Bear StearnsAsst Management Company (BSC) concluded that data on housing permits, school enrollment,and foreign remittances suggests there could be as many as 20 million” (Grow, et al, 2005).There are numerous arguments on both the positive and negative effects of illegal immigration onthe US economy. This report’s objective is to conclude whether or not illegal immigration benefitsor harms our economy.
Authorized immigrants are refugees who entered the US with proper documentation such as agreen card, legal resident card such as I-94, or any other legal temporary visas. Cuban-Haitian and parolees from Northern Iraq are qualified for immediate asylum upon their arrival on US soil, pending investigation to verify their identity.Illegal immigrants are anyone who either entered the US without temporary visas or violated theterm of their admission to the US by staying past the expiration date indicated on their temporaryvisas. Illegal immigrants also include asylum applicants pending approval.
The pie chart below—created by the Pew Hispanic Center (PHC)—reflects the data collected as of March 2004 and shows that 75% of illegal immigrants are from Latin America and Mexico.
Chart 1: Illegal immigrant population by nation of origin. Source: PHC
According to the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) the majority of illegal immigrantscome to the US for economic reasons and to reunite with family members living in the US. Asmaller number of illegal immigrants come to the US to have US born children who inheritcitizenship.
Definitions of Terms
The table below lists several terms being used throughout the literature review.
Term Definition
IllegalImmigrantA non citizen who had entered the US without government permission or stay beyondthe termination date of a visa.Fiscal Deficit Refers to government debt, expenditures and revenues.ForeignRemittancesMoney transfers by foreign workers to their home countries.MatriculaConsular An identification card issued by the Government of another country through itsconsulate offices. The official purpose of the card is to demonstrate that the bearer is aMexican national living outside of Mexico.ITINIndividual Tax Identification Number issues by the US government allows illegalimmigrants to work in the US, pay taxes like any US citizen and eventually have ahome mortgage.Jobs “on the book”Jobs legally obtained by using false social security numbers.Table 1: Definition of Terms.
Literature Review
Below are several categories of the most debated economic issues regarding illegal immigration.The data shows below are obtained from government websites, third party bipartisan organizationwebsites, and various other sources.

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