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UnExpected Outcomes (1)

UnExpected Outcomes (1)

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Published by Walter B. Hoye II
In the abortion debate, is there a "Conflict of Interest" within the Black community and among her leaders? Read my free weekly column entitled: "Conflict of Interest" and find out. Each week I examine the abortion debate from an African-American's perspective with a Judeo Christian Worldview.
In the abortion debate, is there a "Conflict of Interest" within the Black community and among her leaders? Read my free weekly column entitled: "Conflict of Interest" and find out. Each week I examine the abortion debate from an African-American's perspective with a Judeo Christian Worldview.

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Published by: Walter B. Hoye II on Mar 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Weekly Column By Walter B. Hoye II
Conflict Of Interest
In the abortion debate, is there a "Conflict of Interest"within the Black community and among her leaders?
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UnExpected Outcomes (1)"In 1960, [
] Senator John F. Kennedy defeatedsitting [
] Vice President Richard Nixon in the bid tobecome President. The Black vote swung thetide!"
Alveda King, Niece Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Why Black America Votes Democractic
"Nearly all (95%) Black voters cast their ballot for 
Barack Obama. Among Latino voters, 67% voted for Obama while31% voted for 
John McCain. Among Asian voters, 62% supported Obama and 35% voted for McCain. In contrast,white voters supported McCain (55%) over Obama (43%)." —
Pew Research Center Publications
The first Black man to vote in America was ThomasMundy Peterson
. He was a member of St. Peter'sEpiscopal Church and is buried in its graveyard. Mr.Peterson voted in the Perth Amboy mayoral election onMarch 31, 1870, one day after adoption of the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
The 15th Amendment was the final of three (3) post-war Civil Rightsamendments and the first ever constitutional expansion of voting rights that recognized Black Americans. It isimportant here to note that out of the 56
inCongress at that time,
voted for the 15th Amendment.
Ever wonder why Black America votes
? Ever wonder why Black Americavotes for the party founded by the
Ku Klux Klan
? Every wonder why Black Americavotes for a party that authored
"Black Codes" (i.e., "Jim Crow" legislation)
making it illegal for Black Americans to hold office, own property, travel without
permission, serve on juries, marry interracially, vote and own weapons? Ever wonder why Black America votes for a party that vigorously opposed the
CivilRights Act
of 1964 and the
Voting Rights Act
of 1965?
Here's the story.Please listen to Alveda King in her own words:
This Was The Last Straw For The Republican Party
"It wasn't until Harry Truman garnered 77 percent of the Black vote in 1948 that a majority of Blacks reported that they thought of themselves as
. Earlier that year Truman had issued an order desegregating the armed services and an executiveorder setting up regulations against racial bias in federal employment." —
Brooks Jackson
, FactChecked.Org
"My grandfather,
Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr.
, or 
, was a
and father of 
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
who was a
Daddy King
influenceda reported
Black voters to cast previously
votes for Senator Kennedy even thoughKennedy had voted against the 1957 Civil Rights Law.Mrs. King had appealed to Kennedy and Nixon to help her husband, and Nixon who had voted for the 1957 CivilRights Law did not respond. At the urging of his advisors,Kennedy made a politically calculated phone call to Mrs. King, who was pregnant atthe time, bringing the attention of the nation to
Dr. King
's plight. Moved by Mrs.King's gratitude for Senator Kennedy's intervention,
Daddy King
was very gratefulto Senator Kennedy for his assistance in rescuing
Dr. King, Jr.
from a lifethreatening jail encounter. This experience led to a Black exodus from the
Republican Party
. Thus, this one simple act of gratitude caused Black America toquickly forget that the
Republican Party
was birthed in America as the anti-slaveryparty to end the scourge of slavery and combat the terror of racism and segregation.[
Black Americans
] quickly forgot that the
Party was the party of the
Ku Klux Klan
. Banished frommemory was the fact that the
Party fought tokeep Blacks in slavery and in 1894 overturned the civilrights laws of the 1860's that had been passed by
, after the
also amended theConstitution to grant Blacks freedom, citizenship and theright to vote. Forgotten was the fact that it was the
who started theHBCU's [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] and the NAACP to stop the
from lynching Blacks. Into the dust bin of history was tossed the factthat it was the
led by
Senator Everett Dirksen whopushed to pass the civil rights laws in 1957, 1960, 1964, 1965 and 1968. Removedfrom memory are the facts that it was
President Dwight Eisenhower who sent troops to Arkansas to desegregate schools, established the Civil RightsCommission in 1958, and appointed Chief Justice Early Warren to the U.S.
Supreme Court which resulted in the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decisionending school segregation. Meanwhile
in Congress were still fighting toprevent the passage of new civil rights laws that would overturn those discriminatory
Black Codes and Jim Crow laws
that had been enacted by
in theSouth.There would have been no law for President LyndonJohnson to sign in 1964 had it not been for the
breaking the
filibuster of thelaw and pushing to have that landmark legislationenacted. No one batted an eye when President Kennedyopposed the 1963 March on Washington by
Dr. King
.Hardly a ripple of protest was uttered when PresidentKennedy, through his brother Attorney General RobertKennedy, had
Dr. King
wiretapped and investigated onsuspicion of being a Communist. Little attention was paidto the fact that it was a
, Public SafetyCommissioner Eugene "Bull" Conner, who in 1963 turned dogs and fire hoses on
Dr. King
and other civil rights protestors. No one noted that it was a
,Georgia Governor Lester Maddox, who waved ax handles to stop Blacks frompatronizing his restaurant. Nor was heed paid to the fact that it was a
, Alabama Governor George Wallace, who stood in front of the Alabama schoolhousein 1963 and thundered: 'Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregationforever.'None of those racist
.During this time of turmoil, completely forgotten was thefact that it was
Arkansas Governor OrvilleFaubus who in 1954 had blocked desegregation of a LittleRock public school. To their eternal shame, the chief opponents of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act were
s Senators Sam Ervin, Albert Gore, Sr. andRobert Byrd, a former Klansman. All of the racist
Dr. King
wasfighting remained
until the day they died. How can anyone today thinkthat
Dr. King
, my uncle, would have joined the party of the [
Ku Klux Klan
]? Thereis a law of unexpected outcomes. Who could have predicted that the Black exodusfrom the
Republican Party
to the
Democratic Party
in the 1960's would have alsoushered in decades of destruction which continue to plague our communitiestoday?"
Cost-Benefit Analysis
"Cost-benefit rule imputes little value to democratic processes of decision making, preferring calculation to consent as the basis of public choice. It ascribes no special importance to the ideals of democratic freedom and justice, reserving ideal status instead for the purportedly objective and efficient decision. Ultimately it is right reason, not democratic participation or values, that is cherishedand nourished under cost-benefit government." —
John Bryne
, Confronting Values in Policy Analysis: The Politics of Criteria
Cost-Benefit Analysis
(CBA) or 
Benefit-Cost Analysis
(BCA), is a numbers game

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