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AMORC the Triangle July 19,1921

AMORC the Triangle July 19,1921

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Published by sauron385
The Triangle was published by the Supreme Lodge of AMORC
The Triangle was published by the Supreme Lodge of AMORC

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: sauron385 on Mar 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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No. 5JULY 19th, 192!Price 5 Cents
Att (Official &latemrnl bg tlf*3mprratnrErgarbing tbf Aatbaritg nf Ibe ®ri>rr
~ Attfc tljrti aatil mtlii ijun, fig mljat anlljDrtlgilorat Hjott iij*« tijiitga ?**- fliark XL2fl
That there may be
further desire
the part
 inquirers for definite statements as tO-'tko.J>rigjn andauthority of the A. M.
in North Americar/and Pthat the Supreme Officers may be relieved of the unnecessary correspondence incident to setting forththese facts, we are printing here in “black and. white’*(as the saying goes
and as some think is quite inorder) the following precise, unveiled and signedfacts:
This is an abbreviation of the name of the Orderin North America and some other lands. Here in theUnited States the first Supreme Council of the Orderdecided to use the name entirely in the EnglishLanguage because we were informed that the lawsof some States did not permit the incorporation of abody with a foreign name. Hence the first nameadopted was Ancient and Mystical Order of the RoseCross, as appears on the first Charter issued by thisfirst Council meeting. Later we learned that the Supreme Lodge could be incorporated with a Latin nameso the name was partly changed to ANCIENT ANDMYSTICAL ORDER ROSAE CRUCIS. The full andcomplete name of the Order in all Latin countries isANTIQUAE ARCANAE ORDINIS ROSAE RUBEAE etAUREAE CRUCIS (abbreviated to A. A. O. R. R. A.C.), which may be liberally translated into “The Ancient and Arcane (secret or mystical) Order of theRed Rose and Golden Cross.” We find this Latinform of the name is still used in India, Egypt, France,Spain, Japan, China, Russia and some other countries,whereas in England and the North American Continent the shorter English form is used, abbreviated intoA. M. O. R. C., and in Denmark and East India andsome other places the Latin form is slightly changedto fit the native language. The name as we use ithere in America is the authorized form of the truename of the Order or Brotherhood of the Rosicrucianswhich comes to us from antiquity. (In many foreigncountries the Latin name of the Order is hidden underthe initials A. A. or A. A., A. A. or sometimes A- A.A. based upon the repetition of the letter A in theLatin name.)
The A. M. O. R. C. in North America
startedas a branch sponsored by the Supreme Executive orHierophant of the ANTIQUAE ARCANAE ORDINISROSAE RUBEAE et AUREAE CRUCIS of France. Itremained such until after its organization here
 completed, when it was made an independent bodywith a separate Jurisdiction, but with full affiliationwith all other separate jurisdictions of the A. A. O.R,, IJv A.
throughout the world. The SupremeHierophgn| /who- thus gran^d the rights and powersfor the OrdW
was Count
E. de
 Bellcastle-Ligne, who
was. also
Injperatpr of diction of 
with headquarters
Toulouse,France. This jurisdiction of 
Aquitania, as a
*1jurisdic**tion of our Order, was created in the time of 
magne and the first lodge of our Order, eventually theGrand Lodge, held its opening convocation in the year804 or 805 A- D. The first Grand Master was Freesand he received his authority through one Arnfeud, aphilosopher in Charlemagne’s School of the Palace,who journeyed to Egypt to secure the authority. TheGrand Lodge and its powers continued through manygenerations and centuries up to and including thewell known Don Martinez de Pasqually de la Tour(the teacher and master of L. C. de Saint-Martin),who in I 754 revised the work of the Order and greatlyenlarged the Jurisdiction to include all of France. (Fordetails of the history of the Order in France see pages21 and 22 of the March, I 9 I 6, issue of the AmericanRosae Crucis, also Arthur EL Waite’s “Life of LouisClaude de Saint-Martin.)Count Bellcastle-Ligne and his predecessor as Im-perator of the A. A. O. R. R. A. C. held documents andwarrants bearing continuous authority from the timeof Arnaud and Frees, and under these patents thepresent Imperator of the Order in North America wasempowered and authorized to proceed with the organization of the Order here, and was initiated intothe Order under the authority of Bellcastle-Ligne andhis associates in Toulouse, receiving the name “Pro-fundis” as Fratre, and also the Master’s jewel (GoldRosey Cross), manuscripts, symbolical keys, some rarebooks, a cartouche-seal from Egypt, altar lamp, codesand a number of other secret articles.The powers, papers and authority thus conferredupon our present Imperator were the first to havebeen conferred upon any American citizen by the A.A. O. R. R. A.
and no similar authority has beenconferred upon any one else for America since then,despite the fact that
before, during and after theImperator’• visit to Toulouse, France, six other Amer-"ican citizens, some of them high in official circles olAmerican fraternal movements, were in France and'even Toulouse for the same purpose. The failure oPthe mission, the denial of their requests, is responsiblefor the organization in this country of a number
 Rosicrucian. movements*-
some of 
which- are waiting3for the transition of our present Imperator or for the2
failure of his work so that a possible opportunity tosecure leadership and power in the Order may boseized. But the authority of one Imperator i« nottransmitted to another in this manner and our presentImperator's successor was decreed some time ago.
For the above reasons and for-many others, it ispositively stated that the A. M. O. R. C. in NorthAmerica, under the direction of H. Spencer Lewis(Profundis) as Imperator, is the only Roaicrucianmovement, order, fellowahip, fraternity, Lodge, Groupor what-not, having the Rosicrucian authority descending from Egypt and India through the earlyfounders of the Order and the Hierophant and Im-perators of France, and retaining the ancient, absolutely original and secret traditions and powers of Amenhotep IV (Akhnaton, Pharoah of Egypt) thetraditional founder of the order's mysteries and monotheistic teachings.
The A. M. O. R. C. is affiliated
and connectedwith, in fraternal relations with, acknowledged by,and in exchange with
all other foreign Lodges orJurisdictions of the Rosicrucians who hold and operateunder the same powers, papers of authorities and patents as does the Order here in America. These foreign branches of the Ancient Order include the Supreme Shrine of the A. A. O. R. R. A. C. in Cairo,Egypt, the Illuminati of the A. A. O. R. R. A. C« inCalcutta, India, and La Loge. Supreme Rose Croix of France of the A. A. O. R. R. A. C. and-*bthers, fromthe Grand Masters and Supreme Officers of which ourImperator holds letters and papers of fraternal relationship, We are NOT affiliated with any other Rosi- €Tucian society in this country or any other, nor withany fraternity, fellowship or movement using the wordRosicrucian. The Rosenkreutz Order in Germanywas (and is) a branch of the A. A. O. R. R. A. C.)
Only the form or fundamentals of our rituals, the“landmarks” of the Order and the underlying lawsand principles of all our teachings are like unto therituals and teachings as issued by the Order in thedays of old. In all countries and jurisdictions theteachings especially have evolved in keeping with theevolution of man and the progress of the arts andsciences. To believe that any practical knowledgeapplicable to our present needs and evolution could bederived from a study of the ancient Rosicrucian teachings without change or modification becomes a ridiculous thought as soon as one reads the many booksstill in existence containing extracts or whole sectionsof the writings of the ancient Rosicrucians. For thisreason the lectures and teachings of our Order havebeen constantly revised and amended, and added to byadvanced minds in the Order so that the fundamentalprinciples adhered to will reveal the utmost of nature’slaws and operations. In this way, this sense, theteachings of the Rosicrucians always were in advanceof any other school of philosophy and science, andalways will be. But little of our teachings, few of thephrases, are today as the old Masters used; but thesecret laws, the secret fundamentals and traditionalprinciples are still preserved and unknown to otherschools.
Membership in the A. M. O. R. C. of North Americadoes NOT include membership in any FOREIGNLodge or branch of this Order any more than woulcL
embership in the French or Spanish Lodge of theOrder include membership in the Indian or EgyptianLodges. But membership in the A. M. O. R. C. of North America does include membership in the general Order of A. M. O. R. C. in all lands where it isestablished with the privilege of visiting and attending'sessions after members here have reached a certainstatus, as has always been the custom. Membershipfees and dues paid to the A. M. O. R. C. of NorthAmerica by any member are contributions solely tothe support of the work in this country and not forany rights or privileges in any international or foreignbody. (The same principle holds in other secret andfraternal movements in the U. S. A.)
On February 8, 1915, the present Imperator of theOrder in North America called together nine men andwomen who were representatives of various schools of advanced thought in New York and with the Moonin Sagittarius and other signs indicating the nature
 the meeting, he presented to them his papers, powers,rights and authority, and solicited their assistance incarrying out the decrees
the Masters. Committeeswere appointed to investigate all the claims, powersand authority the Imperator (then merely the officialLegate of the Order) possessed, and instructed to addto their committes other men and women in the citywho were prepared to assist in the great work*The result of this meeting was that on the first dayof April, 1915, a meeting of thirty men and womenselected from over 100 who volunteered their assistance and moral support, met and elected a temporarychairman and finally organized themselves into theFirst Supreme Council of the Order in America. Thiscouncil, acting under a pronunziamento issued by theLegate of the Order, issued the First American Charter, elected the Supreme Officers and created the firstlaws and steps of procedure for the establishment of the Order in all States. This charter, signed andsealed, is one of our precious American documents.Thereafter branch Lodges were established and in thesummer of 1917 a convention was called of all theMasters, officers and delegates of all Lodges of theOrder in America and at this first National Conventionthe proposed Constitution of the Order in NorthAmerica was voted upon, section by section and finallyadopted in its present form, and the Imperator wasofficially declared the acknowledged Imperator in accordance with the Constitution. All Lodges of ourOrder today operate under this Constitution.
The Imperator of the Order is the Chief or SupremoExecutive. The Supreme Grand Master, George R.Chambers, is President of the Supreme Council andMaster of the Supreme Grand Lodge. The SupremeCouncil is composed of the Masters
all the Lodgesof the North American jurisdiction. The SupremeGrand Lodge is composed of all the Masters and highdegree members of the Order in North America livingin the various cities of the North American Jurisdiction. It is the Supreme Spiritual body conducting thespiritual and metaphysical affairs of the order and directing all its esoteric work while it advises and recommends the exoteric activities through the SupremeCouncil. Grand Lodges are the governing Lodges ineach State or division of the territory in the NorthAmerican jurisdiction. Subordinate Lodges are located in small and large cities of the various State*and in Mexico, Canada, Alaska and the various territories and dependencies of the United States'of America and also in the central American countries. Dispensation Lodges, study groups and preparatory centers located in many small cities throughout the NorthAmerican continent are under the direct supervisionof the Supreme Lodge, while the subordinate Lodge*are under the jurisdiction of their respective GrandLodges. The Amorc College is incorporated as aseparate institution and is under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Council. Other esoteric bodies- andmovements carrying on separate branches of the work such a** prison welfare, child welfare, Church work,public lectures, research work and a department forthe promulgation of the universal language, are underthe direction of the Supreme Grand Master or the De*5
or this name and it will prevent the use of these symbols or names or even a simulation of them by anyother person or movement other than our Imperatoror our Order.
There are known to be seven different Rosicrucianmovenlents—-called societies, fellowships, fraternitiesand colleges in the United States today. All are doinggood work in the spread of uplift, helpful principles,but not one of them are patented or chartered by oraffiliated with the A.
O. R. C. or A. A. O. R. R.A. C., nor do they use the name which we use; andnothing said on this page should be taken as discreditable to them. We wish merely to define, clearly andwithbut evasion, our position and our connection inregard to all other movements in this country andelsewhere.
anHmrrrii a nil aatii nnlo lijrm: ilfstray lljtB ulmpirani) !« lljrr* bags 3 mill rata* il op.”—3fnlfn 11:19
Signed and sealed this 17th day of July, 1921, A. D.,
 Im perator,
San Francisco, California.
partment of Extension, the Department of Welfare, orthe Ministraro of the Supreme Council, or in the handsof competent individuals who are acting under the direction of the Imperaton
After a complete search and official publication of the intention, the United States Government hasgranted to our Imperator through the Patent Officeletters patent giving to him personally the sole rightto use the name and term ANCIENT AND MYSTICALORDER ROSAE CRUCIS, the several triangle symbolsas used to designate the Order, the symbol of the RoseCross, the Cartouch symbols, and other symbols unitedto designate the official name or label of our Order’steachings, lectures, diagrams, rituals, magazines,books, photographs, etc., in either printed or typewritten form. This is the first patent protection thathas been given by our Government on such symbols
attb (iumlura
For some months seekers who contemplate unitingwith us and who make inquiries at different pointsregarding the several “Rosicmcianmovements inAmerica, have been falsely informed in regard to oneincident in the history of our AMORC which shouldbe truthfully presented to those who have demandedan explanation for at least two years. Again oursilence in regard to such matters has been mistaken.We must speak now, especially because of a very recent letter.This letter, sent to one who sincerely and honestlyinquired of the Societas Rosicruciana in America (S.R. I. A.) about their organization and ours, containsthis misleading and insinuating “light’*:“In reply to your inquiry we can state most positively that Mr. Harvey Spencer Lewis is not nor has heever been directly or indirectly associated with thisBrotherhood. We have his application for membership in our Metropolitan College, New York City, andsame was rejected by that body June 5, 1915. Weare well advised of his activities in organizing the so-called “Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis.**Our principles^lo not permit us to make further comment or to give further information on the subject.**The important point in the matter is not that this“Rosicrucian Society’*(not Order or Brotherhood)denies that Mr. H. S. Lewis is a member of their College, for this would in no way determine whether Mr.Lewis was a Rosicrucian or not, since he has neverclaimed to be a member of their College or any othersimilar College or Society. The officers of the S. R.I. A. may consider that membership in their Society(admittedly created by a few men in recent years)is the sole determining factor as to whether a man isentitled to Rosicrucian recognition or not, but th* inv-portant point, however, is that it is claimed that MrLewis sought admission in that Society and was deniedadmission. Here are the absolutely correct facts:About the first of January, 1914, Mr. Lewis noticedin the World Almanac of that date a statement that-among other Societies in New York City there was onecalling itself the Societas Rosicruciana, teachingamong other arcane subjects the principles of Druid-ism, Rosicrucianism, etc. At that time he was working on the preparatory plans and matters for the establishment of AMORC in America during the comingyears, as he had been authorized to do, and was surprised to find a society in New York using the term“Rosicrucian.*He had been distinctly informed bythe Rosicrucian Master in France in 1909 that therewas no Rosicrucian Order in America and he believe<ithat he alone was the empowered Legate or representative of the old Order with sole rights to establish theOrder in America. Therefore he wrote to the 5. R.I. A. secretary at the address given in the World Almanac and formally asked for literature or information about the S. R. I. A., as was offered by them.In the course of 
few days a letter was receivedfrom the S. R. I. A. stating that they could not givedetailed information of their origin unless inquirer firstsubmitted an application blank for membership. Thetone of'the letter and the reading matter at the head of the lettersheet promised much information. Therefore:Mr. Lewis filled in the application blank and sent itto the Secretary along with a letter in which Mr. Lewisexplained that he was "not unfamiliar with the history, philosophy, and entire propaganda of the OrderRosae Crucis.*He also explained that he could notbecome a member of the S.
R. I.
A. and was sendingthe application blank to them
requested with the-understanding that “he
was in no 'way obligated by so

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