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Published by Defend the Vote

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Published by: Defend the Vote on Mar 19, 2012
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This past weekend, in preparation for the audit of Cook County, I came across informationthat confirms Cook County elections are being not being conducted according to Illinois law.
Effective Immediately:
I am filing the following complaint with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office,
with the Cook County Board of Elections, with the Illinois State Board of Elections and with the Cook
County State’s Attorney
and the Court:As soon as I post this, I will be headed downtown to Cook County Court. I have no clue what will
occur… But I will be in Chicago.
 The purpose is to protect the election tomorrow; to cause for Cook County to become complaint withIllinois election law.There is time for a few changes.Cook County Elections communicate with election judges during a6:30am contact. SOME of these vulnerabilities can be corrected.I am sorry, this post is a bit rough in format, but timing is short
CANDIDATES: Use the audit forms, you MAY have grounds for a re-vote.
Count 1:
Cook County procedures instructs equipment managers to seal the ballot box the night beforethe elections. These ballot boxes are unlocked and unattended over night in the polling place.There is no procedure to confirm the seals have not been tampered with before or after closing thepolls.There is no procedure to permit breaking of the ballot box seals to permit pollwatchers and judges onElection Day to examine and verify the ballot boxes as empty.No procedure in place directs Election Judges to view the ballot box collectively (or in front of apollwatcher) before opening the polls in the morning.The night before the election, 3 seals numbers are recorded from 3 types of ballot boxes: write-in bluebag seal, regular ballot box, and the alternative ballot box. Two judges (1 per party) sign the
“Record of Seals” form
, indicating the seal numbers.
This is done the night before voting and is not done in publicas required.
The Records of Seals is not sealed, and is returned to the election authority in an unsealed zip lock bagalong with all of the memory devices. The form is invalidated by a lack of secured custody.
10 ILCS 5/24-8)
(from Ch. 46, par. 24-8)Sec. 24-8. Location of voting machines; time allowed for voting;
pollwatchers. ….
Pollwatchers as provided by law shall be permitted to carefully check thevoting machine and its protective devices, and ballot labels and registeringcounters, before the polls may be declared open on election morning, and theyshall be permitted to remain in the polling place at all times throughout theconduct of the election if desired, and after the close of the polls, to bepresent and check the protective devices and registering counters of eachvoting machine, and the official return sheets thereof.(Source: P.A. 89-653, eff. 8-14-96.)
Count 2:
Ballot Boxes are not publically opened and exhibited as required by Illinois Law.
(10 ILCS 5/17-3)
(from Ch. 46, par. 17-3)Sec. 17-3. (a) Before voting begins, the ballot box shall be publiclyopened and exhibited, and the judges shall see that no ballot is in such box;after which the box shall be locked and the key delivered to one of thejudges, and shall not be again opened until the close of the polls. Thisparagraph (a) applies whenever permanent type ballot boxes are used, and doesnot apply when non-permanent type ballot boxes are used in accordance withsection 15-1, paragraph (b).(b) When non-permanent type ballot boxes are used in accordance withsection 15-1, paragraph (b), prior to the commencement of voting and beforeany ballots are deposited therein, the judges shall examine each sealedballot box, show it to those present and insure that it is in fact sealed andempty; the sealed slot shall be broken open before those present and the boxinspected to insure that it is empty and such ballot box shall not be removedfrom public view from the time it is so inspected until after the close ofthe polls. The sealed opening on the side of the box shall not be unsealed oropened until after the close of the polls.(Source: P.A. 77-6.)
Count 3:
Cook County provides unsealed packages with keys in them to the Equipment Manager when
they complete training. This is referred to “Key Sleepovers” and is not compliant with Illinois law:
 Equipment Manager has unsupervised access to the keys.There is no seal on the envelope which has the key.The Voting Supply Carrier is not sealed. There is no secure chain of custody on the contents.The key is not specific to the precinct; it is a universal key with multiple uncontrolled copies.This breaks all security protocols and provides no ability to verify the integrity of the voting equipment.
The Opti-scan voting equipment is locked but not sealed. The memory pack can be moved withoutdetection. It is left out, unsealed all night. The key locking the back is a universal key. A locked ballotscanner does not mean it was not tampered with.The Touch Screen is sealed, but seals are not verified to assure they are the same seals placed on at thewarehouse, completely invalidating the seal as a security tool. (Illinois Code requires verification)
(10 ILCS 5/24-13)
(from Ch. 46, par. 24-13)The machine shall then be locked so that it cannot be operated or voted uponwithout first unlocking it and the keys shall be at once returned to thecustody of the election authority, and the election authority shall cause themachine so labeled in order, set and adjusted, to be delivered at the pollingplace, together with all necessary furniture and appliances that go with thesame, not later than one hour before the hour at which the polls are to beopened. The election authority shall deliver the keys, which unlock thevoting mechanism and the registering counters or counter compartment of thevoting machine, to the precinct election board, not earlier than noon on theSaturday preceding the election day, nor later than one hour before theopening of the polls, and shall receive and file a receipt therefor. The keysshall be enclosed in a sealed envelope on which shall be written or printed:(1) The name, number of or designation of the election precinct or district;(2) The number of the voting machine; (3) The number of the seal with whichthe machine is sealed; (4) The number registered on the protective counter ordevice as reported by the custodian. No precinct election official shallbreak the seal of such envelope except in the presence of all members of theprecinct election board, and such envelope shall not be opened until it shallhave been examined by each member of the precinct election board to see thatit has not been previously opened. Such envelope shall not be opened until itshall have been found that the numbers and records recorded thereon arecorrect and agree in every respect with the numbers and records as shown onthe machine. If any such number is found not to agree with the numbers on themachine, the envelope shall not be opened until the precinct electionofficials shall have notified the election authority, and until the electionauthority or some other person authorized by the election authority shallhave presented himself at the polling place for the purpose of re-examiningthe machine, and shall have certified that it is properly arranged aftertesting and examining it.
Count 4:
There is no procedure to complete this and the VSC (Voter SupplyCarrier) is not sealed, nor is the Ballot Scanner memory device. There is nopart in the process where seal numbers are verified.(10 ILCS 5/24-13)
(from Ch. 46, par. 24-13)... that the machine is otherwise in perfect order and they shall compare andrecord the number on the metal seal with which the voting machine is sealed,with the number furnished them as recorded on the envelope containing thekeys, by the election authority, and if the number on the seal and the numberon the protective counter do not agree with the numbers supplied to them,they shall not open the polls,

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