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Stunguns the Standard Stun Gun

Stunguns the Standard Stun Gun

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Published by jim100ab

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Published by: jim100ab on Mar 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Standard Stun Gun: How it Works
 A standard stun gun works fairly simply using two 9V batteries to develop the voltageacross the two electrodes. The batteries are the source of electricity for the circuit insidethe stun gun. The circuit contains many different elements including transformers whichserve to amplify the voltage in the circuit while reducing the amperage. In addition,oscillators create a pulse which in turn charges up the capacitors. The charged capacitorsare what deliver the shock to the person by delivering it to the electrodes. Below is adiagram of the circuit.The two electrodes are where the action happens. The electrodes are simply metalconducting plates with a gap between them. In a typical stun gun there are two sets, thetest electrodes and the charge electrodes. The test electrodes are close enough that when
the trigger is held down to close the switch in the circuit, the current is able to jumpbetween the test electrodes and create a visible spark. The charge electrodes have a gaptoo large for the current to jump. To activate the charge electrodes, a conductor must beplaced in between them. Humans are as good a conductor as any, so when the stun gun ispressed against a person with the trigger depressed, the current tries to jump between thecharge electrodes and as a result the electricity will flow into the person.
How Stun Guns Affect the Body
 Many people may think that a stun gun works because it produces electricity andelectricity is bad for you. This is not entirely true. We use electricity to do things on adaily and even hourly basis. The way we do this is by sending electric signals from ourbrain to our nerve cells which in turn release neurotransmitters. These neurotransmittersare then what communicated with the muscles in our body and tells them what to do so
that we are able to accomplish the desired task. As a result, without electricity we wouldnot be able to function.The way a stun gun works is by interrupting the communication signals from the brain tothe body. A stun gun does not harm a person permanently; it only temporarily disruptsthe way our body functions. A stun gun won’t cause damage in the long run because theelectricity that it delivers into a person’s body is very high voltage but low amperageelectrical charge. In this way, the charge is not intense enough to cause any long termdamage to the person.So when you press the stun gun against a person and deliver the shock to them, a fewthings happen contributing to their following “stunned” condition. The electric shock delivered by the stun gun will combine with the electric signals from the brain and thiswill confuse your body and make it hard to move. Another effect the stun gun can have iscausing a person to do excessive amounts of work directed towards nothing in aparticularly short period of time. This will use all of the persons energy so that they willtemporarily be unable to do anything.
Types of Stun Guns
 Three types of stun gun weapons are made for retail. The first is a static chargegun which immobilizes people by using an electric current powered by static charge. The

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