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Paper 4

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Published by Madison Husa

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Published by: Madison Husa on Mar 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mr. WhickerEnglish 151March 5, 2012
Online Instruction VS. Discourse CommunityBefore you can blink it seems that there is some new part of technology that hasadvanced. Whether it is from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4s, a MacBook Pro to anIpad, or Skype to Facetime, the advancement of technology keeps changing. Take thewell-known discussion of discourse communities, if everything starts to become basedon using technology like the advancement of being able to take courses online; doesthat still fall in the lines of what is considered a discourse community? With theadvancement of technology it is hard to sometimes keep up and in order for the classto be beneficial the teachers need to know what they are teaching. Taking an onlineclass can be beneficial and really help any person with convenience, but is it stillproviding the same benefits that it would be to be in a class and to have that
“discourse community.”Porter defines a discourse community as, “a group of individuals bound by a
common interest who communicate through approved channels and whose discourseis regulated. An individual may belong to several professional, public, or personal
discourse communities.” (Porter, 91).In John Swale‟s article, “
e Concept of Discourse Community,” he
goes intodetail and clarification of what a discourse community entails and proposes sixcharacteristics that are necessary to use to identify a group of individuals as adiscourse community. First, the discourse community must have a set of commongoals. Second it must have a mechanism to communicate among the members; third,the discourse community will use its mechanisms to provide information and feedback.
Mr. WhickerEnglish 151March 5, 2012
The fourth characteristic is that they must utilize and possess one or more genres inthe community to develop expectations, fifth in addition to the genre a discoursecommunity has acquired specific lexis, which is the vocabulary of a language, and thesixth the discourse community has a threshold level of members with a suitabledegree of relevant content and expertise; though it may have changing memberships(Swales, 473). With these characteristics it is possible that even though a class istaken online, it still fits these characteristics of being a discourse community. It is likeany academic setting, but done in a new way because of the advancement that we gothrough.
In Kleine‟s article “
What Is It We Do When We Write Articles Like This One-andHow Can We Get Students to Join Us,
he talks about the research procedure anduses a hunting/gathering model to coincid
e with the need to show the “strategic” and“heuristic” aspects. In his findings he discovered that starting points for their work was
involved in the research communities. Conversations with their peers, reading thework of a peer, listening to a paper by a peer, and the use of language with acommunity of readers in mind. (Kleine, 25). Even if you are taking a class online andyou have discussion going on, and peers to edit papers you do not always get thesame answers as you would if you are in a classroom and you are able to talk face toface about a paper or an assignment for that matter and you get the feedback youneed to make it better. The problem with doing this online is it can add more questionsand not be as beneficial for the person because it is not always the same for peoplewhen they are speaking to someone versus writing something down because it does
Mr. WhickerEnglish 151March 5, 2012
not always come out the same way. That being said, you are still interacting and doing just the same as you would in a classroom. It depends on if you see it as being morehelpful to be in a classroom versus the online teaching.With technology developing, it can often strain our ability to keep up with it. Suchthings that can go along with this are problems that can happen with the technical sideof it and the unequal access that exists. To help teachers form better use of theirtechnology, they need help from the school and departments. With this, it can helpthem create their own support networks and helps with teaching strategies. In order forstudents to want to engage in discussion while taking an online course, the teacherwho is instructing it still needs to go about it in a way that will entice the students.Since new patterns of social relations are evident in the cyber world, this hasresulted in the so-
called “
.” This term “community” encompasses
both material and symbolic dimensions (Jones, 39.) This shows that even though thecyber world is considered a public place, it is still a private space where even just twopeople can engage in conversation and even strategize a meeting or discussing whatwould be said in a classroom lecture.After looking through articles
and seeing what the „main‟ point was about
anything online, it is the fact that technology keeps changing and in order for it to beused properly people have to know how to use it and keep up. Before, it was said howteachers need the proper instruction on how teach and to use the web. With this beingsaid this is a work in progress and those who do teach an online class have to gothrough instruction first. Whether or not it is up to the standards of teaching in a

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