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03 19 2012 Crafterminds Transcript

03 19 2012 Crafterminds Transcript

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Published by Heather Mann
#crafterminds Twitter chat transcript 03/19/2012 - topic: Beyond the Tutorial: Great Blog Content Ideas
#crafterminds Twitter chat transcript 03/19/2012 - topic: Beyond the Tutorial: Great Blog Content Ideas

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Published by: Heather Mann on Mar 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HashTracking.com Reportcrafterminds.comchats every monday on Twitter at 4pm Eastern660 tweets generated
impressions, reaching an audience of 
followers within the past24 hoursCalculated from up to about 1500 tweets | Generated Mon Mar 19 2012 15:46:14 GMT-0700 (PacificDaylight Time)Top 10 by number of impressions1.crafterminds: 339,5492.graphicsfairy: 160,0723.ilovetocreate: 151,2724.brassyapple: 139,8245.petscribbles: 59,4006.rebeccaeparsons: 55,5407.loving5kids: 42,0688.craftleftovers: 36,2619.countrychiccott: 34,87010.condoblues: 24,192Top 10 by number of tweets1.crafterminds: 1112.craftingtodo: 413.craftyveggirl: 394.brassyapple: 365.graphicsfairy: 346.craftmoore: 277.loving5kids: 268.roadhomequiltn: 259.ilovetocreate: 2410.petscribbles: 24Top 10 by number of followers1.statweestics: 17,5452.queenofcr8tvty: 11,4453.ilovetocreate: 6,3034. jenjentrixie: 5,8135.tcreativeblogs: 5,8086.ufo_sighting: 5,0977.coquette: 4,7838.graphicsfairy: 4,7089.brassyapple: 3,88410.crafterminds: 3,059
about 26 minutes agoSuper sad to have missed#craftermindstoday! Stressful day. :/ 
about 58 minutes agoRT@crafterminds: Pinterest doesn't need your link juice! #crafterminds
about 1 hour agoAMEN! RT@crafterminds: Saying you found it on Pinterest is like saying you found it on Google!#crafterminds
about 1 hour ago @craftermindsThanks! :) I'm liking the April topics! ;)#crafterminds
about 1 hour ago #craftermindsis getting popular, +1000% the last hour : http://t.co/bJb9CD5i
about 1 hour ago @craftyveggirlYeah, you can find it on the sidebar at our site: http://t.co/MWemmH9b #crafterminds
about 1 hour ago @MsKristiinaIs there a list of what the topic is each week? #crafterminds
about 1 hour agoHi! Just scanned some of the chat -- good stuff, as always! :) RT@crafterminds:@madiganmadeHi Shannon!#crafterminds
about 1 hour ago @CraftingToDoYAY! :)#crafterminds
about 1 hour ago @madiganmadeHi Shannon! Missed you.#crafterminds
about 1 hour ago @craftermindsThank YOU, lady! You're my hero for having these chats! :)#crafterminds
about 1 hour agoBoo. I missed the#craftermindschat! Just wanted to say hiii! to anyone still lingering from the chat.
about 1 hour ago @craftermindsyou too! glad I was sick enough to be cruising the internet and find you, well enough to sit here and type :)#crafterminds
about 1 hour ago @ilovetocreateThanks for all the wisdom, Alexa. I'm always relieved when you join the chat so I can just RT you#crafterminds
about 1 hour ago @craftyveggirlThanks for all the great questions!#crafterminds
about 1 hour ago @petscribbles @graphicsfairySee...if ya got it flaunt it!#crafterminds!
about 1 hour ago @craftyveggirlI'll be sure to let you know!#crafterminds
about 1 hour agoThank you ladies for all your awesome knowledge and for not makingme feel like I was asking dumb questions! :)#crafterminds
about 1 hour agoAnd I'm off to fail another pinned recipe. ;)#crafterminds
about 1 hour ago @CraftLeftoversIt was awesome to virtually talk to you today,
Thanks for the chat!!#crafterminds
 @craftermindsooh yes! a vlog chat!#crafterminds
Thanks for the chat everyone!#crafterminds
Thank you all! :)#crafterminds
See y'all! I am off to write my@scribbletownpost! :)#crafterminds
Thanks for a great chat everyone, you all have so many great ideas!That hour flew!#crafterminds
about 1 hour agoThank for the great chat today ladies!! Fun & Informative!#crafterminds
about 1 hour ago @craftermindsThanks again!#crafterminds
about 1 hour ago @SewCatSewThanks for your contributions!#crafterminds
about 1 hour ago @la_anjelEXACTLY! I wish people got how important it is to pin properly and cite properly.#crafterminds

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