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Stress and Competitiondr Shriniwas Kashalikar

Stress and Competitiondr Shriniwas Kashalikar

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Published by: Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar on Mar 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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If we carefully study the stress; then we realize that one of thefactors; causing stress; is the stiff and cut throat competition.The competitions for reaching the top and being number onein different fields; such as business, politics, cinema, arts,sports, examinations etc.; is the hallmark of our life.Since the competitions are painfully stressful some advocateeradication of competitions and some advocate the importancegetting trained to succeed in competitions; for maintaining andpromoting quality and merit!But hardly do we realize that the cause of stress is not thecompetitions themselves but the basis of the competitionsprevalent in our society!Our society is infected by the viruses of individualism andsocialism.With the infection of individualism we have become engrossedin the petty materialistic gains and mean pursuits; oblivious tothe material conditions of the others. At best we mayparticipate in some charity.On the other hand; with the infection of socialism; we havebecome obsessed; although irrationally and ineffectively; toregimentalize the material gains; for all; often irrespective of;of sincerity, commitment, responsibility, skills and expertise.
But in both cases; the perspective, policies and actions; revolvearound physical characteristics and material gains and eitherpursuit of petty gains, or insistence on arbitrary and unjustregimentalization.In both cases the principle; “simultaneous blossoming one andall” is ignored, neglected, suppressed or shunned.Thus; the day to day transactions and the value system; revolvearound the physical attributes and material gains. The bestperson, the best activity, the best achievement and everything“best”; in both; individualistic and socialistic societies; is NOTbased on; how much that individual or a group; hascontributed to the “blossoming of one and all”!Naturally the competitions are also organized on the basis of physical attributes and material gains; and encourage andpromote; petty selfish attitude and pursuits and knowingly orunknowingly ignore, neglect, suppress or shun “the attitudeand efforts for individual and universal blossoming”.They promote the success, which is mean, mediocre and hollowat the core; and bloat the ego, pride and arrogance of thesuccessful people on the one hand; and impart depression,frustration, self pity and humiliation to the failures.Thus; it is the basis of competitions and not the competitionsper se; is the cause of stress!

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