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Stress and Corruption Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

Stress and Corruption Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

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Published by: Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar on Mar 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The word STRESS is used so extensively and in so many differentcontexts; that its definition, meaning, significance, causes,mechanisms, dimensions, effects and Total Management have become increasingly complex, ambiguous and obscure.Similarly the word,
is used so extensively and in somany contexts that it’s definition, meaning, significance, causes,mechanisms, dimensions, effects and Total Management have become increasingly complex, ambiguous and obscure!The corruption; of the political, religious, intellectual, industrialand other leaders in world; can promote and boost the corruption of (besides their stooges and supporters); any individual; in any andevery part of the world; and vice versa.
Corruption is usually and wrongly equated with merefinancial scams, bribing, kick backs; which constitute “thevisible fraction of the iceberg of corruption”!
Hence; let us study the basic concept of corruption!Actually the corruption and the
enormous STRESS produced byit
are as ubiquitous as life and the consciousness!
Corruption embodies; degradation of one’s perspective,thoughts, feelings and actions; being influenced by andinfluencing; the surroundings either consciously orsubconsciously; and either knowingly or unknowingly!Corrupt Perspective
Perspective is like the space of consciousness! Thus the normalcyof this “space” of consciousness i.e. perspective; is being universal!The degree of restriction of that “space of consciousness” i.e. perspective; determines the degree of the suffocation and throttlingof consciousness, marking the beginning of stress and corruption!Thus; the restriction of the space of consciousness (perspective)constitutes separation from nature, world, countries, religions,regions, provinces, sects, linguistic groups, castes, communities,creeds, sects and even our own family and from our true self andembodies corruption and stress!This disease of corrupted perspective is subtle and hence not easilynoticed. Since the medical systems today have not learnt todiagnose and treat the disease viz. “corruption of perspective”; theydo not identify and treat this disease, which often inflicts themedical systems themselves!Sectarian and corrupt perspective makes our thoughts, feelings andactions also increasingly mean, lonely, weak, inert, grumbling,intolerant, inconsiderate, resentful, vindictive and miserably selfishand pathogenic (many times concealed under deceptive glamour and glitter) for ourselves and the society!The paradigms or premises; of the sectarian supremacy, racialsuperiority, financial expansionism, religious bigotry andfanaticism and so on (without concern for the wellbeing of theentire world) constitutes corrupt perspective and highly infectiousstress!

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