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IoT Brochure, Final PDF

IoT Brochure, Final PDF

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Published by Graham Hitchen

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Published by: Graham Hitchen on Mar 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Internet o Things (or IoT) describesthe revolution already under way that isseeing a growing number o internet-enabled devices that can network andcommunicate with each other and withother web-enabled gadgets. Sometimesreerred to as the Pervasive Internet orUbiquitous Computing – and maniestingitsel through Connected Environments,Smart Cities and Smart Homes – IoT reersto a state where Things (e.g. objects,environments, vehicles and clothing) willhave more and more inormation associatedwith them and may have the ability to sense,communicate, network and produce newinormation, becoming an integral part othe Internet. A widespread Internet o Thingshas the potential to transorm how we live inour cities, how we move, how we developsustainably, how we age, and more. The Technology Strategy Board hasbeen responding to these emerging andtransormational opportunities with sector-specifc on-going initiatives, programmes,and investments, such as in IntelligentTransport, Assisted Living, Smart Energy,and the Modern Built Environment.Some research estimates that the addedvalue services using the Internet o Thingscould reach £200 billion a year worldwide,with new business models, applicationsand services across dierent sectors othe economy.Such demand will also stimulate innovationand growth in areas such as components,devices, wireless connectivity systemintegration and decision support tools.
SpecialInterest Group
The Internet o Things Special InterestGroup was established to help stimulateand support an emerging programme owork rom within the Technology StrategyBoard, linking together existing networksand communities, and providing a platormor collaboration, and or the explorationand development o new innovations.The SIG is a partnership between theTSB and the Creative Industries, ESP,and ICT Knowledge Transer Networks,and is supported by the UK Future InternetStrategy Group – an expert group o leadingbusinesses and academics, set up by theTSB to support and advise on internet anddigital policy in the UK and EU.It will run until the end o March 2013,ollowing which a review o the TSB’s workin this area will be undertaken, in order toinorm uture support and interventions.More inormation on the work o theSIG can be ound at
 And why not track inormation onTwitter using 
TechnologyStrategy Board
The Technology Strategy Board hasidentifed the ollowing aim or its worksupporting the Internet o Things:
Driving the formation of an open application and services ecosystem of the “Internet of Things”, unlocking new markets in services and helping the UK gain a competitive advantage in “Internet of Things” technology, services and adoption.
 The TSB will help communities toaddress the challenge based on thesekey strategic pillars: 
Increased availability of dataand service enablement.
Innovationin applications and services o the IoTwill be boosted through increased andtrustworthy access to data, services andother unctionalities o the “IoT nodes”.
Promoting data and servicesconvergence.
Convergence at thedata and services level, e.g. by agreeingprovenance and data semantics, wouldlead to a boost in the ability o innovating
 at scale
and across silos. 
Stimulating applicationand services development.
Innovationand experimentation with applications,services and business models enabledby
 increased and converged access todata and services
o the IoT nodes. The mission o the TSB programmeoverall can be summarized as stimulatingand supporting development towardsan
, rather than an Intranet, oThings – including acilitating cross-sectoralcollaboration and application development.
The Internet o Things Special InterestGroup (SIG) was ormally establishedon 1 August 2011, as a partnershipbetween the Technology StrategyBoard and the Creative Industries,Electronics, Sensors, Photonics, andICT Knowledge Transer Networks.
Work Programme
Since setting up, the SIG’s work hasmainly ocused on supporting the TSB IoTConvergence Competition – the frst phaseo which kicks o in March. Two majorcollaborative events were run in Londonand Edinburgh, and a series o articles havebeen published on the SIG’s on-line site on_Connect. In addition, a policy Report waspublished in October, drawing together thefndings o a range o workshops in 2011.The Internet o Things SIG supports theTSB in delivering on its ambitions throughtwo interconnected objectives:To build
awareness and understanding
 o the opportunities or, and barriers to,UK business through cross-sectoralIoT applications and services.To
promote the exploitation
o thoseopportunities and stimulate cross-sectoralcollaboration and innovation.The SIG achieves its objectives through theollowing core work-streams: 
 Build knowledge and understandingo the IoT landscape and opportunities,including international.
 Work with KTNs to build a cross-sectorcommunity and develop activities with thecommunity around a high-level strategicagenda o “Internet Style” Internet oThings applications and services.
 Including direct support engagementand participation in the TSB IoT initiative– in particular the unding calls.
Support and showcase
 Identiy, highlight and promote successuland exemplary projects and applications,including those unded by the TSB. A wide-ranging programme oactivity includes: A Mapping exercise, to capture andpresent IoT activity in the UK.Developing, in partnership with theResearch Councils UK, a researchand R&D roadmap or the UK. A Thought Leadership Programme,bringing together leading businessleaders to help develop uture policyand programme initiatives. A programme o Showcasing, highlightingexemplary and other IoT projects, to helpinspire and stimulate new collaborations.Supporting the TSB’s IoTConvergence Competition.More inormation on the work o theSIG can be ound at
Look out or regular updates on Twitter via
The IoT SIG is in the process o mappingthe range o companies, academics andothers participating in the IoT space. Thisdata is based on the membership o theSIG _Connect group, and participants inthe various workshops and other eventsheld over the last year. The Map can onlybe as good as the data we’ve got, and weare keen thereore, that people click andupdate it as oten as possible.Go to
, clickon a part o the map, and then click ontothe ‘reports’ section. Search and fndyour details, and please correct, amendor confrm them. It’s that simple!

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