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What is the Real Jesus, Part 02

What is the Real Jesus, Part 02

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A seven part bible study series revealing what is the true meaning of the name "Jesus."
A seven part bible study series revealing what is the true meaning of the name "Jesus."

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Published by: Ralph Nathanial Wells on Dec 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For the wrath of 
“YHWH” (Eternal Ones)
is revealedfrom heaven (
the movement of the celestial bodies – Sun andMoon
) against all unrighteousness and wickedness of men, whosuppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of 
“YHWH” (Eternal Ones)
is manifest in them (
the creative processof man and woman
) for
“YHWH” (Eternal Ones)
has shown it tothem. For since the creation of the world Their invisible attributes areclearly seen, being understood by the things that are made (
thecreative process found in nature, which requires two oppositeforces
), even Their eternal power and authority (
the power of Theirtwo forces coming together to reveal Their Holy Name as theCreators of the universe
) so that they (mankind) are withoutexcuse, because, although they knew
“YHWH” (Eternal Ones),
theydid not glorify Them as
“YHWH” (Eternal Ones)
, nor were thankful,but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts weredarkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and changed theglory of the incorruptible
“YHWH” (Eternal Ones)
into an imagemade like corruptible –
(Changes and Emphasis mine)
How can these words be in the Bible for the whole world to read (Yes, I had toemphasize the meaning of these words in order to have your eyes openedfor the first time, once again), yet mankind no longer have even the slightestidea of the true meaning of the warning contained in these words. How is thispossible? How did this happen? How did the Bible become a tool used todeceive the people instead of its original purpose, which was to educatemankind about the world and the universe? There was a time in man’shistory when all people living on the earth understood the meaning of thesewords. There was a time when all mankind understood that we didn’t cometo exist here on the earth by accident. Mankind once understood that all lifeand everything in creation was connected. This connection revealed a singletruth. This truth was that the universe, and all life, came into existence asthe result of –
Two Creator Beings!
This warning in the Scripture quoted above goes unheeded today: All the while revealing that because there is such a massive amount of evidence provided to mankind – showing them thatthe universe (heavens), all life, the earth (nature), and the spoken word were all created by adivine design, which conclusively proves the existence of these Two Creators – there will be nomercy given to a world that allowed themselves to become blind to the truth that exist all aroundthem. The heaven above, with the movement of the Sun and Moon, clearly demonstrates thesetwo laws of Masculine Force and Feminine Force, which, in turn, prove the existence of theseTwo Creators. But mankind no longer understands these two laws – Why! Man and Woman bring these same two laws together each time they perform the sexual act to create new life,which also proves “Their” existence. The animal kingdom reveals the very same law. Yet,
mankind no longer understands this simple truth. Nature, itself, reveals these two laws tomankind. In order for the plant kingdom to bloom, or produce fruit and crops they must be
An egg cell in an ovule of a flower may be fertilized by a sperm cell derived from a pollen grain produced by that same flower or by another flower on the same plant, ineither of which two cases fertilization is said to be due to self-pollination (autogamy); or,the sperm may be derived from pollen originating on a different plant individual, inwhich case the process is called...
Encyclopedia Britannica Online.
All through out nature the evidence of the Two Creators is continually revealing to mankindthese two laws of masculine force and feminine force. Do you understand now, that even in the plant kingdom; it requires two opposites? It requires the (male) sperm cell to fertilize the(female) egg cell of flowers and plants in order for the plant kingdom to reproduce. Once again,the proof of these Two Creators is present in every aspect of our existence. In the face of suchoverwhelming evidence to the contrary, all those who persist in following such a ridiculousnotion, and such an absurd belief that the creation of the universe and all life here on this planetcame about as the result of a single male creator – will not escape the coming punishment to theinhabitants of the earth. That’s why the Scripture above states that all of mankind is withoutexcuse for allowing itself to be deceived into believing in a single male creator. If a person would just open their eyes and actually use them for the first time in their life, they would see theevidence of these Two Creators all around them. If they would stop, and question the teachings,instead of just blindly following them, of those in authority, and use their own
they too would see that something is wrong with what’s being taught in the Churches,Mosques, Synagogues, and Temples around the world. Which, all teach their followers toworship a single male creator (God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, etc.).
of the true Creators had not been spoken for thousands of years. Not since the time of ancient Egypt. This is no longer the case. In theletter series,
Letters To The Black Man And Woman,
the proof that themovement of the heavens above is constantly revealing this
to allmankind is demonstrated in the most thorough and detailed way possible.And by using this scientific proof, which the Creators,
placed in the Heavens: Their
has once again been restored to thosewho are willing to see the truth during the last days of mankind’s rule hereon the earth! Unless you have the understanding of this
which isonly found in these letters, you will not escape the coming destruction. Onceagain, I encourage all of you to invest in your own salvation by going towww.nukeyofknowledge.comand purchase these letters. By doing this, youwill also be helping to save as many of our people, and all peoples, aspossible because your contributions to this effort makes it possible for thiswork to continue to sound the warning for all mankind.
The world – through deception – has lost all contact with these Creators, and the concept of there being more then one creator is now so foreign to the people living on the earth today that it nowseems blasphemous. That’s how far mankind has fallen from the truth that a ridiculous lie cannow seem more plausible to them then the use of their own
“Common Sense”
would. But how
did this happen? How did the whole world come to believe that there is only a male creator in thefirst place? Let’s go back and examine the Scripture above once again.
...so that they
are without excuse, because, although they knew
“YHWH”(Eternal Ones)
they did not glorify Them as
“YHWH” (Eternal Ones),
nor werethankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened.Professing to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible
“YHWH” (Eternal Ones)
into an image made like corruptible
– “MAN”
What does this mean? Are we to believe that at some point in human history (a long, long, longtime ago), there were some who actually decided not to worship the truth? And they deliberatelydevised away to deceive the people into worshiping a lie? And that it is this great lie that is now being taught to the many followers of this
“Great False Religion”
today! And, while we are onthis subject, what does the statement means when it says, “Professing to be wise, they becamefools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible
“YHWH” (Eternal Ones)
into an image made likecorruptible – 
As difficult as this may be to comprehend for most people today, The Creators of heaven andearth has placed “Their” glory in an image that all mankind could understand. We exist on theimage of “Their” glory. We observe this glorious image every morning and even many of our nights. Our universe operates on this glorious image. Life operates with this image, because thisglorious image is the
of life! We live on a giant circle called the planet earth. The Sunin the sky is also in the image of a circle, and the full Moon also reveals “Their” glorious imagefor all mankind to see in the night sky. Our solar system with the planets revolving around thesun is also another image of “Their” glory. The little tiny Atom may be considered the smallest particle known to man, but it resembles our giant solar system with the electrons circling thecluster of protons and neutrons in its nucleus. The universe, itself, operates in a giant continuouscircle. So the Two Creators have placed “Their” glory in the tiniest building block of matter – theAtom, as well as in the greatest expanse of matter in existence – the universe! The
isthe image given to mankind that reveals the glory of these Two Creators! It is the physicalrepresentation of perfection. To start at one point going in one direction, and then come exactly back to the same point from a different direction: requires exactness, which is why the circle isthe image of perfection! How can mankind be held blameless when such a great prevalence of evidence has been provided for them?
Our ancestors understood that they came into existence, and that the entire universe came intoexistence because of these Two Creators. So, when this great Nubian civilization traveled theearth civilizing the many different peoples of other nations, they taught this truth to all mankind.Without making this particular Bible study too complicated: The original height of the GreatPyramid bears the same relationship to its base perimeter as does the circumference of any circleto its radius. And it’s relationship is scaled to the dimensions of that of the earth.
The GreatPyramid in Egypt – which was built with the hands of these Nubian people thousands of years before the time of the Egyptian’s rule over Egypt – was built to be a three-dimensional circlestanding on the ground. But, the circle, itself, is not visible with the natural eye. It is only visiblewith the third eye. Do you understand what this means? This means that the Great Pyramid was

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