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Prelab 2

Prelab 2

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Published by Trixy Carreon

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Published by: Trixy Carreon on Mar 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lourdes Patricia L. Carreon November 22, 2011Zaborah Eunice Bobadilla, Nerissa Unielle Quenga, Bernadette Toledo
I. Objectives
To recrystallize benzoic acid in distilled water
To determine the melting point to examine the purity of recrystallized benzoic acid
II. Schematic Diagram of Procedure
A. Recrystallization
0.25 g tech grade benzoicacid in 25 mL Erlenmayerflask 
+7 mL water and boil for
1-2 mins while stirringdissolve all remainingsolids by adding boilingwater
+pinch of charcoal and
 gently heat to boilingfilter sol'n through flutedfilter paper into anotherErlenmayer flask with 3mL hot water
collect recrystallized
benzoic acid by filtrationwash crystals withminimum amount of coldwaterspread filter paper on awatch glass and allow toair dry 
transport crystals to
previously weighed vialreport weight of crystals
and % recovery 
B. Melting Point Determination
dry crystals on watch glass and crush withmetal spatulapress the open end of the melting pointcapillary tube into thesample against thesurface of watch glasstap sealed end of tubeon the tabletopintroduce moresamples into tubeuntil the sample fillabout 2-4 mm heightdetermine meltingpoint25 mL oil in dry 50mL beakerinsert thermometerthrough a cork attach melting pointtube containing thesample tothermometerheat oil bath untiltemperature is 10-15°C below knownmelting pointheat using very low flame (oil bathtemperature rises at3°C per minute)record temperature assoon as a droplet of liquid forms in tuberecord temperaturereading when all solidis liquefiedallow oil batch to cooland make anothertrial using freshsample

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